Ghosthunting With Audrey and Zack: Part 1

Tuesday, February 28th

Best Ghosthunting Yet! Phone scrolling, cats, baths, unanswered questions, it has it all.

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Thanks for making this wedge to the Japanese yen yard one star not before one and tracking down that people the list goes did you want. It's slowly pills. Goes I think China could Jeff finch and show it's so simple for. Somebody just out of your life and we tracked down kind of busy but then I know Y four asked him why and you don't have family property owners. Well I'm satisfied that it this is always time yet. Don't know the reason. To Audrey joins us right now and Audrey wants to narrow. Why exactly goes hey Andre. Today. Roger what's gonna end. Yes so I met this cute guy out about them in live music and cleared and you know we really now. A couple times and I thought it was all glad and then after the second day and cool I don't know what happened we totally get saint. OK so. What the dates like. Contra was you know the political hockey league you know data the next day or two little quick poppy chat. And you know he had to go to work so let's not. And then the tackling was an actual dinner and drinks and you know the longer Dayton to management and more and where I haven't. So that first that so you met him. Like he says it has lied music thing or whatever so you who you met him there and then a real life in person conversation happened. And he actually asked you and in the eight ethnic. Yeah I know you wanna number and then down by the end of that night. We really texting about like Hilton to copy the next day. 'cause I think just the way dating is like if I was single right now if I saw a girl violate I would just walk up to averages sweeper. The guys are just average. Right my hand rate across her face a war with you anywhere in the issue was also on the out like Paramount and how program. I'm just talking about in real life consists of like a wife and rake across her forehead. And yet what are you doing in my right at the white. I would like a rapper. Would grab her by MB I guess as I've Bob ball. Larry I started. The year at C madam and many had a real live conversation and that turned into two dates in any vanished. Tires so just know text or anything. Yet. Just nothing like it in the late you know after RJ ended the night. I text and the next day of the dying mother lives and then not being and then I take a break one more time lake later that evening and not saying you know like okay. No more of that because not just a bit like bothering him. I mean I just okay. Now after two days like why do you carriages. Move up. And it does I did that never happened to me and I'm like what do I do is you know I'd definitely not take his people back because something bad that happened like say. They understood why but I mean I don't understand I don't know what to do and I've never had that happen you are. Obviously you're usually the ghost star. We are ghosting for your ego trip yeah. I have been I don't say that. Pilot at that it was hard Gregory did in the guy like Lil not to contact. Now okay. So we will ask exactly what is. And it's. I have not long ago lessons. And play among I don't Erica I NN I have a question that. It could be me thinking too much about it or whatever by. Did he is his phone number is today and Atlanta area code. A little while because and just wondering what if you and how far apart were the dates. I like he delayed. So I'm just wondering if he was right here on business or something in your urges thank. Now I'll call you think he married. My eye I. I don't read it to go to that extreme. There but what I'm just saying it's like he might be married engaged have a girlfriend whatever or single. But I he's just in town and you've flirted with them any quarterback in. You guys when I mean did you guys hook upper and I. We know that you can not even though adding that in Florida. Right so what if you were you said that he had to go to work the next phase of the coffee was quiet. Yeah maybe he went downtown but still like Italy. I think that they paid in hard let me know he's not tell Riley now let me management but how not a candidate while I was back. I well we're gonna use our long distance minutes and then to reach out to him. And yeah. World war will get the okay. I see you call them back at this time tomorrow and then while you listen and we have a conversation with Pam and ask him. Where he went. Well I thought about it and remind us again what's his name. Idolatry we will calls back at this time tomorrow lingo goes fanning out on your behalf. Tonight we'll talk to you this time tomorrow. A day it. And young star ready for a one.