Ghost Hunting with Shawn and Mandy: Part 1

Wednesday, March 29th

They were going out for a month, but now she's getting really vague. 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell all now. Now tracking down that people who have goes Steve do you want. So we don't tell. Ghost hunting time in the Jeff and Jim show Shawn joins us this morning Janet and Michelle line. Is missing and a woman named and the case John. Hey you got a brother unaudited. Harry you last. Don't do well Kabila better put doing OK okay though it is on you that goes. Yeah. Big time the ball up big semi yes. Sort of let me and AM bumble. We went on both sort of digital recourse to a month. The end. Is completely change her tone. Recently. She's she'll respond. My text messages but some very. I displayed a vague. On. Yeah. Like now really have no clue. What happened thinking to be gone pretty well done. Just. Yes that's doesn't. So if she's responding to your messages. They've use and anything to her lying. We energy goal learned US Simi again or are hey things are de France. Yeah I haven't I haven't all right so that things are different ones who know lawmakers angry harassing people who are so good word girl alone well and you know so they ought just been busy. Sorry and then that's it there's nothing else. Akron and the community's help with the awkward congress if he did on day. Than a year now. Yeah. You know it's just throw it like a random one like little poop. Modi and I don't sometimes I don't think ago we keep pace the Empire State Building and a sushi world says to people on their to elect. Here. All right so skinny started the beginning of your relationship. With Manny is that you Matta and bomb ball was it like Arabs from a line or was it. Yeah it was pretty good I daily. You Aaliyah and eight other kind of like her first day I mean we want now. Now we had we Lang got sushi. Because sushi emerging yeah and we. And we went back their lives and watched. Two movies I'm not a super magical that Bloomberg was the ruling night. Beat Simon went on for the duration tonight. And around again I think later that week actually and we caught a movie and then we went back to my place and hung out for a little bit. So it was an error so if I'm reading between the lines it war is hot and heavy. From. They get you know. Yeah active they have done enough. Dates where you know maybe you meet her caught here forever and after half hour you both kind of know late. All right doesn't think I don't work and that was that was and the at all there was like real cute and now we're almost. Didn't kind of put on each other from the get go. Air did anything awkward happen at all like any weird conversations or anything that he did there. You know I really we reunified about it saying. China I don't think she seemed disappointed were running things that I could town hall. Yeah I really don't know on the united I've known and in the past you can kinda tell but I mean our last we went out for Mexican on our laps the last ten I hung out and you know. That we had a good time went back my place and an outing in the same thing and. Per our percentage wise how many of the nights that you went out. Total. Did you guys end up package you're placed third in her place. All of them and then the last one she initiated didn't stay over. Burglaries and this is there's your. There's that things something campaigns. May be on the last one you think and either on the last eight or. She. May have had like gay am. Change of heart. By. I've thought since they met on bumble she's. Dating right verb right gap potentially dating other people and I thought maybe he was getting the polite brush off because. She's dating somebody else and maybe another relationship is ramping. But if if she typically would spend the night and then this last time she did not spend the night and the theory that the gap. I'm not gonna pretend or even try to answer a woman's mind. Right Jan is it piles coming in here it's complicated a guy but he very possible that a woman and why is. Filling some physical needs with Sean and Mandy and John Willard. Compatible and somewhere they reach getting something out of it and then she just cited sided like matter wanna do this anymore. Like thinks pops either she was getting emotionally invested or she wasn't getting emotionally invested and she didn't like that. Or she was just. She is needed some then and then it's not yes anymore I think women in manner different and that Mara. Yeah I think anything is possible. I kind of have the sneaking suspicion something happened that night that would have turned her I. I what will do shine is will call. Mandy today will give the OK to get her to c'mon witness and vein 24 hours from rate now while you're listening and walk call her. And wolf find out why she goes to use that sample. Yeah absolutely radical. All learn and share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.