Ghosthunting with Alyssa

Tuesday, June 5th

Alyssa thought she was a caught but Neal did not want to see her again. 

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The people who have bills did you want. We tracked down people who have a ghost scene EU and disappeared out of here if it's true and you needed answers and we. Are about to go goes hunting for all sent today. Alyssa who. Are we goes heading for today. That got me so. He had a really great for any T. So far slower and it teach you need. We had an amazing time and I never heard from. I know all the attacks I couldn't say thank you for an hour and not say cricket. I am a great time. Did anything on the day I give you any sort of tent there wouldn't be a second. Likes to eat in this great totally normal. Place. You know I'm no wedding ring can't lie or anything like I mean an amazing how I am outlay. I. I keep ready it's ready to attack me you never. Know well. This is where the bar is set for dating. He planned he paid for it and he didn't have evidence of being married. And I'm proud of the didn't listen where did you meet me all initially. Online and I. Yeah that's like and we'd like had you know. Talk did it before. And yeah that he just has that ignorant that you learn and eat you know has streaky here Aaron. It would theory they like about eight iPad back. I so well do you recall anything controversial. Coming up on that date or anything controversial coming up in conversation before or after the game. It may be would have been a red flag. Might follow all the little or no religion and you know Pollack and expelled him only can't we stayed on pretty neutral but Jack. It didn't it work gang which all that be given me and I try to and it apotheker and you're very well. And I asked her why now line play. Did you carry. Randy is so you have woodworking in comment yet he's not calling you back. And what guy doesn't column and back graduate took a class is on working with word. I can tell. I don't get it I really don't edit this because it seemed old and we've seen quite this typical typically show of the week. Like we really had a connection and. And let's go back and let's go back to the class did you flunk out. I got you know. All I'm but I wouldn't be the worst I. I saw that might have some idea that because of Intel guy and the current state I tried woodworking and couldn't work with the wide he might be like. I play guard and just footwork and I really. Enjoy it. And I had all her. Yeah him. This was there any physical. Is he added we got to rethink the like rooftop. And then we went to dinner. And actually ad you're leaving Beirut prop eight weeks as. Much I we're in good physical energy I don't know how that's right it. When you. Look at any I would call and he didn't. And this is jabbing you nuts and it didn't. Well this on the Jackson's show gets you insert retract and people who disappeared and asked them why I'm and we have tracked down Neil. Yeah I really don't get what it actually it's well. It's not the word working fan but it is something that you do outside. You're dating life that he learned about Yale. OK tonight. And very skeptical but I am cooking you think of anything that would have come out and have conversation with a friendly viewers or our. Maybe if he if you guys headed a connection where. It would be a red flag for Superman. May being. I like not to eat grass here I don't. A cat it's like I am match you know there are no red flags. I love there's something definitely it was a red flags for hammy and he told made. Very clearly what a wise that made him turn away from me there's something the you do hear that he thinks is knots. Like why. I'm Cuban advocates are items huge. And we luggage you've got answered them and appear in three minutes that they can hang out with us. Okay go sentinel continue next summer and Jeff intention. Ghost towns. Join us on a distant this morning we are tracking down tiny kneel on behalf of Alyssa she said they went on a fantastic first date everything was. Wonderful. She cannot figure out why he has goes Sid ever since that first day. Unless the way it goes any words as I get to have a conversation with a person who disappeared and provided. You with just a little snippet and back cameras Asian. It explains why they bailed OK so you have no guesses what you do. I don't view we hear the eye and myrtle cute spectacular. Take it. Okay well you're confident your comments is admirable of that. I hear ya here's my conversation with meal where he explains exactly why he bailed on dating yeah. See how the we'd be room. Okay I'll watch. Yeah it's it is. Apparently. This record not a room I guess it's like out electric clock that like a walking club that she had. Filled with like pillows and blankets and stuff and she's got roommates associate go to an error like silently cry it. In two. Pillows and blankets. How do you know about this. After our work first state we ended up meeting. Her with a group of friends. And one of her friends said hey just said that this is I think they might prepare ourselves for work. If you continued dictator so. Far be it from me each you know everyone's dealing with their arms out like a week he room. Feels like a thing that psychopaths do act yes. Yeah I know I was thinking it but I was gonna say it in many respects she's she's great she's fine outlet. We didn't have a good enough time on the day for me to be like okay I'm gonna fight group. You know I understand thank you for being not a finance. And court. I didn't totally normal. Quite. We yeah I we're crap day light. And we'd be formed what what is it exactly. How solid ground but I guarantee you out. I hit it on where I have. Right now animal friends child an art than the dog eat and. I I it would happily got you throw pillows in the air and. You know it can be heard here at Jakarta out. You know especially when you're with other all that those people are like good good friends how. Like. But blow and it. How often are you crying that you need your own room to do it and. And not get cute graphic but it apparent on the primary months. Like I would say one to turn normal eat and that he during certain I am implying. You know sometimes you sued too tired today. Is. You know oh okay well so what do you start crying and then go into the we'd be room or do you go into the we'd be broom with the intention to get out a good crack. You were not and should not always concern when I know well eight. I'll oh and just like had that topic ask. I'll say this is normal and you have roommates and they each have their own we'd be room are you the only one among stare. Individual while now. So. Urging that as I thought at like I. You know I think I had apartment along ethnic group it would be so like I. Apple that you might perk and the extra bad. Which is the week where it's they are more than welcome you to log in remission and obviously I don't don't let it in the air I didn't. You may hop in the Levine Barnaby is or is. I didn't it opened my cookie on a game when Elisa how are you I and then shoot and how. You come up with that we'd be Graham is this your own creation or did somebody teach you how to make this space. I. And I am. US. And I I. Look how do we edit out my teenage daughter into the closet decry it or to go into the closet yourself manes you know sneaks and snacks and man. And you know my mom's an hour we'd be room right yeah as a mom when she's on the Revere. Or am I have a I have a wine frenzy. Did you ever think about that elicit your mom didn't have a week be room she just didn't like her children. I Holler at city college and we and I. And I. The only DNA the total norm all I've got a lot of people literally at around quarter we be at the level at. Is anyone ever allowed to get freaky in the weepy. I can vote we did not protect. Ingraham or I. Don't mind anchor hey listen to one half things just ask a question. Sometimes I cry during sexy time so what I'd be able to usually be around my word yeah. Sometimes my nation an environment. I. I well just visiting it's cancers said they again. And I know now they don't think he's console is on court. Thanks for making this wedge its essence it's one star not before one.