Ghost Hunting - Stacy Wants to Help Her Friend Alicia

Monday, August 1st


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People who have Goss did you want. We don't tell. Ghost hunting today at what is Stacy. Who is looking for a guy name tiger Zhang and Stacey has absolutely no personal relationship with about it. He's direct and he's a friend of a friend if you. Yes so again why you want us track time I heard. Yeah excel arm. Basically my best friend Lisa has been on like a million surged eight over the past year. And none of them really. Call her back like she'd never really been on a second date the entire match here. Arms and I kind of just wanna know. Why lately she's struggling you know her biological clock is ticking and she gets it confused at them and I attention create. We're hoping they could call that it did and get them on its feet. So you want tracked down this guy and asked him about early Shaq. Harry to have a great land that maybe he can explain. Why people aren't going on another day. Why salacious thought on it I mean you got to have. Series. Yet that's the thing of course you'd bias issue that I'm pretty you know. What's it mean obviously I'd love urgent treatment that's right and I like maybe she's not revealing everything happens so that's why. At a lot of the third parties opinions are. Here's an important question askew. Does that lesion now that you are calling lives. To. Get this do this research. And. Exactly. Exactly equal. And not exactly. Not all that not exactly means now. Well. About like how can we get on that she like. Ultimately ultimately get to look at someone else asked him about it L and we talk about that. She's been have a solution and I only got something he didn't that. That's why are rates so we get a hold. If this guy. He is once it died and diversity release it was that resent this the most recent first state. Yeah I mean we've been keeping track of all that you'd you'd kind of took that Todd is the most recent one that figured that being most traction is lying you know conviction we cannot. And. Got it two weeks do you know how tired and a lesion Matt. Yeah I know you couldn't. Today and how. Physical did that. I'm not. Really I think they like made out a little the ballot and then they parted ways. Seated in use maybe you know bump and run with this fact and it. And much of about you know how. But just fact finding. Lack elsewhere go on their first date you know. Yes they just like I can Applebee's and had children and could. He. We need to understand is that a true ghost thing like she went out on the date went home. The next day in the air from that soon air permits and a prominent. However much time passed and she's given up and isn't it true goes figured he'd send our message and say. You there at the on and gaming and her dad and me and resentment and. No we're also eat what texture at all. After Election Day officially decided to really reach out just casually and I can't I'm on a weekend and he's never respondent. So yes sure that's ink and did she meet all of the guys that goes there on line. Iron and hit Mary's position on a ticket agent and trying to anger I am in the late. Kind of a friend to get it you know that she tried everything. Because the online thing I was thinking might be. You know some people urges are we shopping. Right Saturday you know as I am for the next big deal yeah I was just. I can't. All right stay safe while the way it works is will spend the next 24 hours finding tied and seeing if Hillary come ominous and then when we do that we call out. You get to listen into the conversation we have with time they'll hopefully be pretty honestly that's about why he goes it. And that welcome back to you get your feedback. But. Perfect. All right well thank you for thinking of us and thank you for looking out for your frank you sent your good friend wing woman. You know I go standing on the Japanese games start four lines making the call and it's times. Some. One. Jesse James shot.