Ghosthunting with Alicia and Ralph

Tuesday, April 25th

Alicia says she's just trying to encourage her daughter to be healthy. AND THEN the phones blew up. 


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all the net. Goes straight time that Jessica and show we'd just aren't there Ralph each move for whatever reason bugs Kelly she's and I. Right Jane thought he was great. I Larry we call women as it is a question he is very honest with us and really opened up about his life and we'll see how. Their day with a leash and really should handling. Her daughter and a certain way in her daughter's weight and certainly really Brendan Conway. Is losing what he had to say losing the meaning behind it investors who is listening to his voice and thought that sometimes. Never have somebody's voice a groove it's just you just can't do anything except here it yet I mean I lose some about it you know a man. Yes I'm sure my voice has had to a lot of people. Did our house. Teens I used to work with somebody like. The announcement chalkboard. That's all right so let's gravelly (%expletive) and get caught up with Terry you just heard that whole conversation only share. And your thoughts. Learn. Well. I'm kind of I mean honestly can't I'm under a little frustrated now I didn't. Yell at my daughter for eating cookies their ground her breeding could you turn it got a letter to me good choice that I would have your kid myself and I know what actually. And you don't carry that. In high school have been written people judge you did army next bottom line to goal and so I want her to make a joint that would paralyze. I want her if she's gonna make a choice but to pool playing a video game or riding a bike or whatever I want when I arrived about eight. I I want her to make good choices actually like sports. I don't know I think he's either being a little dramatic or earache you counted down. Yeah. Yeah like. I feel like he has his own issues that he kind of dealing with. And I would never have known that he was going to be your guy he's a big I but wait not I would never know and he. Look at 300 pound adding that the need that I think that's commendable and often that you itching that I quite act but. I also don't want my daughter to weigh 300 pounds so you know pretty grounded for eating cookies by it I do you want her. We know that hey if you eat the whole package cookies get quiet they're gonna be repercussions. We re looking at a different story. How old I hope so you don't worry about what your starter ruled I think though growth at the sick and man and a hard time final words. So you're not worried as she gets older say she does struggle the way. That Scholl at some point think back to me like man this was the seed was planted them my brain at 89 years old because. I wanna cookies I couldn't have owned because. My mom Tonya. And look at them I'm telling her she can't have them kick it absolutely have them but I am also teaching her that there is being called abortion and golf. And that's why I I with a heavier kid no one's stop me when they should have been stopped. So do you think that she didn't worry and that our prison you in the future forum with the way they're handling it then if you're. If you're planning an alleyway that can be hurtful. How well I know she's a kid attack. But did he think yeah I just don't think that you can judge Lisa for her parenting especially since she. Was heavier as she's younger she's trying to provide healthier choices for her kid and generations different they pick this green at age two and don't ever put it down yeah unless he makes them and less he said bounty. Go outside and play none of her friends and I'll play I know as a kid I went out I rode my bike all day I played sports and I. Good skill heavy. She's one of blood her roommate all patent and it seemed exactly right. Great video game there aren't they learning they're using you know they're cleaning and doing things in front of the television or some kind of being. All the time I want her to be able to get opera but occasionally. An actor I didn't even think like. I want to get on her that I wandering you know that we are executing getting bitchy right up forcing her to do anything that she doesn't like. Yeah and I hear and I can I can never hear I hear. You're coming from a place of experience and your come from a place of get outside and play and I Gaza and do some kind of I definitely do understand that's a nice now I see a little more full circle. I think in Atlanta and the words CU's and Mike's. They'll limits you place I have to be careful because you can quickly. Give your child and an awareness of or a bad body image showing you really early on and so. I don't now. Now do all. The monetary prizes say the Gator doesn't chart any chubby kid aside. What we were doing was talking about your. Dating her performance right so did you take any thing instructive. From that conversation. Well I mean maybe capital my daughter relaxed but I mean anybody that I would end up with would have to know that she's the most important thing in my life though. I don't know how helpful that criticism liar. Right it's just maybe not cents a guy fit rarely Jan. Yeah he's struggling with her daughter and you when thriller around a bit. I pray it OK you don't make legalese likable one in this segment tonight yeah it programme we're able to get the skinny frame. I don't opt. Yeah. I don't Harrison a great strategist and trying to him. Hey you calling him very much trying to navigate through commit. I hope and I. It plugged lies. The family says thank you know Greg's reason for coming out of this I think you very much I'm Nicky and tennis welcome to the show. Does not matter. How many in the eagle at three. A stranger at predate. And I need to yeah I'll wait. How about being overweight and chatty and he didn't liberate you and I totally get it we need to get out and being how in how dry out. You should cool manner bringing their way where they're. I like. We aren't you. Girl to grow up with these terrible idea legend and knows that and their heart or. I couldn't you may could you make the argument though it that's what she's struggling with is that mama. Right so apparent. Would talk and I I have two dogs so I know let me. I don't babies get a. OK so you know how when something is going on with your dog. They gets up it's an important thing and you talked about it right so if you're dating. You got on a day in what if your kids or your ads is is has an issue then. That's way you talk about what. The. You do not strangers that my cat is overweight so I've got to start feeding your Fiorina Weight Watchers asked. Hi my child is overweight says she's got to come back on the warriors messed up their mind as you can get her oriental guys turn rhetoric AT AN Atlanta. And wait till. I lived at that we did and and I got hurt so much it rained like all your minor talked about Ager weight and didn't really be nice about it late. You know. OK if you wanted to be smaller whatever it gonna hit puberty hopefully that'll help it it really making you if you all you hear from your. That is so so your mama. With lake house puberty that thirteen. Working as you know and I'm still I'm still holed out from my car and it's about an hour. Just. So your your. TV your mom was giving year it was was giving you grief about your weight before you're fourteen. At edit yeah. How did not I like everything and it went. That doctor relieved and precious little time strikeout and I'll never hear home that that I never hear that it. We don't eat don't eat that or I got a bit picky aren't doing the bridge there are good as we mentioned that you you'd think any kind of cycle. Even Goodell there. It that you think about you hear your mom at least a cap I was scenic Ricky on I got a terrible. Now and you have siblings it echoes Sears siblings serve your mom and that are saying it in front of your Brothers and sisters. Then your Brothers and sisters are to say it T two like year and a fat sibling like in effect can a family I mean it echoes so there's definitely. When you're really lung young like why you know I was talking about this. It's your parents' responsibility on what they put in the house. I don't have kids they eat the cookies and don't buy cookies right it was not there they can't eat it right. And a. I'd say it's out yet as I indicated when I've got a part time jobs that you're now at eight years old right I did. Phil is a ho ho haven't. Happened this things generally John's to a whole load this was K girls those ads are dotted. I was so we're just the right in the middle and I saw oral and not let that's one of the Rolla yeah always on algae like a whole bulletin hi screen here. Yes. Can you open up like when packet next you know the whole boxes gone. So hungry Heber. Those two I'm like 10% I can't. Hi Tiffany and hinted that. Guy. And he. Yes I agree from. I can't Tom I'm not wait till Atlanta that I live at on a ballot thanks in this news writer in the yeah. I am I mean how many happened she hit it cannot keep it that bad. I'm Brett went back out of that bother you to pick up my little sister. In light actually planned out like pick her place in one of those played uttered by this much heat it eat it and other end. Partially united she's a beautiful girl but she may well maybe you're not really blame the fact that. My step mom flight made it so strict about what you're allowed to eat and thank you and security why don't you just tell your daughter and your beautiful and not by the things that are whenever you that you if you don't the confidant the rest that up and play. You know bastard I mean you don't confidence there it's. I have a daughter that sixteen year old and cannot act. I'm big purse she's beautiful you know the little girl you know she's solid income now late probably anything like that bet. I don't hurt instead of I consider you look at he would be brought to act. Some pretty girl I met at us that the bigger do you build the confidence he built in that don't eat out people that. They're light and trying to do that with you wouldn't like. Okay that would challenge trying to convince journalists. Cheney can't unite the coast and it looks essentially as a whose only get so front and Emily Enron as well welcome to Asia. IA I am going to DV evil mom inside the police have our insurance and in the minority. By. I had tickets for a aspects. Or other gigantic. Fell one of them since had to hear. But here's the Dayton we are we're gonna cut back away from the children at current fact and she met with Canada jet which means. In theory. They battled art and instead led a better healthier life. And Seattle and I understand that you could call her trial couldn't help but you're being too harsh. You bring that. I mean. Let it that I could have like a total at Texas but don't be a part about it. So I shot over it try to I keep them active how to like in traditional foods because you know they get straight double look at a carrot and the like now. I do my mom to. I angle they're they're. It's I think the way you go about it right you've got to provide help in that age and what healthy food is just get addicted to sugar and junk food really fast sang our you know all like she's all of well all the sweets athlete he's got a T somewhat healthy like. You can have those as treason and salsa is sizes and all that times have we got to teach him until he got to teach and the like get. And kids don't like right away got a present him like 22 my name's before they actually try to the most frustrating thing. And I Wear it like living it right now but I think that if you focus on what's what's healthy what's good for you verses wait. You're exactly right our narrate like out of it. And you just focus on teaching them healthy habits and has the right way to go about it so Alicia is concerned about her daughter. Isn't. To me that issue is is the weighty deliver that concern to its head and you know are you hurting their self esteem like Tina called earlier are. The woman who says that her stepmother was a mean her sister has also. But at the same tell you can't just not address at an all right with your kids but there is no way to do it there's a way to do argues that if you if you feel like. Your kids snacking on the timed announcement sacks all over the house had to you know it's like he's at a healthy options and you can splurge you're in there means as a kid they want cookies and cookies from. I've phone lines and here's the here's the dilemma that we have. Our friend Sarah wanted to come hours this freakish we thought we are done with Sarah which is one more bit of information. How will that yes she wants to I'm not out they may be Sarah I guess now must ABB CeBIT the phone lines are jammed up. I and people there are coming in this co signing things we've got to keep taking the calls related say it goes. Cool I like to share that conversation. He continues league championship on FaceBook.