Ghosthunting: Courtney and Ryan Part 4

Thursday, February 16th

They went on a couple dates in she wants to know where they stand. 



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NHL all star. Or listen to this mass that Janet as a manager explains. Courtney and Ryan. Had three dates two years again. They tied to defend her thinking that she just on enclosure. Well anyway we ghosts hunted him for Rand found out that he was on a break from his girlfriend at the time. It is girlfriend got back together and they're now married so he's just wasn't inches and then you know. Anything at the time highs cyber rig went on three days of Courtney and we came back to Corning and we got all that'll be some nice closure for her whatever than just have to feel bad about herself ages. Got to get back together this acts. To which she responded like she was devastated. And that she needs it called life and tell her that they went on three dates and that. A Deanna break. Now the challenge therefore are everywhere and listening who has heard this segment and is it is still listening to the show. When you go home tonight and you reconnect with grade your husband or wife. It's Valentine's Allen is likely will be with your significant other right and ask them. Just go have I have a question you couldn't say you heard it on the radio again just feel like to ask them. If we were dating and took a break. Do you want to know what they did during that break the cancer Fermi is now that Corvette because it has no bearing on your relationship now now. Hey Melissa Melissa immune and welcome to the show. Bed fascinated ads. A court. Vaccinated according to black I access act saying that. I don't a couple of breaks and I am I'm not there had three girls I had two teenagers. And that. The old Greek saying that you know I think she should have been opened with her and that let her know there's somebody else. Because when I picked first or first eight. Okay we're cold second date. OK we're getting really grilled by the third you know you're hoping he's really digging. You know not knowing it. That the EU may be gig in somebody else more easy so I can see where she wouldn't really be upset about the fact that. There was somebody else and she had no idea about the other person. OK but now that's right let's let's say that you that argument can be made that may be at some point around the third day. He could've just said it. And may be right but he was a. No big bad. That second date that was at a the second day conversation. And. All you can I have a second V cameras A today by the way just wanna let you know you're my first of the second choices. No no but what I'm K I am what I mean by the second day conversation is listening. You know I've got somebody you're on a break I am not. Not really looking swearing in series right now I'm kind of jet ski and went out there and clear in my head and. You know I just tell anybody and exciting. Her. And that he hit return and the fact that he can't turned I mean Al. Kinda letting her own a little bit better. But isn't valid going in and so do I steakhouse. Right and you roll up into as stakeouts and go out okay. This stage is really good but I gotta be Aniston yeah. I'm really totally craving lobster but I mean as long as I mean I'm gonna have an. But what I really wants it always comes back to food and then that could have got that owns. And they're married. Their houses built on seeing hunt. That's McCoy and Carty said when you found this there hey Carrie involve ground. You tell us who is. I'm shoot three runs core wool so still a little bit because he shouldn't have used etched their leg and singled out and young lion that. Illuminated girlfriend or whatever why. Are gonna get back together he shouldn't. I'm nick at all. World. If kissing someone else's what made him realize he was in love with his 18 but anyway now wife. He was married to prevent you China say like what if it was three dates with someone else or he's like all clash I just. I can't do this I miss her and I wanna get back together with car but besides that there. Yeah. Yeah yeah. And there are number eight. All of our against. Barrett they weren't a plot. The drink it reached at eat eat. A break is is a cause but you gotta stop. So there was a stop and start it was just went up. But even if you so if you see if you mutually agreed to take a break that means that you are not eating late Yasser not allowed to date other people. Love art and taken like during expect something that they received they really want to each other but each speaking account and other people know. Hello Ricky Ricky took three steps back he ended up making that somebody felt Leah and Powder Springs. Pay all of the account that grade be there are currently. I've never been on a day where I wanted to know. Who's he talking until on the second day that. Greatly Brian it's great to us and a great leader at a under his where an airline that greatly because here's the deal if they weren't. I'm a break with the each other and he was just a single dude there's a good chance that he's dating other people right. You don't sit down in the same day he has it that I'm Magnus and across the table would leave him be like. Haley AM against amateurs and I guess yeah the media owners went down a few things and Leah a nurse evolved. You are better looking then Renee fifth. But there is this girl at the jam. And but by hand. I'm much better sense of humor and took the middle. Whole cloud computing like. I hear that on the second day I don't know. You would give up and leave dead there. Thank had to if you vote come back and instant in winder. Hello Trent Lott I love you guys and then late morning. Thank you thank you I don't soon. Possession so the girl yep. Good breaking punishing the much further and entered letting go Diaz. Thank. Puget throughout build a bridge over it's been two years. Happily married. You just need to stay Elaine agents forget about him. Yes thanks Tyler I'm much failed. Yeah married. Their houses built on seeing us. Star in 941.