Ghost Hunting: Troy and Nicole Part 1

Tuesday, January 10th


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Tracking down people who have Goss did you want. It's slowly else. Goes I think I'm image after image and show we care about him. Broadway and he plans. Tracked down. Someone on the news. White okay because you're close by somebody just disappears without explanation. And we will find out exactly fine and now we'll spend the next day getting a hold of them person from getting their permission called up from an audio. And then tomorrow. And Troy were listening in adds we call. This this person under. Hello to try to try welcome to show. It's morning. Oreo. Where all our guys got so worked worked ghost hunting today by two things make this guy. Whining it's not somebody that you've ever Mac and to. You actually have some information on where to find this person so technically yeah we're not doing a lot of hunting urges. China India re. Kendall. And I. Just for. OK so that the person's name is Nicole. She should be. Like really good friend of my wife's. Mom and and initially stopped talking because I thought. Com the colon hotel was my wife's been in current. And under China you know brought people ask about their armchairs. There are some niche kind of not just wondering. If that you know passed over and you know hopefully beachfront. So they were really close friends and testing and had a boyfriend in high school that Nicole went up with their friendship was over. Yeah. Take action but obviously this is something she's talked to you about. Yes. And is that does it sound like back then it mrs. Nicole Oilers does it surprise you trying to arrange order. Yeah Eminem's I'm I'm kind of trying to do it on my own personal it. I don't think my life. Is. You know I wish. I just I think it would be I think you're began. I do that damaged I think she cares potentially just Canada and she just talks about every want to know I'll. How long ago was. That split. It would have out in years. And that's what. A case at ten years ago something so significant happen that they have not spoken since then and how close were they were they like. Casual friend who really aren't generally about. I think this is so dangerous. Why because. We remain in the girl relationship. Things are different than away relationship thing. Best friendships are serious business and the girl world yet. And that's really is such as special relationship and win. Somebody's your best friend beech trees you like that I it's hard to get over it. It's also hard to let them go so I'm not surprised that backhand has told Troy. About. No call through the years. Yeah. That's hard I remember that I have an different in high school and we had a falling out for whatever reason and it bugs me for fifteen years. Yeah. So what we'll do is that we have. I Nichols information frog from you a rare burst yeah term they spoke we have everything. So we can call her today and get her to agree to come on the radio at this time tomorrow and ask the question and are you generous and reconnect him with with the I think you'll get to listening to that. Try and then I'll respond directly after she answers. I got a good. Hang on a cash just curious on the question for Troy are you gonna tell Beth and that we're doing us. No no well yeah and let especially. Not. Like during a cat now. Well I talk you again at this time it this time tomorrow. Jack I can't believe you don't think this is more dangerous than an interest earned him. Just came very dangerous for about the addition of the notes on net but. If something happened that caused them to split says significantly. Troy inserts himself Indian act without bowling telling the story. I think we bury me. Mean I had an about them so me opposite view and that. Naturally it's for. Kamal are Clinton or an angle made the call on behalf of rights you may call. It's goats having and the Japanese interest earning. She's running get itself in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. And strip come and overlook knocks. Justin.