Ghost Hunting Tripp and Sidney Part 3

Tuesday, October 11th


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Just right ghost town and sing kind of behalf for a true wanted to ask you call Sydney. And ask her why she goes into. After 2.5. Things and she said she didn't notice him that he didn't understand the brushed off. And then told us exactly why the press shop has. A trip let's take these one by one. I never wine. Do you think maybe you are stretching the use of the word goes. I mean possibly it'd have gone downhill take her word against mine stand by. I do I factor late two enacted as second line and she hit me back and it. It was a blow up but it wasn't right. You look at but a straight blowouts is they are seen yet maybe you'd like maybe next speaker maybe some other side like. I write that if you didn't think so and then they're what they're. Anything act I got. I should look at me solve I'm like that there was an exchange and yet I get that work well but it wasn't really like. Hey Larry I can't period. And attacks in the Blake on the TV. And actually left the door open I think if she's trying to be nice apparently looking back on it. But I'm Brit and well I don't know I've those. Hybrid but the point is in the first conversation we had reviewed you're like you're just vanished and she didn't Rea yeah. I think that's. An engine was not nearly as Vegas and the next point it's definitely wants it can really wants to know. Your thoughts on the and the reason that excited to blow you off. Well I went late I mean and I saw I just listening I wanted to be like wait and yeah now yeah. OK so I. Can see that being like kind of I do all my sport late. A shovel it I'm not thinking about it I had seven Brothers and second youngest. And it was not a household related split stood out in that you're there and I think you didn't Brian. I had eight net speaker regretted that I love Alba. They'd take it out here. Your play. So it's not hurt it. You stab food from the middle. Is able and then you eat it because you might not get anything and like I still ingrained in me a little bit in light. I I might it it did it been like that urgent here in you and they can look I don't know like and yet do you like it that. Does that work out a sample and the black that it you know am I content that a family. It's very true she's not lions split. At least fake. It just comes out when you're really hungry. Yeah I had that in the way you play at and the items you knew like this. So good I think somebody get a big hit I might look at that waving an accomplishment. I guess. I'm. I'm so it's not really a politeness issue for you as much as it is a survival instinct and that's. And it's you read it doesn't exit the any more I. Play and I kind of feel like. There it inept on on it like too bad that like the positioning of my hand on a whore or Blake they deal breaker on anti semite I don't. It'll. I'm tradable. The you know are displayed. GMAC is the way to do it right handers and it'd be uncomfortable and it played the back in Dayton. All that but it eligibility. Objected the only way to do it is to talk to me like an eight year old mix sun and eat lake that's fine I think I get the message you count. Out something and I you know I don't look at it as. And older. Insult from her look at it is a piece of constructive criticism that you can call. It's an opportunity for growth and opportunity for growth. There's some doubts I don't yeah. And I thank you for coming up minister and you know and that should I say it if you wanna be apart of ghost tanning there's always room for yeah. Yes the ins and as a bouncer from the web sites start time for a one Atlanta dot com slash dissenting. He's running get this done in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. Spring come a little early enough. Congestion.