Ghost Hunting Tripp and Sidney Part 2

Tuesday, October 11th


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Tracking down people who have ghosting if you want. It's slowly don't tell. It is time to goes hunting today we're gonna go descending on behalf of the trip is. Looking for a woman that he planned it takes you felt like an out of hero. This hair oh look two and a half because he felt like. They had this instant. JD. Over coffee at start up. Inside of the target where they match it. That's batted eighth that's like talking to somebody and by that manner. You gotta feel some sort of connection with somebody is spend your time not shopping for all the magical things that target and brag and having coffee with a complete stranger just so. So he said that happen and then they went on a couple of dinner dates and she's just now not Texan in backer Colin macaroni thing so we lots of I don't I. Are we didn't even ask her name trip to agree what's her what's her name. It. So we're gonna call Sydney today and ghosts and you'll be able to listen and that you'll be able to talk to her when she's. I sound. Does it favor hold on and we only because that's in the euphoria gang rape. Yeah. A. Yeah. Both you and me. This is gentlemen Jeff contention how high you. And getting our thanks for coming on with us today we are armed Collins is the talk you about somebody that you were dating. Who wants to know why you're dating anymore I'm calling on behalf attract. And he has not and agree assay values and I'm telling you guys really clicked and he's right now because it hasn't heard from here so. You might just content type to that trip and find out what happened. OK I need you heard from me I don't. Haven't really been into that and getting together again I'm. Impression that we got from Miami is that you guys I had coffee at a target. Where you him yeah where you mad men head to your dates. And then you'd ban. All I knew I wouldn't say that I Bennett and he's impacting he had not been responding but I I think. I thought I made it kind of there that I didn't really want to continue. We can't linger you know he doesn't like let it as a never like I'm busy. They think you know the number of bonding would be. They grant DuPont. Earnings. You have written back to moments that not for an hour yeah I did and kind of blowing him off yeah. He just and recognize this signs of being Christmas Hough. Got you. Can we ask why you're dismissing him or. Why are you dismissed them as there's been there decrees that are as it is new industry here. And then burying an academic and mountain lake. A terrible hurt and don't. Typically. Honor we that we went to dinner and she'd. Didn't have great people men and and he doesn't. He just doesn't like. Even include a spark after hitting it really didn't feel like it was my doctor tell him how he should or shouldn't Alter or I don't wanna. On a date someone who'd just like. I you know I just didn't wanna continue. With thank and I didn't. I didn't like is appropriate you know I'm like equal pay like at Lincoln spent with a big group curtain and I didn't. The only person he wants ever have to cut their meat for them as. Children. We hit it exactly department. It seems that you had a lot of rage. Rate in there about at table manners is that like a sensitive. Thing for you more. Mean it's important to me in contact I thank them in Ireland. And my life went and raised elderly and you want that a bad example to your kids and you know it and it's it's how you display are thought to the world that not. You know I've got nothing outrage right and I wanna be a nutrient Rich Little. What you just went to the UN to ogre level and level and you have your older I don't. To me that there weren't exactly yeah. It's good to describe what looked like. Eating right I was like having dinner with. Oh it's a big turnout for me and you're right you can't teach someone. You can gain as until you can't. Would you want old woman to correct you that first or second team work I do I'm lying out you're eating. What I wine and when somebody is capable articulate. Maybe I would. If Sydney's hot and I got it Sydney's. In the only thing preventing me from you make I was Sydney where I held my fork. Give me. Adds I. Way have you been so critical you'd be like all of his control freak chick that I went on a day and was telling me how icy and love love I'm dating her again. I can't imagine. Everything if your relationship with her she would tell you how to do. Now. Six can one app that I once I went out and multiple dates with a girl who ate pancakes. I should. No it I Syria count them saying not in waffle house of 4 am. And aren't quite a regular breakfast. Even at a fancy you know now. And you have. I. Did you guys are coming out of this thing or little. I'll welcome back in three minutes and we opened up the found talked to trip and find out what he things. Its third. With the three minutes from right now and the Japanese and you know sanity for line. In case you haven't heard it today he looked down. And no one can notice that colonies on your pants yeah recovery of the championship show star Nady for a one.