Ghost Hunting: Stacy Needs to Break It to Alicia

Tuesday, August 2nd


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Just talks to tide we caught him on behalf Stacey. Who's best friend a leash after when I'm one gateway time. Many fail. We found out why. As that sounds Stacy. Fairly accurate. That eighth I'm so disappointed because yeah I can see all of that they are rallying. So as you're describing a lease and the day you're 90 yeah she would do that she would do that amount she did that. I think yeah how long I think okay. So in general she is just like a really on a person which I think you know can be a pro and egg hunt at the same time by. I think at this point in her life even though are still quite young she is getting worried and she's had combat experiences so I think she should. Wanting to get into a relationship. Herbert is just like one night and there's underpinning that why it's kinda. Ask such intricate questions I had. Man yeah she can't media and that they had an apple either your first day. Reheat. Using it's that's a quick jump and a bowl jumped from rim blitz to children. Why do you think so worried about her future it's. You criticized last bit of advice which was just relax and have fun and it sounds like your friend could do that. But she just seems really. From his description really worked up about. Her future over controlling. Are they leaning. We've all been in love. And in relationships and we know that life is so much better when you're at someone and you know it gets lonely and you know I'm sure she's super discouraged that she'd been. Gusted so many carrying I I can't imagine how I'd feel it's tough though I would also be anxious like. I looked online and have that partner. But yet they delayed due in Atlanta not you know. And I think that guys can sniff that out right away. Bought thousand. More stupid than that you know they think they do they are. It chick hot young kids whatever. That's what they say it right I don't know if you heard me say this it's odd but the fact that he acknowledged her comments. And then. Went on to say it was still too much means that he did try to ignore it and that's talent and the knowledge says that the coaching eating giver. Connelly saying that had they say even though you're smoking hot. I did darn it hockey because you're adopting. I that you say just like that at Atlanta hat. This will be on our web site later today descended to earth. What would you. Jan let's do some role playing. We'll let Stacey are our collar goes on in collar play that role. The overeat or frames and hanging year the best he's trying to help what do you say. I know you relationship and I knew her boyfriend but as. Eager as you maybe. You need to relax channel. The word of kids and marriage should not come up in the first conversation in the first month of conversations. I at least in the first like five seats. If you're having your fur if you're sharing your first. Twenty dollar appetizer entree dessert meal at Applebee's. It should not be educated now. Yeah you'd think I can lock. All right thank so much they appreciate it you thanks for bringing it to us ghost town can't use it if you wanna be a part of it. I just didn't have to this year at the jet engine sheriff. And we will go goes it's used. Or your front and they tell. Teva gestures. Star in 941.