Ghost Hunting: Troy and Nicole Part 2

Tuesday, January 10th


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Tracking down people who have ghost did you want. We don't tell. We hired ghost hunting I'm jet engines today we are Collins and Cole. I really want this goes and on behalf of his what. But exactly goes on our behalf and his wife because she does and he's. Right he's doing it for her right at times so I never even met mentally hasn't had an about it right so choice like best sand and coal used to be really good friends like best friends ten years ago. But they had a falling out and violence attract on the call me like you when a defense against your life. Event and is now he's doing so I think it's very sweet husband thing to do chart. Thank you and I think it's a very dangerous thing to do as they said yesterday because I just think. I think it puts you in a precarious situation of inserting yourself. Basically in a cat fight and you beat yeah you get scratch really badly but we know it's not real people. They just aren't free anymore I'd I'd Troy we're gonna put you on hold you get to listen man as we call nick all. Four. Years back then. I guess I'm good and I. Yeah. They. Thought they. It speaks in a cult. We call this is Jen hobby from the jet engines show how he did. On an Oreo. It thinks are taking all I'm here with Jeff right now. And we tracked you down today. And to talk to you about Reynolds. I'll. Be nervous and I hope I. We were actually contacted. By someone you don't know who is looking for so let me explain his famous drawing. And he is Mary it's you death. And he knows from. Glories that that man is shared with M that you guys used to be best friends. And really close and it. He just not imminent see if they contract animal and see if there's. Any chance at a renewed friendship because obviously other pertinent to him. What a way that her name. Com. So I'm sorry but I mean we're friends like. Ten years ago are probably forever ago but keeping daily. What ever their boyfriend and is it the cold huge they move. It like. You know like news well actually he was never your boyfriend like come on it's like eight older I'll. Whatever it articulate like. Arie trying whatever it is like. At that and I cases never gonna be like arrived before. And how it's so frustrating oak. But then thought I hooked up with her boyfriend but you've never heard Blake friendly. We all they pulled out a few times in the and one weekend at all about partying and an element. I girl that they weekend and I just so happens you want abandoned. In the colder about it and she freaked out well. So she didn't find out from anybody else he told her. I told Larry because they know I didn't even. It was a big deal. Are you you know on that I was telling early. It is my congressman and you'd have that straight dockets are under way president what this. Isn't everything. Fell apart from there. I will that was that was ten years ago. Right. Yeah. So is it possible that she's moved down and doesn't care and then maybe you can move on and don't care and then. I you could let reconnect. I mean I don't know I can move onto the accusing me of something medic if you look she just that you're about the talent. Not the case. It was it was ten years ago. I'm I understand that I was there but I am not I mean they just they imploded it. Like how could you how receded out there about I hadn't cyber. Initiative and Alex are lining. William did and other in other friendships fall out because of that like if she had team that stand immunity Nicole. I mean as it became like a rivalry it was gathered. We should be do everything together now we're on each other's throat then like that kind of split up a whole group a sign that we have. So you are not even willing to entertain my conversation with and learn. And now old. All right did she ruin your high school career. I mean I just feel like. She really did Paris bound Q I mean everything looked perfect and then all the and it's that everything fell apart and ever without Terry London. Lie there being tall and grimmer than sit. The nightmare. Again. So no Internet. No we. And it doesn't matter that it weighs 120. Months ago this is a. That's the theme of the years and years like. IE an all that they didn't know that it. And I cool well. Capture they are right. Out and kissing you know just in gazing at mutual friends with her she didn't know he was doing. I'm sure. Okay. Thank you hope do you Iraq. Me. Oh. Is that is there anybody. In your high school the you have that much emotional connection to. And I it will cut back on thirty minutes or pick up try and I'll get to play of home told yourself I. We'll have to give up in three minutes there DeVon tension goes setting sanity for one. He's your driving minnows a Trout out traffic. No national duty your boss. Why you're. On starry night before blind.