Ghosthunting 22.2 Aaron Searches for Tiffany

Tuesday, August 30th


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Tracking Della people who have goes debut on. So you can also. Pretty typical ghost timing between aryan. And Tiffany are about to go down they had one day and then Tiffany disappeared. And it's doubly awkward. Because. Tiffany's mom is a coworker of aaron's and is the one who set. MIP activities Mamas and unplanned matchmaker and Aaron felt like the statement really great but this. For whatever reason now eyes off course with mom to these numbers and text messages and he's on and why in the world happened to us. Aaron are you ready to do this. Let me Dylan okay. I we are gonna put you want to hold the word here on a line that well I beauty here our conversation with Tiffany but you'll be able to participate. After we get up the phone with her welcome back we'll talk to you okay and or did it to us I'm gonna pretend holds. And we are gonna call Tiffany. And find out from Tiffany exactly. I should give up for. It. Orlando. It's kind of from the Jeff contention. Inkster. At this is morning. So work playing because we do a segment here on the ship called ghost hunting where we track down people who have disappeared. Out of someone else's life. And you are the ghost today and here. Turner. Ang. So work trying to find out a little bit more about your date with and your mom's coworker. And news. So he got hit your first it went pretty well it's you know. Drink and appetizer part turned into hold dinner and he felt like it was angry evening and conversation has gone green and then. He hasn't heard from you. So he's just left wondering on that. I agreed to me started out and it started out great. And I and in the background and I went there at the roommate and I need completely correct and diluted net. I went attractive and that I went back like hot getting that you're not unlike. A leak might I light. Explain to me how. I don't like. The weekend the aerial. Oh pan am excited how do you know that he says that is buddy. Oh so he went to the bathroom and you certainly can turn its. And I. Eighty X and and the like eight down and I might actually hear it like an iPad like in a girl or something I. Thank mr. weird and different and now he's on the Internet completely and not knowing that look like all let. It is I mean and I and I couldn't tell you really ninety earning my. Now that your eye opener I. Well that now that from Wednesday so. Literally the very first time you guys met. With act echo. On the date. It. And we've been. But few hours you're going through his phone. There are there I mean. Or. Anger. You are not on her side at all. Aside. Did he wait. Through his home cat but he was texting while there comedy and turned it over. And why there. Gentlemen I'm counting you are not there is no way I must both. See. Them. Yeah it'll play. Through somebody's alone. I mean you know I immediately went into the background because. How I and a. Because he shouldn't lock feature go off a little faster. And I believe there's seriously Jan. I'm being serious. Like she's just a Smart. That was weird why outwardly taxing and that she and he's. Superficially. Alice talk in his body so well she's obviously not super weak immaterial hot I'm glad to find out. I don't know we might. While I am blown away at this turner and he that fact that you did this Tiffany and you think it's okay you know like and it is it is and you know. Nah I. While. This fall. I mean it's not it's our fault the guys are around Britain re reimburse state would you what would you say to a guy who went through your found. Hours and I've ever since it had asked me a beats my own right are right. And we have an ouster and now sensitivity of course you comment soldier mom and your mom's like literature and that's why she's now back with an op. Yeah I mean that I had so you told your mom away. She's eight and then did she say the U ticket a year or lunatic you negative peoples' bombs. Lol. All I heard it ain't I why wait I'm gonna die and that. Play I know politically how went in mount. But beer goggles on at and then pay a bit you know like me aren't I meaning your friends at something like Miley the right. I'm consistently blown away and surprised she told my moms and daughters like best friends because it's it's legal move in some people don't like to admit the fact that there. Go. Thank you it's actually. Can't. Thank you tell me and giving hearing out of him any. I like the back of my parents had only guy can't wait to talk here. Punting Tiffany three minutes from right now we pick up if found and we talked airline whose nickname is now. That's double. Next image of adventure news iron and before line.