Ghosthunting: Courtney and Melanie

Tuesday, March 20th

Melanie has suddenly disappeared after 2 years of friendship and Courtney doesn't know why. Hint: It has something to do with Courtney's kid! 

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Tracking down that people who have ghost did you want. Don't tell. We checked on the people who disappear out of your life and we find out why today we are going ghost hunting for Courtney. This look at for sprint cars. Yeah according AA is it looking for her friend who has been a girlfriend of hers for a couple of years. And then they has vanished and gave you are a new parents especially. You might wanna pay attention because I know why that ghost thing happens. I don't think it's all that uncommon. Courtney. Or welcome it to that Jack and James show cool will we be goes selling Ford today. Portland beat her cattle for my friend now idols. Okay. What happened with you I'm Melanie. We re not aren't really great. Group of girlfriends and that we think there are actually hear it and we have somebody shot together a whole group. And Melanie and her fiance. And I had and I like to be out moderately QL. Are Adam. Violation at. Idea brightening her wedding bank bashing just shoot asking me and I feel like. Because she asking me all these other girls are asking me you know I. And you know like I checked and let me just. They're really go hey and they don't and I look out anymore and she got available to G stature anymore. I've got hurt her girl many then Dillinger finding an I guy initially and what happened. That's so sad. Had a do you think it has something you with her fiance. You know finding me all along so well late. You know Hirsch yeah I'm Coleman has been down on one hour and you know we've we've probably done stuff together so I don't think at. Maybe not necessary if Yancy is a person and but the transition of her now becoming a engaged drama in my. Yeah everybody got on really loud though. I mean I don't know I'm I don't think Betemit saying that. Yes so there have been no like tough conversations or any thing where there is con. It. Now I know I don't mean break we. It was all right you know kind of all looked at me how I can't go and it is between eight. Yes they haven't been available lot lately and maybe that's the effect. Is so heartbreaking it is harder and has been harder in my life to lose girlfriends than boys and some really yeah. For some reason you guys just really hurts your killings. It's so different Odyssey that's happened in my wife Kelly. I'm just like while she's not calling you back Politico yeah yeah got Alsace and get it you're at the Elsa and she's like but I can't I need to know what had. I know it's so weird it's like a guy you gimme dating can fall apart and I know what ever but the girlfriends. How will stay with you for years until you figured out so that's so we do forget sending corny week tacked on the people who have goes to do we figure out why. And we get easy answers that you needy sometimes they're not answer you want. Yeah. Well I don't. Mary gets on it now. We have Marty talked to Melanie and she gave us a very very clear reason why she has disappeared. Staying. I think it's Guinness thing but the good news is there's something you can do about it low it's fixable. I don't know how much it's gonna sting but it's that some. Okay. And she I'll star. This hunting is in progress on the jet engines we tracked on the people who disappeared out of your life and we are doing that today for Courtney. Was wondering where you go. Everything is going on great they're part of his girlfriend group I'm Melanie and her fiance hung out with Courtney Courtney has end. Since things seemed to be great and she really has enjoyed this friendship for the last two years it. All of a sudden Courtney is getting coasted and she wants to know why. According are you ready this year Melanie is threes and four earned disappearing and the or I'm a guy and she does expand this like you thought you were correct. It is kind of a group decision for all of them but like I said I want you to know there's light at the end of the tunnel because it is fixable okay. Hole. Darien that Larry and it coached and beyond where he can. Debate T. And who got it all that she dark about. Which. It's all right I get it I have to Egypt and ideology and senior laden either tax it's a lot and I get it. But the comment and she doesn't ask. About me and how I'm doing her like you particularly our highlights at. At. Are you talked about it's could it be hurting her baby or maybe. Are hurt her. You do have children now I get back at it and you were not like this when you. When your kids are born. I remember talking to my friend that's not up airlock and how they regularly and in. I'm not I'm not like that out popcorn yet. Does that make any sense tear off. I mean. Eight I mean yeah I talked about making it and I. Now. I grew up person and I'd give me. An email app I'm gonna talk about her and ask. I'm excited that here and back. I had met me incredible peak and incredible first experience. And I want yeah at my friends and I don't think there's anything wrong. Does it make any sense though that she's feeling like that's. It's an imbalance conversation that you are talking about your daughter and not asking about their families anymore. Sorry if I operations more important to me and her kids. I mean I'm sure ask her. If she weren't quite I don't get it. She says that you. Don't NASCAR. Like you can't say I'm sure like the way she feels. Is that you don't NASCAR so you can't argue with the ways somebody else. The goals. And measures certain credits untrue and that maladies just overreacting. And Melissa and all your other friends. Who they know how meeting like endless children like they have and great. I'm Ana winds out about it and I don't and. Arnie I have. Two dogs both of them are adorable and I don't talk about them nonstop. Well. Yes thank you thought I agree with her on the islands are exempt dog and I don't compare. I mean how corny I get a day ears so head over heels of for your daughter I feel the same way about my kids that some times. That veils you to the reality of the way your acting in public key kind of miss the fact that. Urine. Being a weirdo. Huh a couple of I. Haven't having several friends at mile high where it bounces back out once sick kids get older and make like. Once you get to get a little older and that you get a little bit more used to it you don't only talk about that which you have to realize that. If it's your only topic of conversation all the time you're driving other people crazy and you don't know. I can't mean that should have floods are my aura she my world I had. Can't say as world. But just like your daughters your world maladies kids are world. And now. Oh now I guess I'd just and Helen Levitt I can't and I spend every waking our military and I don't understand how people wouldn't get back. Now. And I will thank you referred come on the show today all 40. Hi Natalie and Douglas well. She needs it screens. That baby girl is alone in her life or eat at me you. So use the friends call it's easy good riddance. To add it. I different Courtney and Roswell logjam. Why aren't terrible group of friends that there are real friends they wouldn't talk to her erratic and collectively talking as a group and exciting duo like HR Powell. That's awful she she deserves better. Is it bred owned. I don't but okay is it possible that maybe she's just a little too. Focus and her child and knives. And asking them enough questions about their own children. We have been so how how could she know maybe she doesn't realize she's doing it. And Scott could have made that different that they may like you're not you're not at manipulate friendship. Rather than just all act like talking behind your back. So what you want all you want people to elect. Talk to her face and like in front runner I don't know how I. He's senate. Dole learned you can't friend that's what you units. Awful the way that these. Scroll bar B conflict. How is rat up down how would you say. I'm Courtney do you talk about yourself and your kids seem it's like Heidi even broach that subject I would bring in my mom I would bring in pictures of a lot of babies. Okay and but but make sure every one of them is better looking than Courtney is and then play a game called us. Who's the prettiest baby and then when she sees hers is last. Probably humble her a little bit and what I would do Selig goes to. France says. Courtney is not a list and you're listening to what is being said to her she quit being. To respond and not listening to understand the transshipment situation you just to get to where. And it's the conversation it only had her child and never really engaging in her friend it's a felony something or not. I mean I don't know if you guys picked up on it I heard yelling 88 my husband well it's pretty clear that she missed the marriage of her friend. It's just when she can act better shape that you engaged. And you know nothing that she actually got huge sheet could be opened children being to people. And understanding and being able to take feedback and constructive criticism that they're apparently she's quite there yet. Well here's playing it is the friends the people on the friends side. Are all starting to calling him so Janine is going through those rate now. And will be able to take the opposing viewpoint. Calls here. Like three or format some middle say okay tone down and the my babies the best baby that's ever been born talk. Yes I IC. Star in 941. Producer and there's an intern Courtney Republican former friend Melanie. Hayward ghosting on her Melanie and a whole bunch of other friends and we found out it's because Courtney is totally focused on talking about her daughter. And that seems pretty one side. The first batch of phone calls that we spoke raid after it happened where all people who were on court besides like your friends just need to understand. There are new parent is going on at tiger around me and I'll I'll. And as soon as people who are on the friends I heard that they relied nope. Picked up the phone and started calling so let's say hello to look Sarah weigh in meg Donna how are you ill. Can now I'm pregnant I act like it you're gonna have a girl and I can hang your girlfriend and nobody really talk about their kids are seven at night. You can't get light brown. It's and it's like the Fran didn't just talk about kids Tony for seven don't know they're doing it and they don't know that there alienating everybody else by doing it because they're so. Caught up in that moment of their life. So how does feel back and saying it but. I got kids and even when I'm with my we know Jan we now I now yeah I quit my friends' kids like kids leg. I did not good isn't more of it. Yeah when you have kids isn't a Mormon group conversation begins that you wanna compare like groups in the ear infections and. As you when you're actually with your friends you want to break from all of that. I'm doing I'm. Tab so you don't wanna spend 24/7. Talking about group consistency and console size actually now really. I'd have a saint Lawrence dialogue Michelle. Yeah I would really like to have some alleged. Name on it during gain I had ticket and I don't want a widget that. Three months old. And I will look for a pill every few days my oldest and a friend of mine and T have a credit they made it click play. And that we did they and we talk about why they act you did and is everything into QA cheery like I need Hurd is an issue need to leave because I did crazy and yet I think my kid their purse sake by. They're there I mean that's a rough being a mom of peak hit on that yet need. How tot mom print media I would be a lot without it like I look forward to people saying tapping your kick crazy and like helping meet throughout the. It's ever that the problem is your children are not perfect like court ease our. No word he has a special child's. Let's say and we all have special children. Why did a thing called alcohol on the weekend. It's at chili's you lead on each other for that. If it's only one way then that just gets old fast Arianna and aim balding blog and to the governor Jan shall. I I played simulate I'm pregnant and really I tight talk about TV all the time. But and people or a lake she said baby I think she cried. Everybody traditional high and it looked like art. Ever let light because I talk about it so my input that took a bite. Brought me into perspective about like oh wow I'm talking about this too much. So you're friends made a joke about it and you got yeah there. Yeah that's it it's okay yeah. I think you've heard Ali Arianna. No problem it's so sad or shape because this magical amazing experience legacies they're not getting pregnant you're having a baby but. There are some women think their the. Only ones who've never done that he's tablet just talking about it nonstop especially if you're not pregnant and not having a baby or never had on town like. I don't get it back lol yeah and again a little local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.