Ghosthunting with Andi and Joel

Tuesday, May 23rd

It's 2017, does it even count as ghosting after only two dates? 


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell all the net. Reduce. I'm gonna go go sitting in just a couple of minutes eye candy is continue control he goes it after two days. She wants us to go find and tell him that that is not okay. Food co signing happens here today into us today which I think gives the as the debate that we have to have. I people look Goss did you want. Janis saying hello it's expanding. Lewis legacy goes goes setting on her behalf today. Hi eight. What's up Andy. Thank you pour the CI AMD's. I have to situation that actually gives more more he's just an all these days where I. So I met the guys are nationally jolts and unused. We went on and how we are kept seeing you know redo and and we leaves our own income. Well while presiding go on a date and the gate allow. Well I mean we try to know another. You know. And then. He. Disappeared. Not a good which. I I guess the way it is. Did Morgan mark hopman lives. Online dating it just it's like. I I don't know if you rich generally you know I'm kind of in Cairo would it's nice to see do you feel like we girlfriend yeah. Yeah I I was gonna say it's so annoying Casey thank you MS is so much time and that's right he did all the online conversation comports and then you do all the texting back and forth and many do all the telephone conversations back and forth and then after today it's just because Gillick got. Why I invest all that time. A student. Exactly now you know it do you winner and expects. And Kelly geez you can answer this as well do women expect after just two dates. A goodbye message if the guy's gonna dip out. Yeah I I ducked just common courtesy and I I think that's kind of I'm comment about not actually lake. The communication and it into a casualty stated. Something that you're happy continued during my bank and in part. To cut back but even attack. You know. Let's say it's nice I do think that is a little more of a luxury nowadays like especially an unarmed unarmed. A day or two dates with a guy and now really tax among them. Just and that diplomat. Being courteous and are not intentionally doing I just not interested it's all this. And it also probably makes a difference on how you met is well because and I. And online data tender swipe for a match match totally different then make your friends entered issue right exactly look at that area but you know I introduce you somebody and I set you up with somebody and ended you'd definitely should have a text message again courtesy text message remains the only way out. Right Kelly. O. These are going to be. I can well. I want to review those earlier days goes just a middle of goes up yeah. Papua toughness that I doughnut. I'd like late it's easier to goes on an online date than it is like. Your co worker sister's cousin right exactly we might rent intense on okay. All right so. Are you do you have any interest in going out this guy again or is this purely. The satisfaction. Of for you and your friends letting him know that ghosting ankle. I wanna go out and again I wanna know what happened and I won and why did anybody I want and I wanna know what happened yeah I'm playing. I feel like I would not the right way to handle it and nor do I ever feel like X ray handle it site is wanna know. Why he thought that was a cash. And he tells a bit more about your two days when you do on the first on a what did you guys do on the second line. The first one out each and now and we need you know we just. Yeah I do like casual place and got to the bar in and done. Canada's biggest comeback. He even dropped we talked we had a couple of lying and he need I thought I was cyanide are making how excited. I believe we went out like we actually went to movie and eat and we sent a little more competent people are. And how they like my extreme afterward then. An and I thought it was great it was. He asked in a prom after the movie and ask him. Didn't sit there and keep on eye on a income at 8 o'clock in the coming up so you. But no. It is. Has getting. So another weird came up on the dates that you aren't naming your kids beat her name is Eric. And he's I have I really. Diving headfirst and our relationship talker anything like that. I want a wedding dress so you can I don't know. Dear to laying on the cocktail napkin your first name and his last name of hi while we've got his information from news so the way it works is. Over the next 24 hours will call him out commands into c'mon when has. And then you get to listen into that conversation we have at this time tomorrow with. Great I so I will put you on hold to make sure we have everything that we need and we'll talk to you tomorrow morning Andy at this time. Go go settings for jolt and the Jeff contention. Sounds good thank you. Upton and young star ready for our. The people who live goes did you. Yesterday we got me Andy. As NA match downtown profile. And that match dot com profile led her into the arms of the man Angel. And for June blissful state stayed the hand that I'm of their lives. But then flew from the fire in the wings. And he feels like it's her obligation. As an online date here to assess female online editor and to represent women who gave coasted all over the place. All the time and she wants is called jewel trying to what's up. Is that accurate and the. Yeah cited. All right so we have. Gotten permission from Jules to put him on the radio so if you wanna listen and we can call him rate now and stuff. Ask him why he disappeared. Late. And then will also ask Kelly she's two tee off on him for disappearing okay. I on behalf of all single and. I pension paid why don't I'm Kelly would you like to handle the interview process and. So all Jeff I thought that's a general is gonna say announced that exams are relieved that McNamee we do an interview and that currencies it will. We did vote who's in favor of Kelly she's regular talking on a night gone it's democracy. I I hold out candy to me is that. What your question did and I. I'm always are rarely Haiti buddy who. AOL and and home. Is your enemy you an infinite intelligence. He's talking years and has found out. You and me and my. Chevy yeah. Pays as dull. We pay is result. As a joke angels silly season the jet engines aria. Hello there was a lot of on Amazon saying now it's in how he and Jeff dollar pull out hey. Hey. Come so we. Do it this thing called a dose time seeing on of the jet's engines show and it is aware of some ideas and has been dusted and you sir are and then again so that we are tracking down. Okay it. We are calling on behalf of Andy. To us as you guys well a couple dates and I don't match shack com and she hasn't heard from you after the second day and channel wants no way is. Oh. OK I thought she might have gotten him are now allegedly trying to collect all my opponent has gotten mixed. I thought we don't we open on a couple of agent thought she got everything I could you know I'm not too I I'm not interest to pay more. Did you ever text her back and teller an up or did you newsletter keep Texan. Now I addition. There's not a doubt we will lose you know. She's just. You know try to broaden out yet some blow and somebody arch. So jolt what was it about the deal with Indy that you're like okay. Not gonna work out. It. Are not things I mean yeah. You know things are fine. Notion positions most girl she's tracked you know stuff like that additional. I just yet another direction at all. When you went in another direction. I'm just let you know we love them you know match and you know you know next generation iPad sure I don't mountain you know a number eight didn't. You know I'm I'm like there's gold matter. Acts. So glad he's telling you. Why do you should depend on not saying things and a Monday night. Vision. And god I'm not well out there you know. Kind of you know wasn't it wasn't so it wasn't you know we just want a couple of weeks you know. I think it was a good deal. I thank you Gerald. You're just Gisenyi curiosity what makes the other girl better than Andy hey nice. I'm just wondering why them. It's. He says is what he's noticed on your. And as answer that if you don't want him. Yeah I mean you don't just know I get along better with this other one you know we go or you know religion dues payments. Are. I'm more of I'm Mormon dive bar kind of guy you know I like you know. Music stuff like that you know passionate about it as well you know. Just just you can not only Sheila also I'm you know nothing against anybody you know she's calm you know it's you've got to look at. Well I had food do you know who has the better job this. Just came out of you know yeah I was I was it adds its two firefighters enough. You don't. Hey hey no problem mobile I'm not. I'd welcome back in three minutes and I Janning Kelly she's we'll talk to be far less attractive up do you mean just getting. Jan and Kelly she's at all talked to. What's her face Andy. Silver dealer I'm sorry I don't know why. I think souls or rudeness as the rundown on you know I nearly vice Versa yeah. I give me three minutes declines I don't know landing yeah I think it's money that won't come back and tied Danny and three minutes did you contentious gunning for. Star in 941. Regis time to show all I'm in the damage and show on behalf. Standing. High and after two match dates and they all fell landing with no explanation and he just. Told us very honestly bad. He. Mad at someone and then he'd like more than Andy's so he just let any go and didn't think he owed her in the minds. Minneapolis and general conversation handy. Eight asks I was just didn't I don't even know what you look mom I'm sure you attract. I am attracted to think you're much needs and that didn't bother me on my plate I don't carry another. You know it in the eyes of the older people like today and I am not fit into your self what are. Okay. You're at a CE ND ME to. I mean that is really saying I mean I. It's really Curacao. People who think they can you know didn't not responding his leg just content like communication. Of the online dating an eloquent really casual but just. Text beat Barack it's not that hard. I mean come on late. He made another men not out there and then. Anybody. And a man. Anywhere anywhere anytime dealer. So if you win is in this situation were reversed you would have texted him a goodbye if you found something you like more. Again. I don't I'm not saying why is it you know it did I can turn is why why. Lock. A pre K whatever but yeah now it's just said to her feet. But watching them go letting them have a little bit closer and so like what happened to beat also click to be. Now. I mean it is somehow working diesels to bad you know and I think to block. I personally am with you Kelly that that this is a gray area. No go about it is necessary some Ford Shia I think I'm nineteen journal. I didn't know you're not your child your child or people. Any health problems well I I know. Whack how is your baby child. Stupid Kelly she's agrees IG is alas I do agree because I again I if ya have been set up by friends I think it would be an awkward encounter later and then he would have probably OG that. K just to throw quick and at some Manson gonna different direction that because you guys met on match. You and I see each other he probably thought life no harm no foul whenever. And neck. I don't love the way that he said it but you know it's not really a relationship that was deuce today's energy texted him a couple times and hasn't responded. In many of them. Yeah I mean. I understand your point here I just I think that. Guys who did step up and saying the you know communicate in. Its attempt to such Eaton did you know I'll. Now media mall passion that claim that I don't think. Well thank you for bringing the Suez. And sandy thank you know I have a good day good luck out there you can't let all the man Childs. IR. Ratio and generally day. I was tired and loudly and and I'll call you and I don't think that. It's very scary especially to chat just another man's trial on now amid a me. I'm a big old situation. Now your your awesome I. I'd like you don't think I originally and my mom and I originally was going to need to reboot it. Respond to her because she is a bit of that he backed critical to send a sentence. I thought you had a tells you release it. Couldn't. I understand how more from the ease my words 'cause I'm an adult. And I think it's because she's she's Smart for him and he was a Neanderthal. When he went to somebody else to write dive bars and wanted to just turned and how hot. I promise you want her. You know. I can't enjoy in Atlanta want them to the him. Good morning. There's nothing wrong what he did then don't do closure. It. It take to. That's inches over the Atlantic. Men don't do closure that's. Do you really need it after today's sound that's what I was saying. It was we might very well you know he might not thank you Angela. Is it JR and. Jail on down and instead mountain would sap. Dionte GI and welcome to the charitable and. Our com. I'm okay yeah I like to do that takes an actual well to date. Write to us he's allowed suggests barrel. Yeah yeah yeah I mean some days we had a good time no role let. Doug. Tiago and would you have responded to any of the text messages and the girl's saying you string of them. Which you really live and that came at a good time but I am moving on. Which you said it did. And now I can see how the text like you guys. But were you can't live there. And let you know did they were on the two different directions and probably respond yet yeah. I think it was like that she should switch its self respect. And aptitude agent but first let me call you back YST it takes so respect the wrong. But exactly that's the thing today that sometimes you don't neither response and that's we have to understand. The answer to dates have cares and no mutual friends it's so I'm not heard just to have nothing. Just goes into the abyss. I don't think you necessarily owes her anything that's all those text messages if he could just. You systems and tapped out a quick yeah. It's shutting down. All right Jennifer our town township are simple yes I asked if you aren't. Jan I want you to think about perfect reply okay. And I and and what you if you were am what you would have texted back that would be less heartbreaking. Are less painful than nothing at all. Because at the end of the day he didn't like it or not know weighing how great so I would think you did composed the text message candidates and like villages. They've whatever you want to beat you just tell us what it is and three minutes OK okay. You can shop. Still are. We may go sensing here on the Jetsons and show Jill goes it easy after two days and she think she deserves. Reply. What Sewell and if he were sued if we wanna get your thoughts here 404630941. I've got my text reply oh you do. I was here in just a minute and I was so might trap and so brilliant really endeared him you lose your mind on how awesome and as. The challenge Jan had is because she thinks that after an online game match dot com date which means that no mutual friends. After two dates of one party decides that it's not the other person's not for them that it's route just vanish. She think they. After all this text messages this she sent him he could just responded with one thing. But while little thing insist on its your problem. And in good and certain and it's not a ghosting that's your problem is after all those text messages she becomes crazy. She should have her phone down she sure does that taxing him like some ice tonight are you O'Donnell Darcy led to pound attitude glass of water Intel. And that subtext and welcome to the Shannon skirts are you. You look at it saying the rule could go. About. What people look out for you get people all of you are now. And so you. Aren't I not all are. So I don't Parker. And prompting it simply don't. Yes silence is. Is any and a lot not. And golden. Rule. Not only need eight. I ain't. All right all right Ian that I want them all innocent and not come across all can do I don't know. Getting out. And I am not a I'm OR. OJ Craig I. Yeah everybody knows that if you try to make him call you call lettering once and hang out necessarily illicit amiss call on the and he calls you back that's the what you do fifty that is the crazies. Facetime calling her an anti Catherine temple. Hole I. Yeah. What are they teach you that. Are not a. Ask. So. Saying she was trying to be. Lie eats he was is this time I'll believe even our response is trying to be polite by ignoring. PB. It's just a little bit rate your match dot com dates like you can read your Hoover lets drivers I'm sorry again and yelled for dating. This guy does that relax and dvi or he's gonna skip over that. No MTV that was that. Have some by ignoring we have. Wherever the were who has something ignoring. So I'm looking so Rachel and alana. As I look at all of the different media. You can masks yeah and that kid that Mort your eating right you're talking about. A lot of conversation never happened on line porn at all and I'll call plus you're looking at. It more than act because it all the time Ellen and I worked on it not inherit not fumble and kind of that I think he's. That's why you if I ever find myself single again I'm only gonna data and plenty of fish since that's okay and then I can just respond to win that Jesus doesn't want us. That's going to be right response. I'll have Christian dating site eight when he says she doesn't. And I was just Christian mingle or whatever and that's another one and there's a Jewish state. Does a Jay's agent list and yeah May Day day in real jaded the judicial and no got. I'm online send me into existing brands and on out there. In addition I think it's for Jewish men and women. You can't go they're controlling so it's exciting. It's not like tender. Wants and he hasn't. I gen what is your epic might drop final response you've gone and two days is all. All he had to right back I'd consider abrasions on rays began. Okay I'll leave it right down to her is I just Google dot dot dot breakup lines that don't suck. Time. And that's what I did I just Google brick of ones that don't suck and I was like actually back could be the night trap right so let's again one Ana and what's the best. So we keep it that she. Yeah so it's doable yeah. Our under the link at about one honest clothes that I found on break lines the downside is I just don't wanna be in a thing right now and my guess there. Hey Newt it's like I obscure announced that it doesn't blame anybody. It's kind of a bad timing I still wanna be in a. Would you really saying that somebody that line I just Google breakup lines that don't suck and nothing else. Now she's an on the link and then you come. Is that what's yours is that was your that was in my truck moment. You would send that line IE from just Google and break up lines that don't suck yeah. How many times that phone we get past round the table of whoever that person is dead trying to figure out what the hell you're talking about a tenth. Kids just hash tags are not sorry. They're terrible break egg cat get married who and when they grant hasn't never worry about you leaving him. He's just confused Bradley Williams I thought it was clever wasn't having any sense of what. Now hold anti glad everything. All learn and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.