Ghost Hunting with Shawn and Mandy: Part 2

Wednesday, March 29th

They were going out for a month, but now she's getting really vague. 

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Before we get Mandy and the so we went over a few of your theories that you share this on FaceBook over the past 24 hours. Okay theories are coming and that this have a lot of likes I'm not gonna say exactly how it's written but it says badger meantime was horrible. And a lot of lights and other when he doesn't know what he's doing in the bedroom she Powell is trying it out and realized that was the best that he could do a sorry if that sounds mean. And Fallon has a lot alike yeah. Yeah I was gonna mention. Would've called before badger aerobics yes. A lot of people have that a couple people also mentioned. That they went out for Mexican food yes and down what what Mexican food does to you. I might have been the issue or lay out and might not so mom. Bad badger whoever picks back. Okay. And then just they come in it got too serious and you don't wanna do it and then someone else wound she's pregnant. What about. And figuring out what our nation. What about that there were a one of their bunch of people who at least for saying that what of she just got reportedly she was just in a for yes and a couple of he's boring she's moving on got it or she was just in it for like that thank like would have she's just that the would have she dates like Kelly geez that's yeah yeah guy gets offended. Before saying I. In any irony I am a narrow filming arm and let's make the phone call the Mandy and find out why she coasted on a Shonn. So lets people Alyssa goes stage he'll. Don't tell. We are ghost hunting for making the on behalf of shined today because he pays. Or even at a person's sleep overs and they seemed really need to each other right away from. Are you laughing at I used to sleep overs now as pleasant as some sleepovers I think it's important to note that they manner and bumble. Yes and 100%. Of the date they went on and ended up in a sleepover. With the exception of the last one very last wanna yeah so I mean it sounds like they were have a great night. I wanna dates John and I. Now offers sushi AM and amid a v.s emanated Mexico then and each time day. Hung out after the date back at one of their places so he's been really surprised when she has goes to them. They can sense says from people who weighed in on social media between yesterday and today. Is that he did something on that last state that immediately turned her off apparently. Apparently Jan again not trying to enter a woman's mind. But apparently women have this switch and once it's flipped it doesn't come back time that can happen so it can easily it could be some things. You know if he said. I think vegetarians are stupid. And her entire family is vegetarian like in her mind should be like upward on. And got and that's it and then she has fades away so the consensus on social media is that. Heard something happen on that last day to just flip that switch where you out well and son that's the reason why we goes time is it that we can get the answers. For you if it will drive you nuts if you don't know. What kind of consummate flip that switch. And. So we'll see we're gonna. Officials tell us exactly why she goes said it and the whole time you'll be Donald okay animal come back to you right afterwards antsy which you think. Yes thank you still up for crap. Yeah our global terrorists ever Brit thanks Le did you know America but it's just look at it look at it is an opportunity for growth. I could see what you did and then let's make sure it never happens again. Gloria aren't are right I'm gonna put you on hold in our director would call rooms. Chris Hines who are. Planet Asia and I. And I. Hello this pity. The eight day maybe it's to and from the jet engines show has a gallon. I need to hurry though Lee are dead Jeff is here to you and we are appreciative that you're coming on the show with us today. Out and you're not in need and he had so and we talk a lot of relationships on our shows so surprise surprise we're gonna ask you some relationship questions school. I shouldn't have happened so recently even Davies and data not bumble ray. Right out and do we got a call from somebody that you'd dated. And he wants to know why you disappeared. Why goes to them. And Marco on and on behalf of Sean. I work. I okay. Very. So he explains who does bad things are generally agree and he's there's a real and sync connection with you guys and that is spent hundreds. Some time together and had some fun like sushi and movies and hanging out at his place in your place and all that stuff was gone great and then he feels like something. Changed. And now all cheered disappearing are just. Kind of mildly responding to text messages here and there but he's definitely feel on the brush off so he wanted to know what Penn. I ask you. And parents Thelma I don't know I mean you really tell the truth. Oh yes also assure we want you to tell. And he wouldn't I mean I guess we joke when he wouldn't call that radio station and less he wanted. It you know full disclosure. And whenever so. Okay well. Check. Mean I couldn't get on board with the fact that he. He like to announce his part. I. I doubt it's weird light I have never heard that news. I I don't Brothers I I I've never been around anybody that play announces. And their grip I liked it too weird to me and I just clueless. Other girls and it's funny or cute but it's grown it's. So what is this now how the yeah on what happened. Or kabob okay well I have to play. I'm like OK but once I'm we'd. Had gone magic the night before Eric and we're in the current the next day going to direct that any effect. And beer is getting to me I'm gonna. Hot box you know and I'm like you know I liked what we're talking about and need to. And like all of a sudden like the car was like oh my gosh so oriented I was like why. It can hack it and you think I don't even Iran. And on the windows and I don't like. How did you act like and I can't. I'm now all the time all the tangent like all the time and I chat. It progressed you think you'd be like. Listing up beside me like you're comes on. The. Tiger's red wrap party and it. Where are. The so I don't know it's ID do you out loud but it D'Qwell. And it really like now he cannot. So why that's fast forwarding a lot of years really really fast. I still I still don't think I've done in front of my wife low as you certainly wouldn't announce and resonate. HI DS. Ready for a hot box and no way home from Gothenburg and ma. Strapped in this I think there's. Going to be our rollercoaster. And. I. Expect. And I outweighed sells great and we donated a like a month. I would like Google news is doing now like after a month like I don't even wanna know oh. Let come after that I while we're getting. The phone with you because I can't wait to pick him out and now he's not gonna talk to us there is no where he's been listening to this so we're gonna pick him up and gives his back. We're gonna go there has got the and I thank you Mandy. And we are allowed them have a good morning. Anything again you know fans like whoa man he there's no way he's an intact as he's answered that is long gone it is silly little startled me. Three minutes from rate now we will pick up shine and talked to him about his Tom. Pressure washing business for this I think I don't know I houses and big and as sportscaster announcement adds yeah. And she I'll still are.