Ghosthunting: Courtney and Tyler

Wednesday, March 7th

She pulled the craziest move we've EVER seen on this show, and he vanished completely. 

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Tracking down the people who have Goss did you want. Don't tell. This goes hand is shaping up to be. Unforgettable. I have the feeling we are gonna talk about this for a long long time. Hey Courtney welcome it city jet engines show. Poorly goes setting Ford today. While I you burden on about unlike our residential. Loans caller asked Tyler lose a guy actually social Belarus. Can't stop thinking about what I would really looks to the nation's closure I can. So how hungry guys dating this keyboard seen each other. About three months we had just Arabic it's almost Smart. And then hosting after three months that's rude. It's our rear didn't even begin to describe I don't know what it was. I tried to computing to the region about you know reaching out homemaster clinic at Shea. Against he has no intention. I'm emulating some amount now. What were the circumstances around here last interaction. Oh that's cool and I talked to partner but stop him to transform the suspect and they had gone out. And hand I can do particularly well so are very well in my room and after the the key to stop all communication. Here is so year. And as you have to guess what it might be what's your best guess. And I talked about it the late great friend and I just carved right what happened only thing collective believe that we can kind of come up where it. Is stacked he urged. So who engaged I don't know he married Levy even diet. Your bad guys you have you know like to scrambling their secret side. Only then that would kind of make sense in that direction would explaining something. You know it's yeah it's our Courtney I BC economic as front porch until he came home like I would just like stake out. Bring you ten yeah Ben and I don't want my I felt like. That I mean you earlier and I understand I mean I'm just saying that your your bigger person and I am. I actually saw them. Do you Wear. Celebrating I mean it was like. Birthday coming up formed. Suggests. An outlet travels so get income grew at a weird look like Egypt. Simply what happened and. Remember him looking at his phone or any thing or seem like maybe a message came and anything like that. I am not like more than usual Larry King down. Well yeah how ghost hunting marks on the jet engines show is retract on the people who have disappeared. And we get them to talk to last when you're not there hasn't been Siegler more honest that way. And so. To ask have you been able to track down Tyler. Yeah according I had a conversation with the Tyler and there is some thing. Very. Specific. That you did that's related to his birthday. It's actually really serious. Ands I don't blame him for leaving. Really serious. Yeah. I Riley really serious like not Jeff dollar joking around serious he should be why he is eager to tell me why. You're right well tell me why I won't play you the conversation with the amber you really have zero idea. I am absolutely still no idea is. What he said it citizen Kurt thank you very little crisper current yes. It's an extra or anything. All right while I woke you up my conversation with him to the exact point where he explains that and we can come back comply before you. Did you have pulled all those guys for making us less. It's just it's. Shop on star not before one and as I explained just a few minutes ago this has something to do we gave his birthday Courtney and that's the only difference I think between me and Tyler. Is I probably would have told you why I was goes staying and that I would've gotten far far away from it. No. You're gonna have to didn't want to lab yeah actually it still has no idea what he could be talking about. And I will play of the conversation I had with Tyler couple days ago erratic. Particularly with too didn't you from ever she didn't ax public what did it in which she didn't elaborate look current current economic. I'm sorry I don't have she's got on the phone with a straight at its just you and I. All that are. In my house I have got Chopra medical looked up from there must Emmerich who also happens or you wouldn't talk. But I learned that as my dog bit. My first best friend basically look at according decides to kind of back. And take some of the ashes from my dog in mix them in that we did any. You mean in nineteen. Michael grandmother. Computer your current special the meaning of the grandmother on your apple or are actually used some of or ash is. And akin to the paint. She thought they are your grandmother's ashes yes and makes them into the paint. Yeah. She thought she was doing with painting a picture of your grandmother are using your grandmother's own ashes. Yeah. Yes because I heard it our record book nobody got opener how we got like a remembers or whatever luck got pictures of my mom brother. My grandmother the burn my dog. That she thought it. He was my grandmother. Judith. Sorry last week EL completely blind sided and I'd literally look feeling ill or another date in terms. Couldn't even wrap my head around. Her who remains. To. Any particular. It peed yeah it would mind boggling political market teachers who dat leftist Letterman's. She has no idea how upset you are about this you're just walked away you just banished. You'd act that ended mixed. Any candidate who played Oregon not that we are. Can we share this with her she's asking. Why didn't let the bank. I want I don't even know what to say I'm sorry that happens. I need. A tank I'm. I thank you for coming now this appreciate it. Wallow put past so did you. Do you really do. I mean I'm personally looking Arab. H a quote from relatives are cute but could think Roland is likely to stay and be a portrait or import or they get I get back. No you did so much more than just that that is so and more bid ends. When we heard when I can't ever there campaigning away because. There's and his dog's ashes NN and have any of his grandma they never wants a look at and I won and you went. The trip here and it's. Technically I'm a parent can lead them on through our bodies show perhaps some of the ashes. In the paint born. You know Edwards can really have that person live on it art. Or at least thought it was a beautiful. But they weren't it's his grandmother's ashes. Intents skilled my intent in making the object was a tiny. Making coordinate painting that I wanted to have that pressure along with you know. Let's address the pain. Poke home. Letting me so it just down the drain. You put ground down the drain it's not grant my actual body incidence is sit ash it. It's nothing but she thought really like grandma when she played down the drain give me telling them again later killer murder it's not like that it's not like bloody guts narrow it placed cash and Gaby do you partners the eve of the beauty and the thing that I did the kid now now. I would turn this person I wanna the missed my artwork. I think it come from the heart I believe you enjoy and they're ready and I think you're mixed up on your role in his life you guys have been dating three months his jammies now Ravalomanana and Jane. It doesn't matter role in his life if you're with somebody for thirty years you don't dig around in. And the remain right of anything. Artist had that idea that you gotta run by the person. Goodness it wouldn't surprise birthday can't Iditarod can go to Mickey laboratory and. Right how do you get the ash how do you open that thing. And how do you get it out. And where did you weigh how did you do it how did you get the cash out and chew your house. Kelly cracking at saint failing he listens to shower and so I popped lit at the current top. And then there's regular student. To spend a mountain in the bag he aims to limit our. See you spoon at where did did you plant where did you bring a spoon. With the Oakland where you. Now it's one in the kitchen and it is certain. I can contend. I don't know you know Clinton and in this yeah I'm like a metals food. Eating like that span. Hung out if you watched that spoon. Your not understanding how to use word to ignorant and you're at six sugar it's not not like. Corner. It's it's I copy grounds that is Internet and the remainder split but they're not that it act. You did why did not like ray lobbying Courtney. To Courtney listen to all of the violations remain committed. First of all you opened up we're gonna operate under are you thinking this was his grandmother. Israel was actually has done it was probably when you think it's his grandmother. I. More of the dog would ask you normal let me be OK with that they've made any of the dog leg. I admit it weird that it's still wrong. Person's actions in it and. The Padgett got all of the year and right next is. Is edge they do whatever catches. Courtney. Do you think it's a violation in that you open up a just hasn't heard from please get. Weren't okay you open up a box it is it is it is dead Graham he's got his day grammar was it. You've you don't think that's weird and you used as you. Know if you've blown. Out his daddy grandma and put her in a zip lock bag in many you don't even watched this spoon. You put it back so there's. Temporarily articles on there which means that next time he had yogurt. You we're okay within eating dead gram up articles. Like a less of the way some of ashes. Has. Angered by that Whitney the security and. Anybody is wrong. Man hour. It's moderately exit but I guess symbolic that shallots not you're making it out to be late cool public all warm movie it's got it would just. One group an out. And as well I've harmony. Okay is is there anything out is that I'm. You can't hurt somebody's got an outlet blood or how on their ball. Just tell me about how good their ballot issue that you are common to get by and he just you know dot. Kind of a genius business idea if you wanted to go and doing that this is not shark tank we're not trying to include. I read this this idea. Ha ha well of course name it got experience there I yeah right sure however with Tyler. And Fannie and the dog did all and rests in peace. Well I don't appreciate it just. Thank you for coming on with us. In turn has great hitter on. The. Really ugly perky house and I can't tell me. I was I hope this time and they think it's clear in nickel and noon then. I cannot. Believe she did not wash the student and I wanted to wait. We have done in Italy I I'm all. Right yeah. You don't you tell us or run down the drain twice this. I've got a chilly down because they couldn't. Like you had an accident but hi I just can't believe I just can't believe they are you cannot believe what she and and that she doesn't understand. Yeah what do you guys niners in about surprises did this surprise birthday to the almighty and Italian and I can. But his grammar is is anybody ranked tigers asked for permission and ruin the surprise. Thanks for making this wedge to adjust and change job on star not before one. Star in 941. There's sensing on the jet engines show this morning for accordingly hunting down Tyler and he said he totally vanished after several months of dating because. Courtney. Use what she too was his grandmother's ashes. In a painting. Of his grandmother gave it to him for his birthday. All without his permission on. College book and there's so many layers as legs they weren't his grandmother's ashes they were his dog's actions but she thought or grandma aunt Marie and names Stockbridge welcome to the shelves. I'll act. Odd about you not know valid dark. Socks or not that are. Like. I think there. And I had to beyond that I have to look at but you know Wayne Wayne callies dog passed a few years ago she's and that. Bad dogs in that was cremated. I'm fairly certain there's a giant paw prints on it. Writing early and nobody premise that we Iranians. France is in Atlanta. I'm actually not that the credit I'll just because they came from a good place. What am I sat with Britney mystique and the dwindling to. There are those that are unconscionable to be on match. Like lack what are the biggest violations and. Uh oh the stone number one. Repudiating Brancaccio this search really don't know ordered city could really ask what about when you'll I'd. What about the part when she thought she wants Graham I down the drain you think. I urge you just don't like as she did. Thank all of the aside you know they're a much did they came from a group though there are different. And better ways that she could have done that are asking their permission. And number drilling the ashes are eighteenth green and yeah. I. Saying you can't just as many as you mentioned has been renewed my god she probably hasn't a thought jasmine in Noonan. Actually doubled so I didn't like and why can learn how long they'll take. So you don't do you know Blake yeah it could be an income saying. It on the ticker I didn't make. It would have been de La and I made you don't even know them for you oh I thought. I. Had asthma. If my in Spain is this save men of Atlanta. From torturous heartbreak. Right that's maintained. So I ECO Kelly cheese and a wall. The riots OK okay Larry Soledad is that still makes me a bad person because you don't seals someone you know why all. Even though I've taken a black widow out of rotation and I mean it is taking some liberties on me around right just like court it. I RE Ingrid van. Hey how extreme. I know I you know they got a reprimand they. Don't really know each other that much and I issued a popular MB we're. Inhibit it would produce something with actually I think then you should talk diplomatically for echoed by. That's Aaron Ari if you and I knew each other for three decades. I still don't need June dip in my soup spoon in their my grandma's ashes but you know it's a pity Kelly got a message online that those are our work is the thing I. That's great comment on our FaceBook and a link to where you looking at paintings done this as a thing that they paint and I don't OK that's great you're gonna also be sealed up a little bio yeah I. I don't care what you do with the edges but they are your ashes do not mess of somebody. That is tailored for people question Taylor and Atlanta. OK can't even if we operate under that lunatics without Shin Bet they're good luck ash. I did stir remain. At a human being without their love on her. Speak crane missed the disrespectful to all I have ever heard out in my. You don't even know what part of grandma you spoon out of there what if you can picture with their breasts. And it got to meaning and it's grandma's nibbles. One at the lapses like that there's so many questions. I don't don't Kris like less ash is MI in different religions and different faiths they do different things doing so. Doesn't dipping your paintbrush and they're sort of the sniper gate whatever. Blessings and putt on parent parent on did you wash on the tiny night webpart Graham went on the drain K. Era in Atlanta and you will be the last phone call we take and this and then we will we will close the casket at times. All still have the end. That guy apparently died simple let a 100%. Yeah I mean unhinged yet they're just totally. I and the man who. I think as you. Now. I don't want. People this is why we have five segment where you swipe my bumble and and the person that brought you yeah why a guy at night I went about it now but it doesn't. Edwards has me it's not as I've put your cereal spoon in your debt drama. Fit. Star in 941.