Ghosthunting With Audrey and Zack: Part 3

Tuesday, February 28th

Best Ghosthunting Yet! Phone scrolling, cats, baths, unanswered questions, it has it all.

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Star in 941. I'm glad I try to explain this as easily as possible I'd generally never forget any details about. Audrey when I was Zach had few dates with him after handing him at a bar. They had to live show concert at a concert right and then it and this second date. At some point she's showing him pictures. I'm in her phone and he swipes one picture too far. In comes across her naked in a bathtub. With a cap that is soaking lack. That is baiting went there it's paving way there and it's not a self be someone else took the picture because in her words. Both hands were on the cat his words is words yes both hands on the cat. And so he's like OK and went and a Wii is for me. This isn't like euphemism for anything right where we thought we did and now we missed any code words don't you like it just. Like me. It's like. Hey Archie welcome to the shadow of a back tying me hold you the truth it's gonna marry me now let's name only hit eight. What are the. Where I am. So. Because he's very curious as and that's why he was in the bathtub. Sure that's my roommate. Let god. That if your camera why a captain Paul in that. No okay this cat I've only had a late 861. Directory and then. I'm not a cal and I was younger and I remember that how would like come into the bathroom and out my hair showering or whatever. And so I just suck at them a bit because this cat. Same thing like epidemic in the shower. Finally come in the background. And I think you're doing that is and then you run away. So like OK you Syria I don't know with a mug in the top and he jumped up on the ledge and a public well but he can come and work gonna react. And he told the campaign. He wasn't scared I thought it was malaria acquittal I called rare moment. You know even from the start. I wish sack or just past year about it in the moment is the kind of benches of funny. Topic of discussion on your day now it's like the weird thing. It's a weird al-Qaeda or did he think I was doing something inappropriate with the I mean. It's. Cat. I think not because you're in the tub that a dude took the picture. And then it was maybe sort of seductive thing from them. Oh my god didn't see that they've acknowledged people exist or insecurity think the word late in the day he might obviously and security issues are and the Manning didn't go to the final moment like a man how to do the job they let me. And I went public at haywire with doing in the you know Larry I don't leave me if I don't you picture. Right I get that I mean it's funny. I just think it's axis that's just funny that it freaked him it's everything about it on you know what I think he should do. Text in that picture right now oh yeah. And just right. And just write me now. I found out I really scaring away than anything and ruining the card. When he got to lose the united disappeared so. Well and can't be looking out after you had snipers. Could fit in a. And your roommate who's an outstanding photographer. Who can work for Playboy or pet fancy. Her. I thank you dodger I. Think you know. I. Care. Areas. All my share that conversation continues league championship on C plus.