Tuesday, July 10th

They had one great date, but Brady was offended by this one thing! What could it be?

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Look people who have goes if you want. And he welcomed the gesture to show who we ghost hunting force today. Our hunting crede. Is saying yeah he's. I'm so scenes that guy and we mounted in I mean and how are things like me. We left and right birth lumps and when that I would have like a really good time. I raised had added a speaker funny I really don't really unveiling last July. But a lot of great that they see yeah it's going to be completely content and I had no idea. I had no clue what I can do so it was going. It was a one and done go staying like one date and gone. That's exactly it definitely I heard nothing on that should I have pretty good cute like I can I can sense when I'm in and I like. I don't know if I'm supposed to fly by adding to relieve on the NASCAR record nothing. Mindy what you guys still on your day. We made it home actually put it like a bunch in her garden restaurant to the karaoke we usually had such a big turn in. Laughing and hanging out with. That was just to review. When you go to lake are if we we I'm Tony we really that cut all that when you're out of our viewers like how many good time everybody Barley who were all talking and hanging out she outweigh not telling her that her. Date politics come out today to religion come that anything else. Super polarizing come out. Jeanne. Not. Not only like not I can think there wasn't any point where would black or. You know yeah we had a regular conversation about like why are we told me about it and leave it broad lurched it you know lake. We talked and actually in my blog I have a lot of Brothers younger brother of the skull. Aaron I would not relevant particularly pregnant federal cabinet. We mean Fred could I you and then and he didn't you need. There was religions are urged state everything I. I didn't think that you know an equity and be like a John Lennon being respectful and everything. Did you guys discuss any of his passions or anything he's really fired up about. While you're on the daily did you pick up anything that that would have been a on a hot weather and hot pointer touch point or something Fram. You know. I'm telling you know. Not I can think that I mean he talked to aren't really passionate could be considering it which it all collided with a price to eat. Aaron anyway you like. We've been talking for weeks before we were now called me before the confirm keeping it real gentleman and even degree you're pregnant at that. So online. Just actually knows what he goes it. Well IE well the reason I asked the question about his passion. Is because you did something. It insulted. Him poked him rate in the hard on now. Low and you did and you use you did something that night. Bet he can't recover from because it's his passion. But I'm room. And whose company. He feels like you were because he gives he's so passionate about says and you worm. Not as a matter of fact he things that you were disrespectful. And insulting. Like I mean yeah I mean you have any idea what this passion might be. We're having the interment karaoke bar early. It's even very into like all of that into like the music and everything but I don't think really did like I didn't. Erupt anybody's gone already pay you know like I didn't. Now says no I think it hurt so you have no idea. Novel. Alone though she accidentally insulted. Them I hold out okay. Sir right Jiang you Arianna laughter but now. Okay when you find out what the passion is. I'm Lance I cannot wait to hear in our will find out what the passion is Emanuel finally learned how she and saw Nixon. All of Manuel learned LYC insulted Brady's so bad that he goes to her will get the answer here in three minutes. Goes down to all right. Can tell yourself I. We checked on the people who have this in view and this morning we're ghost hunting for May indeed. Maybe it's so he's just jump an end to the Jeff and and show we give them like a quick little recap of who you're looking for and why. Cher show and Brady and I went out on this would really great gave. I wanted to learn to buy our hands were having a really good time we really singing and being being. And I haven't heard from him and I literally I've heard nothing that I have I have no clue why they really felt like clear I think. Study things look at gentlemen suit that he you know these are things have ghosting doesn't seem like a gentleman weekly thing today it. Right yeah so confederate so I can't imagine what I did that was. So appalling down. Liar do you like I have the audio race here it's queued up to my conversation with them. And we're gonna dive right into what passion he has. That you insulted violently. On your date unbeknownst to you are you ready. Yeah a downpour. I don't karaoke and so we were they karaoke. I'm not perfect but I think they're pretty good dog but I didn't expect. Her to be sole. Just so. So bad and in the words are right there they're right there. It's not that hard. You know. So what you're saying is there's karaoke is a big gap part of your life. At her inability to do well is a deal breaker. That you can't follow along simple words and good luck. Kicked karaoke could be tough like got to you know there are certain songs that are so fast that. I steer clear but I mean when you're looking at some solid that. Are almost basically just talking. You know and you can't keep up. Did she wouldn't go. Live bait your date was going to be karaoke nine. I can do to karaoke machine okay that's you know that's colon polyps that. She did say view our man I am not here to karaoke all our attention she sounded kind of excited about you know. So like car is good to be on. But he was so offended by her poor singing. Abilities. That he go sit and. Who may be here. I'm I'm wondering you yell yeah this is for real good and you hear his voice I lean ground. You know eat. Not auditioning or something. We know see here are disagreeing phrase cart's mandating. Italy or not. About being. I mean that Kerry you know how being a good attorney and apparently he things he Simon Cowell and you are not going on. You grew butchered it so badly. You insult karaoke. You're or you're just mad at it. I. And that's really the issue that you got that caught in the pit crew right easy chip and. It makes you feel like there's some some other screws lips yeah desert if there's some other screw lose like. You wouldn't throw the karaoke out there if there was something different. Like the karaoke is so bizarre that that exact. They were edited and it's beautiful well I know that's exactly what it is but I'm saying if that's exactly what it is he's got since grizzly mama and no hair yeah. I did ask him guide and it's time. And not the right now you guys okay you got your birth trying to. Understand. What. Who seeks karaoke that cheery you're gonna completely right somebody out our. While they get better man because I did ask him. If there is any chance to review could go out again. You are now. Now I I can't let it. That's with actor and a church out of their children you know. Now haven't talked about it like Dennis Byrd for everybody here just being able to hear urgent so columns. I'm a pebble. Remember what song it was the EU quote unquote butchered so badly couldn't keep up with the words on. Only network that you wanna know. But I didn't match up though like yeah band you know. How did you get this I'm no words air raid in front of you this if I ever really great idea I think issued out their girlfriends. The Asia a couple of drinks and I think you should record yourself singing like that goodbye song executions and until then and then now and wow another bit of her hands she can get. Really really did it karaoke song and crash and crash sic as tomorrow wedding is. Or are. Uses child this out as dodging a bullet and you don't waste anymore time in your life chase and a guy who's passionate about karaoke bar karaoke. Yeah I actually get the latter option if I. Thanks for making this wedge. It's indigestion change one star not before one.