Ghosthunting: Courtney and Ryan Part 3

Thursday, February 16th

They went on a couple of 2015. Now Courtney needs to know where they stand. 


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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole. Well it's do you like it pretty easy explanation we just goes printed on behalf of Kourtney and track down Brian. They did and three kids a couple of years ago and she cannot figure out why he just completely disappeared into her often. And blocked her from seeing anything on his FaceBook page twelve. We just found out he. It got back CNN this trend and you who he's now married to. Yeah he is on a break and the break and did so. Asserted the relationships anybody he was dating. And it wasn't like you is that a break that the relationship has gone. That one's housewife so ugly according. Pay according unbelievable. Hello I. What's then fourteen that. I could actually you never Boren mentioned anything about. Are a girlfriend. Well yeah because they were on break kid have a girlfriend at the time. But it does make sense you know they had the two concert tickets and last minute needed somebody go with them. That makes a whole lot of sense now doesn't it and actually see what a bottom trolley for him and her and any news on the brakes so he's on days that like hey anybody wanna go. And the reason he went with you corny is because you're a total stranger he isn't somebody else in the French group was like I'll go away the U advantage it's weird he out. So you just came alive in the right place right time you got a couple of concerts out of it Eric concert and I. That's blogging about it. I can't I do believe that I mean do you think that she knows about me. She not he was a little uncomfortable telling Hank. And I just can't believe it. Think he's married now in that heat to a woman. That he knew while he was dating meet. I mean. They're married. Their houses built on CNET. They were honored at saint. They were trying to break. He never mentioned her once and then why the out two more times after that and hit me. She you can though this. But that's we do here on a break and she bride doesn't wanna know it or I mean she I did did other people and they were on the brake to the I got back together who knows which you. Doing when they're on a break. Is Ryan and I were together and we were gonna break and then he went on each has another girl long I would wanna know. Us. And I am I got a little. You know I mean if this is for closure you got closure you know now why it's not this hanging out there like what in the world happened nine event explanation. And that's why we do that goes hunting. We're yet and that's why wanna tell us why. There's nothing the hell is why eight. There's government to help leg. That's OK it is ridiculous. I Carney I'll tell you what we can do we're gonna let you go. Okay. All right we're gonna let you go. Actually amateur pretty okay notably Iran holds. And then OK. All right thank you I mean homeland. I wanna put on hold because I wanna talk to or off the air and she's not gonna reach out to the white. But that's. Crazy freight yes OK unless. What I wanna do is. There might be someone listening who agrees with Courtney because if you play out the time line. And we're looking at it two year window. They might have gotten back together right after that immediately gotten engaged. And then said in I'm mr. Allen without you got engaged got mere announce it and I carried here I guess there's enough time. Yeah all right I don't think there's overlap or anything have to worry about any so they're married now this is three dates they kissed once. Who cares. Danielle. No well come to think Jim and Jane show term. OK so. He relieved probably six out of the relationship therapy. Account which you haven't had anyone out or maybe never wanted all she doesn't know the rules are very clearly. There aren't right. Very green very realized. You don't wanna make a mistake they did it quiet and you know god thank you want to go out I'm happy ancient and so you know I could have heard. This is Danielle regardless of all that. Should this happen in two years ago as well he maybe should just let it closure I. You have first I was first giving her the benefit of the doubt but now. But that's like you wouldn't that be like I mean hanging out until like if I had us and our deep who burn driver. Fifth from 2015. And BMI the boy have sailed wide and I'm yeah Baghdad really got my goat. Me out. Maybe a couple of veteran guys not super. Look at blades I thank you monitor it. I thank you back Catherine wine minder. Oh. Mean could it maybe our. Lying he is married and they. Are. The re. Three we wanna call it feel like I cart added I am like cool we getting out again that I'm not eighty yeah. But like when you get to dating. Like as this is this crazy early when you get to dating. But you have a camera station that your dating right yeah I'm saying like. Ravi grunts you're not dating you you're dating when she say like we're David Wright right. Yeah well I am. A little on more than three bright but I'm saying no more than three times be considered DD. Right. I made my morning at your. High school once you once you know. I'm Catherine minor roles yeah hey. Hey. Hey Daryn. Crystal and they have now hey welcome to show. Do you wrecker. Why did she wants it called the what are. Their houses built on sand that was my favorite line of the whole thing. Our house is built on sale has so passionate team there are houses built on CN. Canadian. I've. Their eyes filled times saying. It's the kind of phone users still ring in your view. If you ever thought especially if you're somebody who maybe doesn't. Agree right leg view if you see her point of view that if you don't agree with Jen and I would be great to hear from you for a four. 263094. Line. Which have to get through all the phone lines people who pat you agree. Thanks for making this way it's just it's just gone on star not before one.