Ghost Hunting: Stephanie's Instincts were Right

Tuesday, August 9th


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Die happy for law and thanks for late enough good jab again. I we just called Darren. We are goes tanning Stephanie at Darren and Saturday night and was shocked that he didn't hear from Sunday. He tracked us down to go find him we did. He does not remember her knowledge shockingly. Did not get the text messages that present to the number we call them the so once you're here I am what I'm. Yes and they are at all. So he's just saying to us that he didn't get the text message and he's just saying edited remember just to do the brush heads. Here you asked in the question about look at about what your friends give them the number he still would have gotten a text messages. That's champ that we called him on the number she texts and online and he agreed c'mon that's and then he just answer. So he's just an impression he's ghosting her leg it's not this isn't a ghost timing we found him and he goes to her. He goes in her to us he's ghost he just doesn't want anything to answer does that make this is successful goes under a failure are also assets well. And Stephanie I'm sorry. Oh OK I guess. Sorry about that. Not what I expected. Long. And all of a little weird thing. I guess I would like you guys are being built then yeah there you go there's the bright side you were correct. Terrible consolation prize. Sorry about that. Well it didn't have wasted a lot of time on it just a couple of days. You get back out there girlfriend. Yeah and there's there's there's gay dudes in the world. Not going to be there and he wants Internet. Out there I'm sorry is he hunting again. All right now manner of the editors who writes aegis years to recover. You're ruining your own saying all right I'm sorry I really am. You know you're welcome. She's our approach hop. Stinks I feel like there's I can't there's nothing to say. I savvy guy. Qaeda Mara. Who. Welcome to the Jefferson James show Rebecca. You calling this school. That. My theory as. They did tell really have a girlfriend and he has just Bangkok. Siege if you were schooling me on coasting. About vision and schooling us on what was really happening not ready still. Coasted like is there a chance. That was their chance if if it's possible that he's there without his buddies. And Stephanie starts talking nominees are flirting back in he's like all big chin on his buddies and trades phone numbers or whatever gives her his own number. And then he's night and now. I actually see that but I really think he had the girlfriend because he has no recollection that the entire night. At girlfriend at the inning and then here's some. Though Rebecca years why you are terrible and I imaging. OK listen. If she if he had a girlfriend wouldn't Stephanie NCA when she FaceBook stop him. It. May be may not now if you wouldn't say it Bacchus at nine Rebecca I. Her and I am terrible say it yeah now do not as well it. Thank you Rebecca as it at all it is possible that. He's just denied denied. Or he made me it's possible that he started. The recently seeing somebody right and so she's not on the he's the paperback. That is very valid point it's. And maybe they're not exclusively dating but there heavily dating rank would want her to know about him make now somebody else I would that it it that the minute chase and a. Some Rebecca theory of she's much better engineers is a little less terrible and. He did agreed to come on line. So that's the other thing it would get a friend but he agreed to minus 99. Today. And and articles. They consider. Him after rain. As for making this way it's indigestion just one star now before want to.