Ghost Hunting Tessa and Max Part 2

Tuesday, November 29th


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Tracking Della people who have Goss did you want. You don't so. Yesterday morning at this time on the judgment until we got in now. Test session went out of time. Few games where that guy named Max who she met through friends friends friends friends friends and Fannie disappear. Nobody nobody. Yeah Antilles sort of mad nothing. Yes she said I. She got thought it was just how it goes Eric has mainly you know I was just wasn't his thing and so she cannot accuse him telling people actually exhale late summer which we can't figure out why. So when she told us out and said we can't get a hole she can't get on the Macs and we tracked him down and test that we have. Located Max he wasn't hard look and we did get him to agree to c'mon. Oh. What moral ask you do you now it is I'd just sit on hold. And listen to the conversation. Kelly cheese will be doing most of the top and she's in for urgent today thanks and what's right into some answers and that welcome back to you after that and ninety your final thoughts and I. And the line for us. And. You. You you you. This is now looking format this member of our own I can follow Mack is now I'm. That means to them and phone. In. Found it and I'd hold out of it doesn't. I. Yeah. With. Oh. Group. Amax. Pack air came back early seasons of engines and Harry you. Get a lot of guys are solid yes I do today. Well do not take you on me no worries Ariza we the economy the way Kelly got great hands that like you guys are. All based on money slow and and pat at am. I. Yes Max and as you know we do this segment on the jet engine show called ghost hunting. And that we are calling on behalf of a girl that you went on a couple days listening tests you Murtaza. OK yeah yeah or I remember that yeah. Let's go away let's embarrass Odyssey found and a little flustered. Yes you I mean she's just to peace or I'd there'd she's just yeah let me play it. It's been like. I. Mutual friends and ushered I don't know what Hamachi told you they used sorry. Yes so you know I just told you we want to market right capacity market. Yeah yes she says they are gonna do something a conference on and it was super crowded which is through those are there. And then you decided to a lot of outlining go to considine market instead NN. Mariel had made plans to go to the aquarium on your third inch date again. He urology general Lisa mystery cash. Flow. You know we got to the market and I actually I lived there. I so you know we're having a pretty good time up to this point side prior to department. And in Washington where you sushi steal money from me she stole money out of a hole. So I did yeah I capable by the wall you know it got like match aren't all that we talk you can do change their solidarity. So she'd she'd like stole money out at. How much are you not like fifty cents a gallon a dollar. Corn and Ballard dollar bills. The way my bedroom set up I can see from primary and he's got the front door or keep that ball right and at some artsy like littoral salute bills. Out of that hole and put them in her pocket. Yes they did the things you learn. I didn't know what to say yes you do admit you're stealing from me that I did you wouldn't do. I I would be like what do you do you sticky fingers a licking my whole do you have any idea how much money lives. I mean that. It got most. You know welcome back there's got to be at least a reduction there and that they should at least actually. OK so my question is after that you don't say anything to her so what happened. I decided to end it there out like we have mutual friends right so I think when it didn't deal altercations they're like you know who knows how she would have reacted in the confront her about it I mean she's gonna steal from somebody should fairly elderly trust that have a positive at all reaction to this. Doug his candidate that I had to help a friend moving you know she took a look at home. And since then haven't I haven't spoken or censored. OK so have you talked to your friends about them. You know I'd like. We have we have mutual friends that I haven't gone into deep tilt with them could be other her friends do it on it I am. You know it can't reference it but like. Yeah I told that if she's not just not a good person late edition different or anymore without giving the details despite his eyes. I'm Norma and I was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt but I was trying to say right is it possible that. She had zero cash on her by. Am. It's at the list that I now easier out there as you make her pay for dinner they did anything like that happen and where she might think that ST. Deserved to be PK. That I don't. Particularly mutilation offered to buy the second round of drinks which she spent her money about a second round of drinks and that she stole. My money back. I would buy all the rounds of drinks if I was just taken money added person answered with. Jump ball. But I'd Max thank you. They. The anymore questions Alex and well. Everything we need a man who. All right so we come back here in three minutes and that's it just got to hear that entire conversation. And she will she get the last word Jim fuel. I'm either confirm or deny that hands. We'll go over there. And Edmonton in three minutes. Aren't you for us for making this list. It's. On starting out before launch.