Ghost Hunting with Shawn and Mandy: Part 3

Wednesday, March 29th

They were going out for a month, but now she's getting really vague. 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James Young old now. In the middle of ghost saying we're about to pick up shining and talked to him about the reason that manes I'm calling him back in for that reason. Is BK is he would announce his starts to. Really know the idea. So. Are on the pretty citizens who give let's give him. It's already screws to bring the suit coat. She says. They want opera Mexican he gave the pork barrel gas. Okay this is the first day she rallied to it in front of him and thought he noticed it was mortified Susie just rid yourself from the situation. All are just the opposite his gas was so cringe worthy she could. I. I wasn't the announcement of but Brenda big ups you got it right and then I'd James. James is less famous but I'm not making that up. I'm FaceBook writes if they had Mexican for dinner I'm wondering if one or both had the typical reaction Mexican data and things got ugly. They were. We're all on the same page here in the room like. You don't do that okay. We just had a guy fart and you I know and I broke when that. I'm he's not at all time in the rose so funny and I was like dude I'm really happy and honestly in my iTunes match and all frilly. Don't surprise. That everything like if if it's got to be the worst thing in my entire life flight. May be apologist for what's about half an hour and icon and and close the windows I'm married. That's funny you bring me that's possible. That's. We're where do you stand is I javy did you kind of a bona Brody. Have a good. So in love with each other their leg. So you don't you think art and I. Don't isn't. Here's a man like lavender of these. Yeah I don't know how I got by giving them to be a Dutch oven. All the windows and then laughing about it is not a good idea. Well. John is kind of hold on man the ghost of him because he dusted her. And now the man yeah and name would it would announce it so it is time for us to do. Wrap things up with shine. I know this is so why do. I aid gu. IRI. I grew up in like. I really just family William again you my mom you know all the you know I heard the Lillian. Misses our party. And that was woods did that you know it's something my dad would say we Draper Tory party so it's yeah. At what a great I'll local trying to be nine in a you know. Yet that mean I see you write a 100% of the time. We went out for Mexican the last time and that's why it's. Yeah it's really funny they used to know that its progress. With that. She is. Yes and driving 98 you know on member embrace a use the bathroom like rate outlook okay. I am. A regular awarding. It a great. Time. I'm glad period yeah its frame for another thousand glad we're able to clear the air. Now it is I mean now I don't have to anoint stinks anymore. Terrible lament the future events happen. Just excuses so often not seen any change I just think it's the announcing thing that's probably. Now this'll too comfortable too Homer Simpson right after that. Now. I hear John. I don't think you very much here maybe just give up gluten. That maybe should go to our dear doctor. Secretary innovative problem. An enzyme can help them all right Chad thank you. You gonna be a part of Iraq. Go signing you can do that. Just sent us an email to users stern and for awhile since then that's the idea and welcome to the ship. Stay you do it the plays on Tommy do this again. Follow our leader. And while. I mean it's and it is such a violation. I'm so at some of every sense. And saying well. It's it's it's funny it's funny in the fact that on a low life and I will be will be in a Netflix and all the sudden you know get debt that. Kurdish. And that. And that movement in the best thing. And I'll just leaned over and divert giver and nice kid and sin and the enclosed and then it will turn around looking massage my shoulders. And and they all aside and boom. I think and that's not okay. Bill Lewis does my shoulders drink a cup at. Meet am in Jefferson. Yeah I'm not about is always said there has yet our confidence. And take a while like you know you have to be dating somebody for a lot and I. I don't or you can bring them at your art competent India like okay I'm up to the chart beat credit east. What did you. What what it's always okay being never. Yeah. I they would never let me tell you been married for a long time are together Turkey figured at some point you're an apple charges brought about by the rest of the accident but period of time and it can be like. Oh lucky week a big part of the car. Are confident. That you have to let someone and do. My eyes are always called. A specific window where that becomes OK I can feel like I hope that parents. I hit like if they have twelve year old boys have turned the radio a downer to invent another station because if not. The kid's going to be tighter grip the saw they but I also feel that this is a valuable lesson and the target confidence. Young man you can't just go break and wins fifth that's a year and your relationship you needed to build up some. Some equity before you accidentally let one slip outlook how much Jen is cringing right now just because she needs to fart word. I dale I know you can't I can't stand the words into we've sent about 45 times I now are now it's sure a lot of our jobs from Peter. I hope. And I I really that far and I actually I mean I I understand it and I completely agree that I eat where it can coming friend and my only lakes and. They have like burping contest and stuff like that well. Going into your relationship I can understand they welcome back. Oh about how important is just now. And I guess that's what you really earned her relationship right. Are a little bit more polite in the beginning of data manager and what's the window Wayne can you safely compact segment and crackled. I never. I don't know it's definitely not in one month Meghann and Jasper welcome to the Asia. Cause I eat crap I'm Maine my husband have been together prayer seven years and he has really bad got problems. And it really make me mad when he doesn't tell me are running and tell me. Like I I thought that deadly winds. Scared though. I want to move vine so bad. What I am telling you every single phone line is jammed with spouse sold gas story he's not. Claire in Duluth welcome to the show. Hey. While. Other quite hard because they are Eric the questioning Claire is why are you not by design. Isn't normal bodily function. And then how much you eat you know I just think and I happen to them I just laugh about it. Are you in a relationship. I don't would you ever roll up all the windows in the car and let when I go and then laughed at your tortured as. Now I would and make it something you have Blake. Everyone earth right now I would only be eleven are great the opera you are about it the more quickly everyone in the afternoon bar and and then the next time they'll even be weird. Make you gag and. I we can I think Omar called Jason and grace and its value because he rhyme with. Yeah so. In my life where I'm truly dedicated to edit or Alter flight entertainment I had done. So you saw it once ultra drunk one night and nearly broke up what people are hospitalized and then literally months later on to work. Well in that the other just watching TV I'm like I don't know about you would you like to go and then she took on all fours quicker but right my faith and it's all done. I. Know now medically. And they lived happily ever after. I'm gonna say Dino but there is zero chance they'll ever make a drama about. Part of my face we were together for eight years that Jeffrey Sanchez thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion out on star not before one.