Ghosthunting with Craig and Mia: Part 2

Tuesday, February 21st

One great date then total silence, Craig just wants to know what he did!

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And young star already forewarned and he's on the people list goes did you want. I jet yesterday morning we had a camera sees with a guy named in the frag. And he wants us ago goes out for me. What's the story I was pregnant emea at Manhattan match. Today and I'd dates that turned into his dinner. And he sent her one text message like that night. Major shake Shia homes April whatever I had than senator text message the next day that was like a sarcastic like wanna go to work early. And van and she vanished. Has not responded cents a gal that they leave any out. Yeah that's right so one day. Couple text messages Nomar no more in this in this happen even deserve a ghost hunt and this happened like a month ago. Yeah he's had a start for about a week before the action man up exchange numbers one candidates and it went great and I went hours over at what they thought and firm and should just stop texting. The very next day. And GA he just wants this for like a tutorial like what he did wrong. And she's still active on match. I'm not familiar with dating and match I Cameron apparently conceived some he's active or not OK I Cragg Jerry you ready to do this. I will call me and you're gonna be on hold so. You just get to listening to the whole conversation we have with me and that welcome back to you afterwards and it should contact. Total Rick I'm calling media. It really does have one to ten how happy you that you don't do. Apart. I'm so I 'cause I. Hunt you can take that path it's on you agent ago. Hello how may I please speak with the death. Abbott C Miette this is jammed from the second tension has ago and I'd read Ariel. I'm yearly testing Kelly cheese and the whole crew and we are clients sue. We TU. During a segment that we have called ghost hunting have you ever heard it before. Oh yeah her senate. Yeah that. So me and you are the ghost. And we are actually calling on behalf of Craig. On who you had to match wins on match and T said you guys agree did that egg extend a little bit longer than what. He thought it was going to write yuppies at the hasn't drinks at lady bird and talk for hours and having dinner had a great time and I eerily beautiful. And now we'll learn so he just was wondering what happened YE dosage. In January which usually created Tariq. Girl. Yes you sound like me have a like you already sent a 189. At this I had guessing Mina a lot of. And no way you go into Labor Day and yes so how it was hey when you guys sucks them it was in his there was a month ago. And again yesterday yeah a adding I don't you. Oh yeah I think. I. So he just. It hardly bat and partially that. What a great so I get a break you know and at an age when you're leading the money we are lying that you want to like Google that make sure they're not material Blair and Eric. But. He clearly like did seventy preacher shot me in the kind of like weird way. I could like OK so might they look at is as. Public and I can only had been but he went on the air because. I posted what I went to one country not all that I was really getting in the line up like that and Mike Abbott glues you to like old. Why not talk about the mine and I like OK you know and it was looked cool I didn't drop of people like widen the band they like start to get more and more personal. Like I also put a lot about portrays because I love courses like your card act credit when advocated. And though you know like I loved I loved video department that has a lot of pictures and he did. Would launch call include like concrete right. And he boom. There is good. He's like he's like looking at the man in his legs. Who have a man coach she's looks good and debut ever seen a beautiful. All paints that. While means such a gorgeous doors he. Ho ho yeah yeah. So Jana is like that China a little bit too hard. Yeah it did you know it borderline on stopping like it a little flattering but it. You know that old played glam days that listen to get to know each other about this kind of backed out. You know if you if he called Maynard you talked into town to ease up on the creepy factor. Or if you're Kennedy out of town in LA do you socks on my essays he had access your FaceBook is public and I troll list I have met him yeah he can vs being creepy. Don't know like early dinner speaking of birds have other horrors apply. Yeah. You're giving lying to hit your government in Napa kinda horse man yeah. Basically you guys every morsel that Matt Morris are there more honest. Exactly yeah I'd try and allied typical woman you know note thank you. I think you could still do that would almost be funny about it by. Hey so obviously I'd I'd looked you up before we got here and aside your fitness related. So I've learned three things about horses here and I can tell you like them exactly like I think yeah that when a girl with a when you laugh that's okay. I like I I would I appreciate that beta winning like try and do it as they can do it happened to have all the same interest as me get a little. Like Lorena weird rom com that I don't want a BS. I think this could be random ways that because I've during the conversation. A bit. It's like thank you know connect derby is right around the yeah. A good day generally well. And did you and that starts yeah because you ordered to burba and drank. Her ex they had ever been have a bad Kentucky Derby boy the beautiful words you like cores. Aren't thank you meow. Hey did that and good luck on your next match Dade's that is. So happy to be married. I. As lately having that means there's like man I'm the only land like crank. Who's got. I don't iron and I'd throw a drag. Frigates and a whole the heard of that whole conversation and Al welcome back to my mom or things three minutes from right now in two kids. Gives the odds on what he had just shared with us about his or her share. And young star ready for a one.