Ghost Hunting: Troy and Nicole Part 3

Tuesday, January 10th


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Because we know driving sixty miles per hour is nearly impossible on the perimeter. Yeah dollar and sixty with Justin Jan nonstop now on starting 941. I don't gonna grab a couple phone calls here and gonna pick up Troy who just was again. 4000 dollars a day that's what's up for grabs in chances for a thousand bucks is at 11 o'clock this morning with at a ranch some pictures just in to. It's done any follow on my works for a thousand bucks for a payday. Plastic and wait a while militia. I earned a useless and that. Yes I'm. I want them thought that we can look I did she teach you what he did he get all our. Because there aren't yet eloquent and one where are the other way. I would be ill and that was yeah I mean. Even in high school when it's not your boyfriend you know if your friends. Is totally into a guy. Hey any let me go to him about what you like Ahmad. And I you know that you. Not. You know. I thank you thanks for the colony. To pit entry here and just think it's flip. Caring. I'm glad man. I did land did say at Baylor and yet at. Best brands like she said they learned she and her yelling at apple way and she never let them guide and then she bit. I just wonder though if it really wasn't. And keep going back and forth and a notably. Because it's cold AA that the boyfriend one weekend made out with like five girls all in one weekend and she happened to be one of them and she was the friend who went and told back in about. By amnesty and that by it. It keeps saying that back and thought they were boyfriend and her boyfriend. And he went back the thing it is that even by this. She's had to have known she was aliens and they got a couple times she had no hurt you know attribute that Rick Karr looked at how many are out. He made out she should not have been much about Heath yeah I'm backing him and say hey you know you've made applicants and that's when and that's why but it. Yeah we bridges not lose factor the fact that were standing about talk about them that happened decades ago. I think Cuba you know it's different between the house guys handle and apparel candle thing. Think that I I graduated Eddie your apps that I still remembered like they have an actor somebody in your hand picked it they'll bottom. I think that's the direction that we want to go read this here says thank you for the call. I do you weird but this this is an aside to beat me for Troy to hear. About this like old playful and an office that I can't emphasis. And let all the grisly and let's let's let's wrap this several pickup tribal officially wrap up ghost thing. And then I think the direction we go to afterwards the drama. Still playing out today yeah yeah but again that's an official news and I'm big on. I try to recap is white his vast and her FaceBook as friends. Wise the snow fall. And that prison drama and they stopped being friends as ten years ago. Detroit had a great idea. He got off track down an adult with jet engine and in some guys hunting down reunite their friendship and happy. And. For heights. It's right. They'll. Their remember yesterday when I say he's voting insert myself internal drama. Yeah. Just. How passionate she was. While yes I'm. All sit and continue to be you know. And you didn't sell backhand still that we were doing this. Knock out there really extraordinary social issues. Hopefully she is none the wiser about it by SCANA. Is pretty transfer. Ten years ago I actually think you probably could tell her. Now because. Well listen because gen Tommy because Nicole was such. You learn about the whole thing Friday. I'm guessing Oakmont the next time bad and it's like reminiscing with choice about high school like wishes of friends of the call he's going to be like now you're down Iraq. I yeah. Are you that he safety Tyler now. Because do you think he would get credit for means we attacked. All right charity side and I want to thank you for for letting us be part of it. Our guys played so much I appreciate it. Like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. Search starring 941 Atlanta loves.