Ghosthunting: Courtney and Ryan Part 1

Thursday, February 16th

They went on a couple of 2015. Now Courtney needs to know where they stand. 


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell all now. Tracking down that people who have goes Steve do you want. It's slowly pills. Ghost hunting time to Keppinger and show and from day. We're gonna tracked down somebody on behalf of our listener. Cordoning. The attic Courtney Campbell and pick or any loyal and so who turned into ghost here. I would go sit back Ryan. Us. You know we. We actually went up a few times we win. On three different days. And there wasn't anything weird they're there was an a moment of clarity that we shouldn't be together or you know anything like that it has just. You know three dates and now he's on I just I don't know what happened ten. Did he just kind of fade away or is it like a true ghosting where. Yes it is a screw just dropped off the pace of the year note stating the way there. The way that we met was actually on Facebook. And. Yes now when I go back Serb and look at this page. I'm not blocked because I can see that he sang like that they did a pitcher and you know current topic in everything. I can't read the timeline. You know contains. I can sending messages thirty paying and and I'm I just don't understand that we had we met because. He put that on base that he had two tickets to the content coming out to learn I would love. And that's how the whole thing started off. What does Carter. But I. Indeed you have like any mutual friends in common or how did you stumble across how did you end up using the ticket that he had to this year. Okay well I was scrolling dirt base spec and wanted to go to the concert didn't you know. Have any way to go to have tickets and you know when you like when you're not not searching on paper but if you just Clinton in the search. Couldn't but Maroon 5 and you see other people posting about it. You know I'm talking about it outside hit just a deal legged you know distant given way to get what can I do so. I was you know within a lot of the people that post about memory I had and I come across my hand in. Alan Ball all these and I have an extra ticket anybody wanna go to anybody in the world. Wanna go with Lee and I tickets can't I'm like yeah I'll go out and I thought it was cute and I really wanted to go to the concert is it wasn't like he could kill me at the con certain kind of everybody on us now. I can't elect me yeah that takes you inside a good time to ask is like. Would be really fun of with what is by and there's there. There's going to be 101000 people there and what he can't kill a cat. So you go to a concert and use that he had treated so the concert is obviously day one that went really well. Went great and so second day he techniques to hawks game. And I'm. I'm thinking you know this of great you were actually go in town do hunched that's you know not a Netflix until situation we're actually you know out about the city now. Little hawks game had a great time. Hawks players stay at another place three cannot easily be killed. Log right out of the equipment and and so and so that. Earth Day we we just went and got dinner and drinks and everything what I'm saying that you know that elect that was much more intimate and we didn't look operating afterward that we you know when I had dinner and drinks together like people who work on a third day you know and joining. There and I can I ask when can I ask a question them may be crass. Light dinner at any thing sort of intimate happened after the third day like did you guys make out or any thing like. Because I'm wondering. Thinking like a guy. If he's invested three decades. A concert or sporting event and a dinner. And leaders like high five them when the dates over. That might be goes sort of little. As an electric that we didn't sleep together you'd think but he Mika and I mean though that if they lose you know I. I expected to hear from him again. Yeah okay and also plans to look at Ernie as always there had been any. It was a good Justin. That's OK. And then he vanished. It I he won't text me back I can't Cindy meaning that the little pain but I just nothing. Weird I've. And how large go to this augur down. Terms because of the 2015. When. It T yeah so it's buggy guy or acquire Iowa. This is really didn't bother me I just. We actually like we had a nice connection I think that there are on. We can you know grown on and I can't believe they teach us this like tests. That is that this happened approximately. Two years ago. And it's argued that much that were making the call today. I just keep thinking about what it I'd do whether it. You know I've got just don't understand it. Have you dated anyone else since then and this is just still and I think you're not sitting around waiting for him to call you back right. I know that I need to eat. You know not be death spread and he cannot I've seen a few people here and Mary but let's not unlike us. I mean this close there it just felt so. Like it is should it happen it was so easy the way that we met and had much time and then I just I don't understanding. And yeah I got it done and we had a little something like this in our mind we can go over and over and over into the time Parcells crazy for two years. Yeah. Now I'm not that surprised. All right well I according. What you need to do is give us 24 hours. I had to track him down okay. And it and mortgages you know we'll see you guys on the radio make sure there's nothing legally keeping you away from him stuff like that. And then. You get to listen and as we call him which will be at this time tomorrow. I I. Corny thanks for for being a part of this Oliver and hold me tree got all that. Appropriate information and Jan you're lying to me because there's zero chance that. You would hold on to something like this for two years. Something like this really you if there's no explanation I mean that's why we do it doesn't. If people warm bothered by anything is sort of meandered through life like apparently you do without ever thinking about the past. And we wouldn't have a segment talk timing of is Wagoner are right I can't. That phone call to Ryan. Happens gain. 44 dollars. On behalf of court attacked and innocent read three dates with them. In 2015. Do you make her she is bringing this to our show and she I'll still are.