Ghosthunting with Alicia and Ralph Part 4

Tuesday, April 25th

This conversation really sturck a chord. The calls kept coming...


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Star in 941. To recap go sending was that we shared. Recently divorced her first. Real date dating dating experience dates for the guy named Ralph three days zany just kind of vanished hours issues like you call mob. I need some constructive criticism I think to talk about make it too much. And Ralph sad that when she talked about her daughter she talks about her daughter's weight and what a concern that was for her. And he felt like she was harsher about it. And Ralph. Unbeknownst to Malaysia. Used to be 300 pounds and has lost a significant amount of weight. And that's why he is in the gym a lot where they met and so he was like I was just offended by the way she handles her daughter's weight so. Now we're in this weight debate. Yes the great weight debate right now predicament. They're. Fat can count. Mary in Carter's tale. Smugglers. Take. Patience tell my mom. I was that heavy kid and I was ready all the way and I got my mom on new that would that was really important to me. We're going to change at block they out like and I kept off hurry here and half outlook two year year I. Like it just one of those same bad you can't push that she like it for me personally I was gonna crash right back how glad he gets all I apart. I need to be careful and I kinda. Okay. And Powell and had a feeling anger snacking and near Tim there's always there's always going to be mad about that. Indeed now. John in Atlanta. It all of I was listening to what one thing that route spent on it touched a lot of speculation about a lot like project. Zap the other three boys I don't beauty that went on to say I want them to do this couldn't get a chance to do this and even though we should mention you the chubby kid. But passed our bill like that may be thinking or shading how she approaches her daughter. That being. Defined as it was semi projecting my trying to make her daughter into what she wasn't. Exactly that's not she she mentioned the kids being mean heights or in middle school I think she's. Don't claim to the ocean is back plank that ought to her daughter as opposed to. In bridging what our daughter is an eight. You people are Wayne and it's very Smart people are weighing in and I Twitter somebody who's. Therapists. A mental health clinician Clinton definitely has that it. Works of people who have eating disorders. Wrote in that this. Beaters very destructive because you the patterns develop and childhood I I cheap food and whatnot so. I Devin welcome to the show. As. I don't know anything. I don't meeting that there are starting an irony at eleven. And at least I didn't that are 89 and it back. Probably more to deal with the genetic issue. Lets you really need to be focusing on is preparing very big deal that her entire life. Because and eating disorder is incredibly devastating. And what she's doing it jet pre Matt. Getting all kind of calls is there anyway to handle it. Because he got. The way to handle. A lot of grip I'm really added I like you know having really any power and the girl edict as eager as eat. Don't greens that trend is your heart and not to be a girl. You know the trick. He does what she's doing this girl is going to all think about her weight and like any. And she always going to be about it anyway the couple are. Now that. I'll really wrap our way. I thanks Devin we can take these phone calls all morning we can because for ten minutes away from announcing a birthday month. Yeah so cash up for grabs here but I do wanna just grab one and is it. Just this is a couple of there's an interesting pattern developing it's not just the parents. Who give the kid grief. About PLO shabby. I'd Julianne Atlanta. Yeah Arabic actually not my parent at my grandmother. And believe it or not. But Amherst and I was tied closely to comment on my way and it's still really gotten it really bring down New York. Self esteem to the point where I didn't wanna go to the party for me and I didn't feel like going to daily rate. Where we have the cool I don't feel comfortable wearing short at which is it really really gets to you especially at someone in your sailing that things. Let's check. It's it's jacked up does Graham doesn't when should be baking use. Oz are exactly but he'd been really concerned that their wait your entire life so it's kinda. Which made that aren't the ailing and I think the worst part it's a fact that it is barely get it you eat in eager. Because that's someone he's a child in leisure rely on a comfortable at and common thinking like I Egypt held a comfortable. I'm Maria and Atlanta same problem we view. I just ran amok how many anyway. Yet I'm corny eight years old minor matter what I only had I ate my anger my door saying hey am I know you need that is that about and like late. I'll go ahead weight issue there at the public early. Where she'd one night packed but I think that ship or each. But it biking hate you know. But what Miley going to make both comic it makes me to prepare like that little girl has. Image issues and it's not right right I think it's a little girl like that critique ever cooking when you get to the court wish you want deliberately heiress. Wish you want to be focused on how wage then she will but apparently she's healthy and the doctor is that they you know it the health issue. It's about on picking it tricky. Thanks very amp. Like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook search starring 941 Atlanta.