Ghost Hunting Tripp and Sidney Part 4

Tuesday, October 11th


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Thanks for making this wedge to the jet engine shop OnStar in 941 and a great show welcome to the jet engine channel. Good morning Mario. I'm Mario. I just I wanted to make a quick comment on why he ordered them to me that's what got something thing and didn't warming up I think tribute. I think it took awhile ago that the downturn copy and have big admirer and then I ain't gonna out him that conceding. The hell. I either. Guy hands and it. We kind of guy you can't that's Yunel. Bad okay getting what you wanna be able did. You know broaden the equal and have better you do the future. But you can't when your back and heated it will not go out and another gave him literally hold the war. I'm Rachel. You say I think table bad table manners are total turn off. Sort of double. I sort of agree with that. I. Think we should have recognized all of us Rachel you include that we should recognize that this is a situation was doomed from moment wine. When they actually met in person when he saw her. Out in public at a store thought she was attractive walked out in October in an invader to have a cup of coffee like in person. I'm Larry doing that when there's bumble. And that's again why you do and that he didn't just piece what you're gonna go talk to a person and public. Now get online and swipe right. A. Pasty faced you can introduce your side and another do you live so weird you sit down and have coffee if you wanted to know your if you're compatible. Whatever. Swipe right take up your pants would rest in the dating world. Caitlin. Has. Spoken. Again and. I don't want it okay. She BI and reboot your. Don't hear it here watching her multiple. Yeah and I didn't act and they blew that the dating game particular orbit that you're out. I'm like and do not agree with you mark I really. I'm glad that you could be at accepting of the barbarians. After a ball but I would. Can't be. They only actually. Out there and my blog at an apartment you have to know how to be out. I mean here quoted. As you know knowing about it. Hi I'm now. Aren't they got there. Caitlin just for the record like he did say his parents were human. Wasn't like that he was raised by walls and the drag that hearkens back to the dining room. Now and then at eight are always cowboy shirt pink. There. Competitive and they get angry at my my act because then I literally could eat. I like our bad record on an 8 o'clock and might stumble at that. And I I don't think it. And that only came out it. I'm dating ones you don't know what part it hurt. Palin ten. They gave it now. I appreciate her passionate have you ever dumped anywhere in for a completely superficial man and I feel bad about this. There was tied when I was really. Does sound like pickles. And it. We take a lows. It's like he's in his clothes everything maybe it was the house he grew up and young. Parents of nickel and everything and every day's only technical. Ninth. Stephanie welcome this year and. Hey good morning. And banana no mention that I that young. Like that kinda turning it aimed at you when you're young black. You never had your heart truly broken and he had a conceded to the relationship morrow got like uncle in your dad you know shoveling out they would be. After that I know. And then acting on it and it Kinect. So you're opposes fork funny at least he's not matching private insurance rate. The edge of malware really I mean yeah. I examining those are all so we're just set the bar low. It amber what's going on. 810 minutes or one thing I don't think I can that are you know. Sport we hear that table. I. Know I'm a white. Out I'll be back in the year. When you hold important factor in the end and he at a particular. I Atlantic he went out the orange and you know have a pop it meant a lot and look at my guys thought about it. Well of course he's a nice guy he that was destiny when his parents named him Trent. Over and culture at bat because there is obviously at a lion went and that would love to go out with him I mean he can be the last comment. I. Can't read it I talk rare items we'll let you comment I would have been eight. It's not shovel you know what though wearing. And my age you know late in many let me explain to me like well and I you know play I get that would enable it you know. Is that our respects. Nina is the bar set so low that a guy can explain to you. The fact that he holds his workload a shovel. Maybe he kept pace I. I mean it didn't agree that you'd like I let the door like Barry picker their. Send an idea of a bit like on match. It was just locked out of his hands at a I thank you bet they give for the phone call. I'm in the rain are welcome to the Japanese engine. He and Jen all the way furthering. Our little. It's often. Luckily it actually keep that in on the shot and not believe. Well all implementing it okay. Yeah I yeah. I think it's who was at that said they dating world is just too bad out there to pay attention to small DL and that's. A night and I think you know. Well I would like to. Send a shout out if I could. To all the other men who have come before a single man. Who is establish such a low bar. Standard that'd be it he eats like to Sammy he just grabbed eight is well the chili rubbed it honestly. That's not. But he did. What and a woman site you know line. Think he can be good if you think making it. Brooke's mom actually called her boyfriend out there and if that must have been comfortable. Arab awkward empire and he was eating adding I think in the honey any end. I'm on me under the table and then then I let that household not like eight. What was he doing a net. We get equal right we eat like an animal and it that I can eat and eat it then I would want me last night. And I think parents talk an aunt there are you eating raw dirty EDT the week that I. Ed Bradley was calling it like it's double. It was gross. Adds her boyfriend at all right now a nanny that is only gonna annoys you more and more and more overtime to get a you got to say something what is what exists in his world that offsets that late you'd just say you're boyfriend is. Roth is. And now give us. I ended up he blamed everything on his left hand I ate like that but I'm glad it. I can't eat that. I'm glad I'm lefty and I don't. Why. I don't know I'm behind leg then yeah. All right. Brooks say something nice about him to offset the bad news column grows what makes him look what lets you work past the growth. We have that he's beautiful daughters together now. And it makes everything worth it. And they eat normally or do you just pour some who got in late may go add a little bird. Luckily there's still lady yeah. It had their bad accident they're still learning how to actually old temples. Thanks for the column route fifty miles. Like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. Search starring 941 Atlanta. Oh.