Ghosthunting With Audrey and Zack: Part 2

Tuesday, February 28th

Best Ghosthunting Yet! Phone scrolling, cats, baths, unanswered questions, it has it all.

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Her son when you get to work and get ten songs in a row every hour. Funds starting now before blind and tracking down that people list goes did you want. It's so we don't so. Just depending on the jet engines shows this week for Audrey that we have it track down exactly where about com I'm here in a second. We talked I jury yesterday she explained to us that she and Zach mad mad at concert. And had coffee the next day and then had another date. Dinner and drinks and many ghosts that are just completely disappeared. And she said this has never happened to her before. I RG rated listening as we dialogue Zack and find out where he went. Pretty died and then and then after we talked on wall come back to you and will gain your thoughts on the conversation and OK real. Roger has posted a lawyer. And he just thinks is the arm a karma thing. I think he's out of town number I used just in town and is. Nance and everybody keeps their numbers Amano an amen. I go but it's my thought he could have moved two years ago so. Yeah. Oh. Please because back. He'll pay back this is to and from the jet engines show and sanity for one Harry you. Hey. Let's go. And. Just Kanye on the show today just this little segment and we have. One snow if you would talk to us. About life. Yeah yeah sure I guess. Angel OK all. There's a book questions for you. We find specifically about a couple of dates that you had with this awesome girl named Audrey. She said you guys met and time ago and had a couple of your member Audrey. Yes yes I do. Yeah actually. So critical about a couple of times so yeah. Yeah so she you are pretty cool and she thought that the dinner and drinks a well popular well. I guess you guys hit off when he met NN live show. So she's just wondered why it happened hazy disk and it disappeared honor. Yeah I mean you know this. The other Medtronic had a ketchup and Lincoln now. You know my schedule relative that you are. And all that but. Honestly it. You know she. A part of it but the other pilots go out there who went out. On. You know she. Adamant about him is an initiative like hanging with them on digital opponent. You know take a look at it being out aren't sure why it's about a target to keep them occupied. I'll let him go. And yes I guess like on the scope of the that you saw about an audit won it not abating in on gaining a solid day. You know abandoned and do it in church do it and I came across the pictures I am. Yes you wish you good at bat can't they get obviously. And it should let her cat. And I was on. Yet exactly and we got a lot of round at a time. Okay. Now have a cat but don't take back pats. And it will end up. The thing you know but I don't yet. In electing a military and her cat Unita elect teen girls take. It is a particular shall seek it clearly without shelty because both her hands on the cat so somebody else obviously took the picture. Somebody was taking the bathtub cat fan out. Exactly and you knockout like I should shut up don't apply but all those two part they did send a bombshell. Yeah that mean right back in the early photos ready you know out of me out so. It any kind of crazy Allah that have been whole cat being way she came back that they bombed out at his thinking about a pretend like guidance he would go. It not a minute count me out a little bit. Like what they've issued a little bit too. Adventurous or not they but that's. I. So it just that one picture on the phone just turned you off. I mean. You gotta understand obviously that lightweight that makes it I mean if you look at the coup you know your boyfriend like they that they can count on that you I'd be a little. What they have of going on. Act out and head to step back I mean you know she called let it that is the meal. It if there's a good explanation. For the cat in the tub at for the wet cat in the have to out. Would you be interested in going I was there again or are. You know I have yet to be out Freddy good explanation like you know yet quite a few drinks. I honestly catnip and you know a lot of technical not bother me what bothered me is I want to note that the picked it the bike. As another dude in Michael Palin do you think that's fine I mean aren't exclusively thing. I'm Andy you know do you think. I got a lot of email on it and it you know that's different stories like OK what about being a thing and edging out. They really do need you gotta get out. Well not exactly confirmed you do live in Atlanta and you are single. Yeah ethnic issues yeah that was one of our theories and maybe you're. Just. And an anonymous eight. He actually. I. I thank you Zach OK so are you have a day of this. I reconnect and three minutes it picked up by Jerry and wolf find out who took the picture of her and her webcast. How many troops in Georgia Idaho I can't believe you haven't you Tonya hi you've been intentionally silence in order to protect. Our FCC license. Not when I was expecting. A high it will come right back and I talk to IG in three minutes and the Japanese interest earning before one. And young star ready for a one.