Ghosthunting: Brad and Christy

Wednesday, October 18th

He met an Australian beauty at a festival, but how much did he REALLY know her?

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell all now. Tracking. Della people who have ghosting if you want. It's so you don't tell. This morning on the jets. Engines show we are gonna prove how much we love you because we dig deep and we guided and we get answers on why you've been ghost and it became a segment is called the ghost signing this star of this week's show. Our new frank grant high Brad and. Yeah. Said Brandt. OK yes and also let's go beyond that goes studio. I met a girl couple months ago at a music festivals. Ed. Gorgeous. The most beautiful attractive brother were seen when you were there. I'm biased outlet the festival which you know I don't doubt that what they or a little strange to not read what they buy it. Now what I look I have a question about that she went to the music festival by herself. Or she was that the music festival and everybody kind of ditch there. Well I didn't at this time she would buy or sell. I group but I slowly approached or talked that are she says she that they were read I didn't actually. Knee and neuroscience at the time. I do that is sitting there like oh yeah I got a whole bunch of people coming to Mimi later ray now. Under under their premise though they're on their way he's acted now you just missed them. Ocean and it's gorgeous it's cool so I don't I didn't think to that would be re right there should be any content that I think and commitment to a court of our girl. There are in a minute now I am the first night and I know we got talking. And the loop when it really ready in a bunch left and that got her number and almost a month spell. That night because this guy decisions probably the most beautiful girl shall Australia. Blond hair and useful accent I've done this thing. No one hears and Brad yeah I don't let this grow getaway days ago and she comes from a land down. Didn't let them so what happens you ever connected there again is that. I get this Saturday. I. Op in the lavatory and toll as car stalled magic talked at 6 o'clock that night again it was I only got to outnumbered. And we don't creek it beat out last night and the car out there. She US system and the friends that and we didn't doubt bottle while they're night and yep and that's conversation and and loud and that was a great time we you know. We did kiss mic out by the bank. This should not use this had to do to defend. And I started to experiment and it doesn't have a great time and try to communicate with you again later on in the league game that never recoup that. Arms. You know it's definitely I like the schools could possibly schedule are being in the law and in the end she just got. Wine house so this is its national its its festival fate yeah it really exactly or fast any. Yeah here is because via votes or running into the same person. A multiple times like that doesn't happen so it was Bettany and festival which is fast and me. Regulars. You've texted her and called her whatever million times since then and nothing. A nut sitting. I want this to me seems like you know brain are the friends were frames the friends are singular. And his name is. Unicorn spear bow hands. Eight. Dude busy boy totally. I should probably just look at that have illegal festival flying action and then didn't want anything after that. I make music this adversary like news or terrible. That team. Well the beautiful thing about gross tanning is everybody listening to this is the whale on turn and go on FaceBook. And and comment why you think that Brad got ditched by his destiny. What was her name that we even ask her name. And I heard Thursday Christine the Australian friend says. We're going to attempt to find her so he doesn't have to go from Outback Steakhouse Outback Steakhouse outback steak and. That. That's a lonely nights like. Where's my Christie. OK Brad we love you very much and we're gonna make sure you're not those. You Davos tomorrow morning. We'll try to get her on and tomorrow morning we'll have you back I'm. And you'll get to listen and while we decent detective work and her okay. And I thank you for bringing us the as a real quick around the room what's your gas Kelly cheeses to where she ran I think ahead of and a terrible kiss Jen hobby which I thought I think she's just looking for us all playing and I think she had a boyfriend were European he can't still. Basement dot com. Jeff and James channel. Czar not before one that. People who goes CD. And yesterday on the second and show we talk Tim Brad who is those sensing this week for how many men festival. Kristy she just disappeared after three magical. They ran into each other than festival on Friday from and they ran into each other again on Saturday at this point he's like this is meant to be. He gets her teenage kids they can act on Sunday after texting on late Saturday how they Sunday. They have a slew chick and a physical connection and they festival French and then. Slowly disappears. And brand it wants as attractive now while Brad good news story we have found her. Also I you'll get to listen and as she explains why she goes and yet. And then we'll come back and hear from you after that OK Brad. A good eye to recap brand called I heard the most beautiful. Woman he's ever seen in his entire life she's from Australia. She Abby is he loves music festivals and he said he she can beat what. He felt some magical festival feelings for her. Kelly cheese do you think should mail because lying Theres a really bad kids so they had great talked on Friday great out and sat I think yeah a great town and Sunday. Libby had led. No red. Gone mighty good there and I hate things she had a boyfriend evening come to the festival week the boyfriend says she did your friends so they wouldn't tell honor. And went 200 abort and when hunt with the did. And I used to sit festival playing I mean I think it's come like when you go on they came on and not a vacation show. You don't want him after that I think it's like that for her for the festival and what is FaceBook say they saw it says vessel playing doom I'm there was a sound one and there. Yeah. Yeah. Hello. Christie. Dancers are in a jet engine show this morning. Of course we tracked down people who have disappeared out of other people's lives. As you know it's commonly called ghosting and so what goes hunting and tracking you down. Okay do you have any idea who we might be calling about. I had no idea. What now all of Chrissie. Couple months ago you went to music festival. And Mets handsome Fella named Brad and. And Brad today and wonder and less. Disease that you guys had a magical festival weekend. And has so much fun together and your true origins and Australian. Which I'm not really. Picking out my new home. She wanted us to find out where you know what happen. Opened the girl. Sandra Bullock and all around. And as strict not I'm not I'm Australian I guess you'd think and that is that it. And my girl to ninety illegally got a fire didn't the last Egypt's. I don't know it's just and then say to her. You can diet cola and youth. You ran into him at this festival three different times you faced in his bags and every time. I didn't get to see a very and it. I. Guys can. And it's a win here we hear a little bit of this giant accelerate and have these. I can maybe I have to keep that from my boys. It doesn't have enough. She. It's never gonna you. In effect. Yeah. May. Lose a good idea that you remember Brad and do you remember again. Did you ever have any intention of ever touting him after the festival again. I beat eat I read I haven and number earlier scenes I don't know it was a weekend. But I eat I don't know I didn't know what would you actually they didn't know how serious. Is either going to be key. I don't now apparently it would yes actually get. I can't say Dick. And Jane you're ready to those. No gun and I'm very close to the winner and then it's. All she wasn't us all. You know then maybe she got into. UC lied to hang a million this dude. And now he has element I'm not Australian. 'cause I'm paying now I gotta go live band the live go too far. Source in the sweet yeah I am we. Are you into him at all. Yeah I am unit really cool and I I definitely. Yeah. I let him tell him he's is CQ do you have any particular day. Do you currently have a boyfriend. Now. Would you like to go out with him bite yeah somewhere in America. Yeah I actually got to. OK well we're gonna see if he's as any interest in you can you please hold fine. Navy won't be so mystical and magical mystery sensible girl when he knows you're not really Austria tied the power he shifted. So jags got it for granted a visa mouse that's recently were gonna care we will come back okay. And then were only gonna talk to Brian and we'll see if Brad has his sense of humor yeah. And if he's OK we'll come right back all right Tracy and then even your real name. I'm good thank you what else did you lie about game three network sounds. I. Third Australian band the fifth. Did that yeah it's so I'll act. And what else exactly what other songs yeah. How angry you came very. I'm my koala don't like you and she makes an X. If they see we'll come right down. OK I did some blooming onion homeland. And jumpstart. It before one. I'm jet engine show this morning and we just check down pray this disease that does it Brad after retreating music festival long. And we're just learning this the reason she had to ghosts because she was faking it announcer can. And and says it keeping going. So jacked up and I mean its size as a singer and her girlfriend who weren't around his so they wouldn't get the joke. Go and eat Brandt brand. So yes I do you know. Have you been hearing that's. Yeah this loosens you messed up. Please add Brad now mask. Imagine Arafat and absolutely no idea and you simple need to do to regain that she did better and their friends like these quote unquote friend as she may or may not how. Aims to put it. So we also also. And now. If it does she didn't live in the middle got a Malibu guys you're doing now with how we can you know. Hotel and others and that's valid and just plain gave. And they didn't like how you could see some guys to get. All our do we do with this they actually do what I do it but what I. So yeah let's say you don't you. You don't wanna go out with her again right. Well I don't know that girl like that that's ridiculous okay. I. That's all that will let you down. Okay sorry Brent Barry saying man. This is this ridiculous and a man. In a situation I think Manson and sand. He was I got to ask the usual angrier than I thought it was yeah. Of energy and these are. You might Shannon yeah real toll goes a little areas but now that you have and it paid pressing need these offended because he spotted. It idols this ticket sales have duped by your Australian. That's exactly what it is from a guy as one of you confused like. Hey Chris stay. Hey hey how do you still buy yourself now. And you know about energy outs. Or unusual amount math and I mean these two do you expect in that I'd make it that I. Yeah yeah. And I. Not that the aids. Many say yes Clinton well next time you just Kennedy French. Kelly she's can teacher really good friends and down. Then it you know Jose don't be mad Brad I'm trying to act and how. Me ask. Don't be mad at them and then I can do. That expression is. The matter and Christie thank you so much. I can really is gonna go buy an NS chain accents. I told you I don't want to count myself you know my guys that the bars. I've. Seen him but man that men of Atlanta be warns the Australian girl at the bar. Not really from Australia. And it works ladies and gentlemen. Is there other songs. There please apply really well there. Because I'm OK okay. Inside. Hey guys laying its interstate got that goal line machine funny she understood that you are making huge mistakes huge mistakes. And Missoula. While I you say you last talk Christa none. I thank you stay in varying not about heard round out on. I need that sort of onto people they're. It needs to go laughter. Sorry I mean. Mean I I think his accent rage probably disqualified him from any possibility to fit a little too little too excitable about something wasn't big deal really right. All learn and share that conversation. Continues with jet engine on FaceBook.