Ghost Hunting Tessa and Max Part 3

Tuesday, November 29th


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And John looks darn. Are ready for a one. And Brad testing here in a second but Jane what's up. How much you know it sounds like simulate your bets. Why why this person that I worked with. He's on time and I would play let's say he has every right. We say. I would never do that and I look at what clicked pilot that it really was her I do a lot of research Ian and I saying like it went are you having a parent that I would never eat at. That's a liar now. You don't play I did not do that. It's an average never. Yeah I would never got that something I would never get like 80 actually say I do. They jumped in not just ate at rate out of the realm of positive though I would never. Yeah I don't think you didn't learn anything from their showed today of these and you welcome. Thank you Jane. Sitting in studio wait Kelly she's she's in for Jenn hobby for the next couple days you know and so we just like ghost town. Bra girl woman for a man named Max on behalf woman names ask them. They had a couple great dates and he coasted in with a bad mouthing her. She couldn't figure out wise that we get him on the mound and he says. We did have a couple of great days when I brought back to my apartment I watched her take cash. Offered a bowl or bowl. They keep. In my house would like changing keys and staff and I watch your take ash out of it yet he's at anywhere from like fifteen point. Tests that you just got to listen into that whole conversation. Is that an accurate statement. I sold out and use them. The wing hate it not only thirty here and I like yeah. He wanted to get home when I don't think you're out apps and you know I got home. I want him back on liking it he or whatever allies say. That amount or. It absolutely yeah. Yeah at the event. If you add somebody coming your house and yet twenty dollars playing on your on your countertop and make it without saying anything without even explaining why I just need. Money for my taxi that you'd tickle it used all my from the experts that. It not look like it like they think their company into trouble and I'm gonna catch our eye and our view is for real. And I don't I. I'm like socks and you could literally call me out like back on the radio and. He was actually very diplomatic about the whole thing and he was right on that Kenneth weren't the bus for the all of her friends. And you can't allow light on up on. Beat. You wish he and maybe they do is home and you took money of news and have left with a. Without. Lake Merritt twenty airing anything. Else. You had that like money played around that they have for what RL. I you didn't need to never. But you used the athletes is connected here happily is connected your card which is it your bank account and has nothing to do with cash. I wanted to protest let me ask you this and if you had some money that you're calling down to times male or female friend or or semi interested and take twenty dollars off of your count are without saying anything you wouldn't consider that stealing. Felt and you would all be put off by having not known this person very loud you wouldn't think to yourself like this era flag. I didn't like everybody has actually they are probably unlike. She sends our dollars over a dollar and here in mass on team you don't met Betsy king's comments on other people's money in people's family on the acts serious. Like is this in your mind is different than like going into his wallet. I'm pretty. I'm. Saying. Or if there was tight inner draw war. If you were if you open a drawer and some money in there you wind light and easy going. I'd like why I'd be doctors sort them out like this like in a hallway. On the ball he had he had and what Harrison and I needed to get all. Well can I get is address is I need a car and if he's got keys and their. Means and get a car it's. I want to diet at all while and you just passed an order of over four or whatever it's not even if ballot argument because if you took a lift home you don't need cannot even tipping. Yet do anything with the. If. Random. Money. There are in your mind a bowl. Anything at somebody's house is the same is like a dish of hand he. At there at the receptionist of that doctor's office whenever. Flu activity. Like they certainly don't. It's not a Snickers yeah. And all of that and ends its tax. India south to meet with them on the open somebody's door. Is a lot like if you are open a cabinet or sound like you're walking in some nice plays with their personal belongings and you and just take like a handful candy. Used to cash without asking without even explaining. I need a ride home or if you're gonna make me pay for my list and konduz and takes in cash or whatever he does it without saying. So. A little bit and then brown all right I tests that will thank you. Sure I. Back for a reopened Garza V her. If she is she intestinal issues just owning it and running with that because she got caught. Or is she. Really think that you can going to somebody's house and eight. Money. This line. I think she really thinks that Al's okay and then to keep saying I don't know I made a big deal about it over the radio on. How they did you call us at call him and did he answer the questions that you wanted to ask him on so. Met her right now why would she has yet as by the way I stole money. If you're listening to this rate now Kelly and she's your friend. You start to question what's been lying out every branch is Mario. Absolutely I only news Matty for two days it's and we got two times. And they stole some I have yeah absolutely I would never let her back in my house ever again and I would tell my friends are really sticky fingers and thanked all invited her her. Stephanie welcomed addition. Only Arab. Oh my god I can't wait out there and I would love to go out there what the big Italy is. They love it during an open look at the day. Why didn't you don't have India. It's a crime right that what would you. What would you charge her away. What does that. That's right taking OK and and it doesn't matter that it was only. About fifteen China doesn't matter right. All right and he didn't even hear Lauren welcomed addition. And I. Knew that that's where you can't help egregious deals that. And you don't think that the big eagle again. You really needed the money that actually about the by the rabbit. And she kept saying it was because a taxi a nice talking to her singing. No you took a list. About the carrying. Yeah it's 1520 I'll. This year is just trying to get back to eBay and. And you need money. You let a lot buyer and a drink. Eight. It Josh Morgan and shout out today. Thank college. Smart people listening and. That earned him. It known in the morning. She job. I do agree with boring it is a little bit been millennial mentality but I she was sitting him. Testing his boundaries in reactions to what she. This is not a this sort she purposely doesn't. My opinion would be achieved that call which he could. Barking at him a little bit except my exports this year to linger long. It's usually in English and actions for reaction kind of girl Scioscia most of it she almost wanted to get caught so that would force the conversation and the Hamachi get away. Well I hope she thought about that when she's lived on home south and not handcuffed in the back police car. Jennifer what do Michelle. Is that. I'm like god and I did little right now. So why he held an apartment I. Like out there aren't likely to shock you. Don't want an outline an. Rick radio Asia signed him. Yeah you. She needed anchor. A ride home. But I'm pretty sure that you only read and she even need the right moment that they can keep it healing CU's. In. Any way but Mike who saw it she wouldn't eat right well she not think much healing. Exactly that day it on my pastor should send us your. Yeah. Hi she. Don't try to keep Internet alert called into the thing about and they admit I would never got in a new product they went out the logic like that. Or might honey we noticed that yeah you we're. Outline Earl called Paul Allen of its. Line and it. Upload to that end he didn't need the money ball count at X. What it actually task. To do with no big deal he didn't need it and lighting it at all that. It didn't notice. I would go. Jennifer I need to come here give you a hug right now if you like a bill that we've ruined your day in this is gonna bother you all day. So. Yes big and yeah resign and adaptable that whoever you sit next to a lunch he. Entry list is turning 4 when this morning let me tell you about tasks and I Baghdad environment. Peachtree City and all over its yeah. Demonstrate how little early enough. To just enjoy and Shia on stellar no need for a long line.