Ghosthunting With Alex and Julianne

Tuesday, August 8th

What's wrong with going dutch? 

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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shell ol' ball. We tracked down people who have disappeared out of your life would no explanation. Find out exactly why we are about to go hunting for Alex Boone got total. Those kids have. After just one dates and. Okay here's the dreaded H word on the first day school for somebody. There's just what we did you homework with this too there's a reason and you need to listen to the next three minutes because we need you do some very important national. Yes it's very end to predict your theory on why the person god go sit and we ask for you that on face spoke. And it takes a while to formulate that theory so listen closely. You can figure out why you think you got tested. Look at people who have bills did you. Hey Alan welcome seed and changed yeah. Are we goes hunting for a two day. So I I if I want to pay and you guys help. I got ghost yeah basically set. And steadfastness. He's saying yeah I hate it I don't understand why can't I met this awesome girl ensemble so I. Skidded off so I decided to go on a date palms first date. Right delegates are state. Until it he says the alert battery. And she said she'd never been over that area yet the short. And no sooner do we keep says it was it was and in my time. We had a good conversation last. You know pizza and beer. Great first date don't understand what happened nothing went wrong it was short and sweet day maybe about an hour armed. Under at the end of the night you know no we can't change cannot maybe that is your read ten or something I don't know but it was very respectful date. Went our separate ways in even captured later that night and had a great time do you have loved music and seen boom and go to. Nothing political religion is a polarizing came up on the day. It's not Singleton. At all nothing religious and political not a net would have been my deal breaker and he was very light conversation and very fine very. Just stepped up. And and snatched back slide this is dragging created and I can understand if they knew we had different political views or something like that it's just been good to eat. And and that's what's messing me up here. And so after the date disease sooner or text message or call her anything to follow up. I did after the data center attacks and said you know hey had a great night. You agree accompanying loud to hang out again sometime. And me and not. Get nothing. I don't understand like it doesn't make any sense. Was there anything that you maybe had on your fumbled profiling now you're six full are all our tea. Hires them maybe don't look like you like maniacs is 511 and in mab is like pictures from seven years ago or something homeland what's wrong with I'm eleventh nothing's Arafat eleven melons tomatoes either six or any show and the time eleven. That's problem. Got it as financials that are important yeah I. Hey not every inch counts every against him. So low it no I cannot. That's no that's an asset valid point and now I. Picture on my profile as. It's from a month ago you know it's not like an outdated photo pray that it now and it's a matter I don't lie about any thing it's not like him. Tell them like some crazy muscle Jimmer and she shows up and I'm like 300 pounder you can normal pro finally there's not it and about it I think it's just normal. So Alex how long ago was the ghosting. How London though is that well it is right after the date. So I mean I don't know what to do and we can have two weeks now. Archive. And just be ghosting is a purer. Clean break it ghosting you've had no contact at all that we have there. And then that we find out that the person with Kanye as I I go semi sent a message is that it's not gonna work out they just weren't receptive to it. Right all right well what we do is. I spend the next 24 hours commencing hearted moment as in it this time tomorrow you get to listen and while we ask her what's her name again. Julian well we asked Julie and why ain't she goes did you. So give us 24 hours and we'll talk to you tomorrow morning and the Jeff and ginger okay. So I'd love U guys think you so much. I do your homework is head over to our FaceBook page and tell us why you'd think Alex gag goes it. Up for grabs its. Bragging rights yeah trying to figure out your theory I think I've got mine. I think that we sometimes you just after one day I maintain this everytime we're not gonna get in this today that I maintain an attack you're allowed to just mail. You're allowed after one date just ago. Think that's acceptable. To the chemistry might just be right in you don't know anybody in physical chemistry you know and I anybody. Just above my. Star in 941. And the people who have no Steve you are. Sensing on the deck and pension no. News they have a great day lives Julie and instead the batteries for pizza and beer and a great time originally met on mumble. And it he had good Sydney can't figure out why so we're gonna check down Julianne if we get some. Answers from her I used to ready to go through this Alex yeah I'm ready any answers. It this time we please see line holds connect with her and find out why should balance. Godspeed my friend. She's in London that's. So across the opponent. So I silly and why did stand from the jet Denzel how are you. It yeah they did think certainly not with us today the whole crew is here Zemin and say hi to resilient can. And I Julianne. I thought okay look at the crazy family. We aired it we say listen we are calling you about your dating lions. The conversation. Okay sounds like there might be some good stories there how. Think disappeared actual awful and that wee hours this is calling you because your part of the segment called ghost hunting. We checked tell people who have disappeared on other people and you are that goes. On guy you met on bumble named Alex. And it. Seem like the Al lick all that listens and got a great first day went for. He never heard from you again and he's still not about it wants to know why I. She can act. Who. So it's important from work. I think. OK here are some examples. How well it really that are the biggest problem was at first I submit that match. As. That's not a proper paperwork and you're weird. You're supposed to do it openly and it's why this kid you'll make her. Which. I put aren't even talking about it yeah you're good at which I'm. He. I have wondered check out battery and there and we have to shop and at that typically. And we need it. It through the ordeal when you get your facts. OK immediately. And topic how her you know that this poking bad acting like forty something pitched and Alex pulled out. And then to go look at. And you know he didn't lurch furniture cable channel I've. He has learned Italian I don't know he's the first grade and Alex you lose your learns. And. Exactly like. Air you know how much there'll apple up my car. And I have been quite a bit and and then I'll probably sat in Q1 oh lead executing expect and what are you. And she fed. I don't know how credible candidate Andre counter attacked the and I clicked and I played let let's hit which partly cry about it from the time it's. And I'm amber and surprised but he. Clashing expectations but it could be at its. Aren't I don't think we have any questions. Well I just wonder if she's ever gone on in other another day where it was done it's. I don't I have in a town that's happened to me I never been like. I don't know but heard about it just coming like OK well see I can't miss all her yeah. That's standalone ain't but I think that the first and I. I don't know it's more Ashley and Matt likely to have its awkward conversation he had slurred if you get culture English. And I would have come. How could it happen again let me thank. While Gillian thank you so much for explaining to us we appreciate it if it out the details thank you. I don't know or don't do the trick is. To me. And it I had parents still listening knows that I mean I have mark I sensible rules say goodbye to Julie and person and I ask you ask me questions. And take. And take they silly and banks how can you have more more question she literally just Cochran ninth straight day he. I doubt that's well I have my prices though several other legit thing. I don't think. I need you meet their friends and then yeah maybe it's a little more of like and save them more like that special first states have and I think you need on bumble I know. I don't I get a Marmol specifically for free breakfast lunch and then you guys know that and they got out. Actually. Omaha we got a dose of this whole list of rules like that now. We don't we have to go back consultancy of whatever he might have died of old age Al. Go back and check dynamics and getting questions of think we did OK we have finished those things are okay to well I come Rabach and that's stick around for Alex's. Feedback. And response to what's Julianne just ahead slowed down its then three minutes and Jeff contention really. Three minutes. Star in 941. Still. Action news this kind daily just check down Julianne. And she says that she not impressed that they went dozens on their first date and the transaction for pizza was. Awkward and that's why she gets behind she doesn't say they went and I proceeded tip came out. He said don't stand which I think is the bigger violation yeah me being from. AI Alex welcome back to the show this. Okay thank. Number one you might have dodged a jedi bullets. Yes he didn't talk that much on a daily. And that's something a number two why don't you tip for counter service. You hear everybody. You. Nobody else Ali Hanson. That's like saying that's like chipped it about safe. It doesn't you don't get this out to sit down restaurant there was service and of course he can't let you know outside their and it you know. Ordering a unique problem but I can. Did you bring more than twenty dollars on the state because I'm really and that made it sound like you pull that one out of your pocket kind of went. Hi this my deal I brought and it's 32 dollars and cents when he got the rest broke its. Now I definitely had money let Christine. It just first date you know I don't know maybe you just need but I do you know Pam the first day eco Dutch and the first thing you can help each other you know. Every first aid the U ban nine. You split. It is like everybody there's. If you meet online if you're online dating do you split the bill and then if you meet your friends. That guy supposed to pay logs you always look at nine Ers like what are the rules I take killed ever. I mean Alex he did you correct me if I'm wrong and I need some rappers say and we hit it off generally the they dialogue offer pay generally but if it's that friendship vibe that I get daylight at. Okay visiting and I happen almost initiate like let's go to touch like islands just so he knows there's us and today. Only one more bothered at the fact that he doesn't think you could count. Yeah that's also that's a huge turn off our exciting. But so many still brought the food here table doesn't have to be 20% but it could be throw side bystander as I'm Anderson attempt. So Alex so many problems in the look at the rest you have driven between the members of the jets and then share it's a word goes to you know nobody. I I could in my in my decision and I am original this. Kind of yeah I didn't kids when they walk peace between Iraq he says two steps away in the kitchen and not that. Service and any more and take our order you know and and I believe that. She wants and the hate for her first day existence and our got a higher drinking there are gonna be right. Not well sounds like this wasn't enemy amounts anyway yeah so I galaxy David as much to discuss thank you though for being a part of goes sang. Eight Lilly enemy out you can't and god Allah and I will tell you that that. Part of me doesn't agree with Alex because of the fact that Kelly just a few minutes ago admitted that sometimes she is dating ads just to get free meals. So at least Alex you have brought awareness to this subject. Yes thank you I appreciate it thank you so much and also exploiting my game thinking yeah. Angela in Atlanta hey. Hi how are you good morning I am green would help. I agree to a parent shouldn't say I agree with hopes that didn't get it out of service. Department at the end or. Can get out. They bring the good year tape at all. Bet edit. Those are you surprised that someone but they clean the table too and I asked her right. I'd Tyler antennas Salomon Asia. And are saying. Do you saying he should have paid or nation done Dutch. Are. I don't think they are not likely different not if they've asked for a here and I had never gotten that spotted eight. I think the content of the I had a girl just being supported the needs and has a street isn't out. I think you have a conversation Manny had a gadget actually if prayer of the earth they. So you say first state Tyler but not all the dates. I'm a secretary Dade. I don't think they can actually in the lobby at it like kind of like a but cocky or something I'll pick up the tab I think it kind of ninth to download even with its injured feeling they got a connection and. At your contact the girls are convenient Curtis did and that's and I did it politics it's about spam first date definite now you need. Dance a whole. Separate conversation that we need to have Jim here Kelly sees it it's too bubbling from me Elmo will. And will humble power failure I'll I'll slight nod nod to Africa. Hit nine and a. I Obama folks who else waitress sandwich. These guys geez I don't know hungry guy. Wells was president. The suitcase in she used to this quite content. Heavy media users I have a whole bush calls this good drum but when you leave or try. People vote whether or not you good to Jennifer's stay Irsay and and that listening to may and then and then we'll be clearer it lawn we can do that. Will take him one too global global boom and are made after bad things about it here and insanity fun and NHL all star. First save the bay we are in rapid fire answering your calls are now for a fourth season 309 point one following goes sensing we need to. You know just some of first favors the guy required to pay. So much is into my. This goes on. So much this is only for 1% of the first day in debates we'll start with Britney and K who pays for the first things. A 100% he had a 100% he asked to tag. Can you add Jessica in Dallas who pays for the first states. Hey he campaigns keep pace of same sex couple how do you feel that out. Hello Suze did he pay be cat yeah is that whoever asks for the state. Passed a pay. As you can tell a rally in straight relationships the guy is the one asking the girl out for the first day. To meet up so he has to pay so if you are two guys are two girls is whoever asks for the date. By then well the initiator hasn't it for the first day what does it say about our current tenders where this is I'm on thing. But some of these Phyllis when you're chatting asks to me miles in Marietta who pays. And again I may add VMware and a hard time frame but he thinks it's attached deal really except for I am. Jeremy and swan he's got a tag. A guy to proceed absolutely. Showed. And and I thank you. Yeah there's zero in the south all these southern gentlemen comment to say guys first a Serbia offense and Smyrna hey Whitney. Our marketing and Ali and yeah Monday partly because they're good at it now food and I don't have a problem on edge. You don't print a report that could I guess you're not going to happen occasionally. I'd. Apparently but it also is at Ford T (%expletive) people can't take quite. Allowed to twenty dollars in your stand in front of their cashier Muehlegg. Comment from you and everybody. And now we'll ladies and I vacation. I think. I think that's the thing is you've got to offer on the first that you got to offer to go Dutch and then get rejected by laying the satellite Internet and reach out. He again is okay zero yeah. Especially. We get around that Vanessa and then in both days. I thank you outlay is in traffic and to resize who pays. To learn different. So in this case it was Alex is he invaded her I says he should have been prepared to pack. I thank you there's a zero battle then nobody is saying zero people understand that Amanda and what's out. I. Never have heard on the day at 800 initiator. I'd bang him yet no damages. I got it narrowed down Jay's you know food diets for states though those JUST for my time did you sandwiched. All like to share that conversation. He continues league championship on FaceBook.