Ghost Hunting: Todd Says Alicia is Too Intense

Tuesday, August 2nd


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Tracking Della people who have Goss did you. We don't tell. Weird ghost hunting today Ford's I don't. Stacy called us yesterday and told us about her best friend only show the state c.s actually goes inning Todd has never met tot she actually once. Feedback on why a leash and a got coasted. After the first day they went out a couple of weeks ago. Lisa and Todd met on OK cupid. But they just. They're to figure out why a leash hasn't been able score a second date and like a year so Stacey wants us to track down tied. We did find it. And he's gonna come on with us. Stacy ready for this ridiculous and. Yes absolutely. All right we make a phone call will put you on hold you'll get to hear everything. And then after that call we come back to insanity that's okay. I'm calling Todd now as we go goes on and on Jeff and dementia. And Jack and Jeff from the jet contention. And we are great and I really appreciate your coming on with us. Ghost hunting today and you're the ghosts. We have. So we're just hunting it's as zack's unique situation we've never had this happen before. Where we're ghost hunting for you because. A friend. Of the girl you dated was trying to tracking down. A brilliant answer well under you went down day on that date wit and and you Goss did. Wants answers on behalf of well should anyone answer I mean ever friend who's a friend hasn't narrowed it she's calling. I know we're not making any sense let's just get this guy. Can these budget did you meet a woman named a leash. I'm OK cupid. And have a dinner date with her like two weeks ago. Yes I do it. OK so it's her friends they see that one NASA tracking down to Stacy trying to help her friend get better at dating and nearly Elise is. Orders for crack. All of that snuck in order to do that. OK so we are asking you to get real. On. About the state. I will I attempt and let it get bad you know the talking bad about someone on the radio I mean. Let's just call it constructive criticism. Now and coaching if you will yes OK it's feedback it's it's. Feedback to improve the product for the next consumer. RA you know I yeah I get played it vehicle but it era. It has Smart here and yeah. So. After you guys met online and you agreed to meet after the date where where'd it go well and way to go around. And and certainly wasn't you know the worst thing in the world edition of the light though that you know. Believe McChrystal met after dinner right now let's see what they are campaigning. Okay while bad escalated quickly. I thought. That's why I like you know it it it it wasn't. They want an awful it is what do they mean. Essentially this felt like. The whole the whole the whole day was like its sales pitch or like some kind of job interview like this she should always kind of deployment say you know also reaffirmed and then you know he you have any Brothers or sisters she was asking me right. I'll kinda crazy corruption you know speculate could have mainly would you consider moving somewhere else is if you your job called you don't go back and stuff. And and then when she won't do that it seemed like. She will always. Selling herself in the English it's solid play some people who hurt qualification like everybody. You know but the market like auditioning to be my wife and some morning. So wait too formal. It. I mean not you know I'm in formal and you'd be like you you know when to strangers and don't really know each other that this was there and being. A hole. To me would be no keeping it circus she was digging deep I mean she was she did that through questions that you know. Don't normally just tell people liked it that. Everything seemed like the whole thing looked lean towards a show on it I heard they grow decided the first. Few minutes what they're not blow you know. Sweet if you she wanted to nobody in the night whether we should be together for the rest of our lives but cannot count out and now. Little lecture me. Tonight it. So. She says were hot I'm not I mean you know. Is everything was great players he's super hot that I mean. They'll hold needy true like she won written into proposed right now right then their lives. A little much. Sounds like she's turn dating in the business of dating. Okay let's get to the bottom line here you are you ready for marriage do you want children vulnerable. Oh yes yes about children and the whole nine yards to ever been Manning you know what's kept you from beating Mary you know it. It was the conversation that could happen after a year happened after. Appetizers. Yeah I mean like let's just talk about Taylor Swift and also as it was them well. Then cart bashing doesn't that everything else going on. I don't meet the you know and just you know why I haven't had children by a bit of each group that oh that's. Well that ends from the male point of view if you say that she super high and yet you're still battling and her. For being that you have just some documents and it must have been intense. Yeah and I mean you know maybe I was a little bit younger I. I can overcome some things for the content that I am I'm at the point where you know. Actually I can't do it. They can't do it. Ends too much tees and OK so if there. If you're gonna give any other feedback to Stacy today and give back to Lisa. Is there anything else you could say. You know just just relax there's no there's there's no rush you don't need to know by night saying that it worse holding. For heaven's sakes let let things happen slow rule actually. So basically Joe Brown. Won't total ship. All right thank you for the call. Now virus that is at that last time we did. You didn't call out I think a fair degree about it now let me try again thank you for coming out of this and thank you for your honesty. Well thank you got back up about Egyptian crew there really let go and I'm sure she will make somewhat of one life one day I didn't need it right by the end of our Thursday. Oh yeah we go that was the second article she's already married. So. That's what I do bad things. We'll be back in three minutes we'll check in Wii is a Lisa's friend Stacy who just her battle towers. And we'll get her. See them an actor trail. Stands beliefs it. Starring 941.