Ghosthunting: Courtney and Ryan part 2

Thursday, February 16th

They went on a couple of 2015. Now Courtney needs to know where they stand. 


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Czar not before one that. Try to tell people let's go Steve do you want. Don't tell. Yesterday we email and for me again and corn and three day with a guy named Brian. I'm in February of 2015. Assists and it was into. We don't know that's the last they went to a Maroon 5 concert Maroon 5 was in Atlanta February 19 2015. OK so I really was two years ago they. Yes first time from. Yes re awesome days Corning's link to us they went to that concert had a great time. They went to a hawks game had a great time and dinner and drinks and a smooch. And had a great time and then he literally. Goes stand dropped off the face of. The year I corny we have brains information. He has agreed to come on the radio as he does not know why were calling. I guess are you ready to listen in as we make the phone call the Ryan. Palmer any act. A. Hello. Hello speaker Brian please. It's right hey Brian it's Janne from the jet engines and has a talent. Oh yeah I am good area in Ed thanks for agreeing to come on the show with us 93 don't know why your coming on. But I will as keen eye Geoff this year to hide their. Yes. So Ryan you know sometimes you just need closure. On things. They have yet I get that. Yes so I think for women it's more important firms than for men would you agree. Of and I never thought about that Florida is set edition you're the X. Yeah I have I think it is important and so we're calling for a bit of closure or explanation. We this segment on our show called ghost hunting. So if you've disappeared out of someone's life we track you down and try to figure out why so that they can have some closure. Makes him look bad so. If you Ryan are the guts to. And we are as true racquet you down to figure out what happens. When you went out with Courtney. It there was yet as usual based I guess they went on Q we're in three days there a couple of years ago I think dead dinner. Fox and and yeah it is the prime time. Okay she just felt like everything was going so well since you had guns at that concert and I guess that's how you met and then that hunt Seaman yeah. Dinner instead she just felt like it was go somewhere and that you'd as a and a great time but then. Not now. Yeah I mean out of there is there a reason for that which is. Yes things were going to agree with my girlfriends at the time and so going out with a couple of people. She is one of them but. And my girlfriend today we got back together inside. You know cut off contact with those people. Adams is you know look at it we were just done a great and it was two years ago. And and Michael well my girlfriend and I are together and she's my life Nelson cook at they're really had an interest in you know anything happens around that time. Yeah okay totally makes sense okay. I'll relook at Courtney just was trying to figure out what happened now we now. Did you had a good time no letter reads Kourtney and those are good dates or whatever. Yeah OK yeah those two people. Haven't signed yet had fun with lots of people you know. Yeah okay. Okay well I thank you Ryan thanks Arlen has tracked you down and good luck with everything hope you guys are doing. If I. Can really argue with that yeah that a break guys married the woman I'm doesn't. I accord is gonna final little relief and that time will come right back in three minutes. They are the proud Antarctica or me and in her final thoughts as we grapple ghosts I think here it's Max. An enjoyable. NC I'll still are.