Ghosthunting with Craig and Mia: Part 1

Tuesday, February 21st

One date then total silence, Craig just wants to know what went wrong!


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And young star ready for Laura and tracking. And on the people list goes Steve do you want. It's still eat else. Ghost writing I'm the captain James heroin starts. Now and we're going to you've seen shoot me shoot you. Brag. Boone went and one day with the media finale and man in the media and disappeared. Pay Cragg welcome to the Japanese and champ. Play a guy who's gonna run we are here to serve you dragon tell us all about. Did this woman who had the audacity. To vanish at a. Well. Probably about a month ago you know I wanna be with from this only media she's got you don't mind you know lomb. We're watching works a lot to look on the upon each other nom on match and decided to you don't need a drink and everything so. Met for drinks and look forward to our lady bird dinner. That there afterwards like and cowardice just talk in dispute brute I didn't know each other and I mean I went. It was great she used she was awesome on iPad twos. Are gorgeous and you know. After that it's mountain. No by no no tax no no talk a mile and a call alert. You've tried to reach doctor on match again. Just. Nobody saw him I don't know what happened like total lie. Yeah you know I did the whole problem. You know after a guy I got back to replace everything you know I do dropper tax and you're just yet that I had a good time and you know she texted me back ten. Ballot would go in tonight secular army good experience. I'm gobbledygook after that in just haven't heard her at all. Maybe soil irate. Is it possible she just missed placed a phone for a month. Like she is busy for work is there chance says she's out of town for work birds can you see as she's so active on match her. And and I. In she's back there were no match I would lose nobody here that can tell you you don't got. When they don't mind that they're kind of active and I mean she's she's back on their own Alex he's. You know she's built we don't you be kidnapped or anything actually. And you travel forward jobs by I don't know rom. And I don't know I don't know what happened it's. I'm you know at first it was just like. You know reach out to me and economic opportunity now it's like I mean getting to like oh crap that I. What I do. I ask you about followed tax apple one you sent the night after IK at a great time has. As a that's that's always like a pretty easy text but what about the next day it was what did you say. The next Louis blues you know those kind of just. Kind of a joking and and we'll look at middle of the beat techs they're liberals I work and you know I was kind of just joke north herb products Tibetan girl likes to be out of work and you know common law. Just play hooky or something what are. I you know we do not bottoming out there and she's at a meeting or something that. In after hours that article by how quickly iron and tiger. But its monopoly looking through portable and now. How is it possible they each. Didn't think it was a joke. And I was like oh my god this guy thinks them. My job is so insignificant I can do is leave to go hang out with him or are on this guy things after one day like sometimes sarcasm doesn't print well. And attacks mass I. Yeah I I am worried about that bright you know the amount of the amount of time we root and talking on our first eat right I feel like. I kind of got their messages across that I. I and kind of guilty on the phone and I'm kind of guilty you don't person so. Don't read too much you obviously I'm not going to be here is a look at the stuff like save that. Yeah how throw in the mode you with the the wing quit the mouth open. I don't know I mean yeah that. I sangatte. Good dog good thing yeah you have Eleanor yeah I don't know. Hillary yet that that's good insulin or the you don't we can honor I think I didn't look at Nickelodeon us. I have favorite days away what do both for the day had German texting Aaron talking back and forth on match for awhile before hand or was it kind of like that. Quick match in the enemy. Are you know we heard we're talking on natural redirect. Or delete before and then now you know probably before that. You know each exchange remembers and then we would sure like a street texting. I'm so you can mention and you're like creepy on the dean or are. Haxor some things that may be that. Let. Now I'll go. Well no I'm you know. All totally on meet in the have you know I keep my cabin in the mood pretty secret I guess it also alone or Uga. I tell anybody about that no I'm joking I don't have a capital. Maybe you made a joke about a cabinet in a listen hammock like well. All right give back Rivera and. I had known I don't know you know volleyball totally normal. I battled in the normal. I what we once you do that is give us 24 hours well. Get media to agree to come on and win that us and then yoga to listen into the phone conversation that we have we have our. That cool and I yeah absolutely I I Greg gonna pretty Reinhold and 24 hours from rate now Kelly you're kind of off the hook as you get to do the easy pre interview thing man which you don't have to do that debacle part. I'd going to be back tomorrow and we'll call media and find out exactly. Why she ghost did. Cragg this time tomorrow and the Japanese and show starting before a line. Star in 941.