Ghost Hunting for Stephanie

Monday, August 8th


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Delmon people who have ghost did you want. We don't tell. Monday morning and that means the ghost hunting on the agenda and to ensure we tracked down people. Who have disappeared out of your life and today we go hunting vs Bethany. I. Hourly tracking down who bailed on your life. His name in there and and we met at a bar and we were actually though. Land. Just and that really kidding. What extent will online chat saying like I religiously less concerned that aren't there it. And you're in the corner bar. Lacking lacking changing the whole play having to actually a really great time and you know the end of the nanny he. For him car. And we can't stand it would like to think Lee and we are nice and you know. Haven't heard anything from him since that night. How long ago was this. They're on Saturday. OK so recently. That 48 hours I might this past Saturday the 48 hours ago. I shot him a little or no real Hamad an athlete 36 hours ago. And that there. Like we had a really good connection lately have really law. So you expected to hear from him yesterday. Oh yeah as an attempt message and you know I found him on it like catch and shoot the creepy side and there at the hands that Chad followed by now I had heard it. Anything at all. OK so I can try to make sure I'm a 1000%. Like so we're talking about 36. Hours ago that it it. Glad that it can't let me. OK today. It's like what he's really disappeared he is as a reached out yet or responded yeah. I can I ask a girl question quick yeah okay do you think twice texting. That Casey sent two text messages and how quickly where your text messages were they like when you got home. Are where they yes. Where is. They were iron yesterday. Let you know in the morning and then I got another look like in the past it. Is this standard Stephanie practice like when you meet a nice boy. Well let me like yeah. You don't have a connection like aggravated it she knew it shut their opinion an Olympic team who had it with somebody like Al. Really believe it might like we need to leave it there and we look at them they don't want there to me. Is it possible. That maybe he. Are now. Went to church and then to his family's house for dinner. And then went to bed early before a big week of work. I hope you all again and I think you have an early connections on the at all. The guys that I would reach out so you're candidate and actually I would really great event great you wouldn't. It where it's just really got to look and just like typical it a little muddy I like it Litsch Cadillac potential. Okay did you feel like well his lack of response means he has goes into. I that's why you should retract and disappear like that he doesn't sound like he's really disappeared yet so it feels weird for. I'm ahead on making its autumn line in any really disappeared he just he actually just tears well here's the advantage Jan. You ready for that we don't make the actual phone call until Amare. So by then it'll be sixty. Since he isn't here. It was she's saying if they had a special connection they both belted the public responded yesterday and less he was I don't know doing. I. He's on their phone thousands. Dropped his phone. Well here Fallon and the one that's where. Likely he solved text messages it's likely he saw that he was busy yet he's on. I think with that. Now we have because guys are trained not to matter what are donating all of these days I don't know. They are but you can't I we'll look. Out of the game Furman is at three day waiting now I don't know what the game rules arm but I know when it's not and had raised no vote. After 36 hours. He's not that she just wanted a response now and eliciting our help would be a little bit over the line of eagerness maybe. To tap dancing on that order right there I don't even act like we're not do it lock in on that line of over eagerness. But Stephanie I get what you're saying that you feel like it. Darren felt the same thing you're feeling he would have responded right. Yeah here's the question if we're definitely and as is his gold. So here's the question the sheet continue to reach out to him today out because we. Near near dominant wing woman here right now I think you just give it some space debris because. How many times have I said this on the radio. Men are hunters left them hunt ladies. I think he should embroidered on the pillow and a hunter's let them hunt all right let him come after you. Into the radio issue calls him at this time Tamar. Lola I'd Stephanie you're gonna have. Got. Stephanie. We will be good for you tomorrow is obvious you promise to reach an alternate eight. We are going to go goes outing for Stephanie tomorrow morning we're gonna Oxford it uses name is Aaron card there. Daryn there we're gonna go look for airing tomorrow morning at this time. She met him there's 36 hours ago and is ready to make debate. I. I heard I heard and I got you January right then thank you. He goes down and the advantage goes in and week. As for making this list of suggested she on starting out before launch.