Ghosthunting: Courtney and Ryan Part 5

Thursday, February 16th

They went on a couple of 2015. Now Courtney needs to know where they stand. 


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People will not stop calling about Courtney. She. Wanna mystic coast time a guy that she had three dates with two years ago. And he just say it was like he was called bodies like every ounce of the I was dating a girl I was on a break. The girl and I ended up get back together so I just kind of blew off Courtney and we're now now he's marriage you're in court he was all like. They're married. Their houses built on seeing hunt. Those were words that she's saying using her mouth that brings you sick all white and teller about it Cornelius welcomed the shell. I know martyr and went up. I americorps is very encouraging map bashing got a little black book this got a gas network they didn't MySpace or you'd think generally pseudo. You organisms called bait you so he is solar. 00. It's grades as Johnson I hate Cornelius CU's single barrier in a relationship. Are you single are you in a relationship. I'm a national merit wrapped into trying to do it a little more on death look at Graham ticket then. They have trouble we're now in decades but not that no one will be the primary and bring about the war. I. Okay Rodgers running mate if your single I was gonna say chip with Courtney it is. Waldo library that's. Thank Cornelius sold out forming a guy. Yeah I thank you sound overly thirty minutes policy if you wants it in a bucket of persons life you towel for a long time I down any club in the Asia. I think if so I. I everybody that they a couple of important facts are bringing yesterday. And held within I knew instantly she wouldn't directly tied it. It's a little bit local whole hold onto. It for two years ago there's a problem there. I we. Re forgetting that let her out. Can't critique he could say anybody in the world wants to go yes so you've got her out about a date elephant here at three get to that extent. Yeah that's true or. Are really just today it's. Luckily she thought. Wrapped up he's a liar and I read a lot of connection to somebody let me terribly articulate prior to do you do you at least let go. As an idea right. He used the right thing yeah. I welcome your candidate illegally and feel that it infrared light era op but he. It's what I take. Camp. All right January cancel your statement yesterday that she just needs closure and everything's. I'm about closure. Of fact I want to be able to keep ghost coming and you're always like teasing people right when it first come on the show I'm like to have we need to encourage everybody to bring us and those stunts are. I can I can smell crazy dragon snow brownies being paid to see me now I'm married. Their houses built on scene. And she I'll still are.