Ghosthunting with Alicia and Ralph Part 1

Tuesday, April 25th

Alicia met Ralph at the gym and they started going out. Things were great until he stopped texting back.


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Tracking Delmon people who have goes debut on. It's so you don't so. And o's timing timing they capture and Jan show and today we welcome gonna show. A leash and who went out with a guy. Hey Harry you know. Eight threw it out with a guy I mean Ralph. So Ralph is now posted really doesn't she man. Yeah. You know those three days thank god everything went great. And and it begins really cold I you know this couple times. I think I had a dating can rely on. I'm I'm divorced I had a child and they've really hasn't come without a barrel that much and that is really the first time and I know. When an app and went out and Tom. Yeah week I capital wonderfully and then I haven't heard from mental. So how many times did you guys go out hang out or whatever. OK so three different times and things seem to be going really well he did he knew you or a mom rang. Yap at Lee and stack you know Madonna is the most important person in my life I'd actually like and he got from someone. Right okay. Why do you recall anything contentious or anything strange happening on that third eight. Not in total nothing. I mean it that we. Everything looked fine. So even talk about. Lang get married again are having more kids I mean Elena like scared him off nothing. Knoll or not I don't know of any strategy said he Hazmat. You know it didn't cash in. War so you haven't really dynamic. I haven't actually gone to tormented him what I find shocking because we both. You know it will go pretty regularly eat out. And now you feel like he's avoiding you bear that's a quite a question for you about the they're jam did crew. Asked to did you ask him out or. If he had yeah. And I can I could float a theory I have flowed a possibility. And he could've been so stoked. At a woman asking him out. That he. Said yes even though he was a really like interested in dating learn. Might have had a different situation. Unique is that that's a dream come true for a totally because. It takes all the nervousness and anxiety out of it Treo that I am married in a form and ask me out I would probably blurt out yes before I go way up high near the I got your wife. Right if you ask yeah I'd be like yes that's. No do continue to go on a couple other dates because if they went on a few days it's you know what would you know after mania the first on line and I really interest in. I mean there's a small chip I mean at a small chance that there's a possibility. If he's seeing somebody else true yeah I'm saying. Think that's that's an option and he went out with the a couple times because it was easy. Matt you were easy but the situation was easy to unleash not protected at all have you tried reaching out I was like the last that you said to them. I did to protect him but I haven't heard anything. And it was just I guess hey how you Dylan. Yeah it was just bad you know normal. He had it done a great play you know now. And I and I mean. I only had a good you know we we had consistently good eight I don't know what the problem. I have an important question. Hot and the last day was there any boom shock on the now and I know personally I think that if sometimes I've heard you guys get double shot got past. And then they just mail to solve they were after it was they'll bullish on dot. They've been involved is it sneaky thing like that boom shopping cart path Harry Harry's vs age and I am so Kelly Hussein himself at least you say it. I know a lot yeah. Is this is the first I did post divorce or you'd just get mad now we're a tank. Yeah I haven't really got myself out there at all. All right so and what we call him what exactly do you want me to acts. Well it. Be I wanna find out. I do is gonna sound weird but they. Definitely don't got to get rid employing that unique knack for eight yelled like needy and he kind of what I. What I did or like not not necessarily critique of the deeper look what. It amateur putting myself out there it unity even document written and that's fine I guess I don't wanna know who do burning on. So a police made it into each day. So you're just looking for areas of improvement. Accelerate this guy I've well we can fine. Column in keeping get some answers for us debt just give us 24 hours stair I get permission from him to come on the radio that's. And then you get to listen in while he made that phone call. Which we will do at exactly this time tomorrow morning I'd. Well thank you James Phillies. All you and per usual if you have a theory. You can head over to our FaceBook page. And share your theory FaceBook dot com slash Jeff injunction. Yes your opinion on why he goes to if you could tell something just from her story. Any give credit writes if you get any guesses Kelly geez she seems really cool she's a mom works out recently divorced that you tells you on some put herself back out there and he's not failing Allen now like what's wrong with me it's more rights skimming and critique what I do wrong. It seems like it down to earth Canon chicks I you say what is she's what she did on her. Jana predictions. I'm guess it's just no chemistry there lake he would you know what now for three days like Kelly said she is really cool and down ours and he was giving him a shot. But he just wasn't physically. Attracted after the three dates and tests was rude about boosting. I think she was line about the bull shark attack now. David. And just wanted to say boom shopping bag and shot. That's due to. Contend she I'll still are.