Ghost Hunting Tessa and Max Part 1

Tuesday, November 29th


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Tracking down the people who have goes debut one. It's so you don't so. Ghost riding on the Jetsons and show works like this somebody disappears out of your life. We view the leg work tracked him down and ask them where they go and lie. Simple as that and has and Max went out line two days. In the end Macs disappear. Standard issue. Dude ghosts and a woman right nobody yeah. Except then Tennessee here's. Max his bank and a bad mouthing her. And she's like. No that's not cool and he won't respond any text messages. Protested joins us now hate to ask that. Mario. I'm all right so let's. Get some background. And your relationship where is this guy IMAX. OK so I met Mack hears the mutual friends. They thought that we read maybe he'd get together because we both have this really weird love of England this. And yet. It's so random and weird I know but. And we have you know friends of friends and hooked it up and we went out are strictly what it happy hour at QB next to criminal law. And it was pretty often the only sport govern every night out for drink compound annual Bob de Chile went out again. Did you ever you want to beat champ and top. It was a really crowded so. It went upon being marketed at a locked the belt line our pit and Mac slipped over there now you like on a full. And check out. And then we were aware at hockey market we made plans to hunt out again we're gonna go to the aquarium you know. England paint. And everything going well and sort of historians like literally we make plans for a third place I never hear from them again. I don't know why. And now I'm hearing from the great sign that he that happening meet telling people I'm Laura ball. And that. At. All my friends to stay away from me and telling other people to stay away from me. I'm at all I don't understand but the problem is. So. The jolly these same did you say anything to did you did you pull out one of like these are my babies names. Marty planning future I. Are you talking about wedding plans if you do it typical. Did you surely didn't do that you show wearing up now EI at a. She met at the mall you know where laughing having fun and all the stop and light is not any to Syria right. An educated and I don't know why I. All right hands. And you haven't spoken to him since he hasn't responded at all to say any thing and studies is bashing you to its current. He who laughs and my friends who own ideas that meet and like I wanted back and you know. Are calling into one's gonna wanna be Bakr Al. And then like nothing can match and I know he's telling people that the data were bullied and I'm not bad. Did anything you said you went through his apartment did anything happen. At his apartment like did you guys did matchup. The. And you know I'm like yeah you know what the link that it was our data and it would. It was whatever we're now Lehman and per second like he's the Doctor Murray whenever they don't like our that nothing happen like that. And tea would Webber the last leg. Three minutes with him like as you mad and shoving your router is you died I had a simulator and then. You don't hear it I can't explain it riding around and not know. That. Like. I don't take forceful but port I can't explain a man woman and angry yelling near any plans aren't wired up pregnant you. You get a phone like maybe he has a girlfriend whose girlfriends in the room. Here. How did how did you arrive homer anything advantage again home not a list of. That's so strange. Yeah I'd love to know and I'd like to know why you aren't. Are you know what a horrible things he's saying tires or you know. Oh no he just telling people other than I'm like that that person and people should trailing remain ended horribly and let you know on that. All right thank you it's NASA thinks. Any guest is Kelly geez I have no idea. Other. I'm guessing he got a message a text or call from somebody who is on their way over or somebody who saw him out with. Yeah I'm think I'm thinking that war and he said his reasons I gotta help a friend a move. Maybe somebody texted him and said he had to be careful this garlic greens is like. Well. Did your drive and helps drown out try. National all did your boss. Enjoy this for themselves in a row every why you are today one story now before one and.