Ghost Hunting: Shannon Reacts to Kimberly

Wednesday, June 8th


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Thank you for making this list today Jesse James shot on still I'm not. We just talked to Kimberley on are ghost town for this week we we're tracking her down for Sheehan who wanted to apologize to Kimberly for being a really bad bullied in middle school we just briefly talked to him. He advocates Kimberly is not interested in. Three connecting machine and in any way shape or form pushing and you got to hear all of that. What do you think. And I mean I'm obviously. On the fact that. I watched or heard such a strong about it I get it on the exit or. Wow I didn't response you are personally. Channel that won't let me ask him. I'm it's watchable about our last option and it's getting to four so I are it's a world. Well law and its. On the there are a lot of things. Yeah and what they're getting worse and you know it's. Not that important shouldn't I won't I won't stop me what is it a little bit like ground. Long actually I totally backtracked and sure while you can. Maybe write a letter and if we can track down her address why don't think we can get a tour but she's saying I don't want contact that's trio. Just feel it can never would have bottled up anger in your life. Now let it go and of forgiveness became a habit at this point giving somebody like if Kimberly forgives Shannon. That is a gift for Kimberly. Makes sense it's not it's machine but you can't determine why it. Is a gift to Kimberly and what's not know what I what I'm saying as a more universal thing forgiveness is the gift that you give yourself. Because if you're the one carrying around and right you're the only one that it's eating up and tied. You know I'm saying I understand we are saying but what what I'm saying is. Kimberly does it what led maybe she doesn't want maybe some things. We don't know what effect of this hatton came right says some things might be unforgivable. Thanks in Kimberly is mind which Shanahan did to her and what Shannon did the course of her life might be unforgivable. And that being said she doesn't have to forgive him and if you don't want him. But Shannon's asking for rights forgiveness to bring herpes. Kimberly doesn't wanna give Shannon that piece. But the next level of that is that. Giving her that peace and letting go of that anger is truly the gift for Kimberly Kimberly can do that with out Shannon might point to. Kimberly can decide. Next week you know lack. I'm over it like that yeah she has had the chance and that at a news channel and there's errors psychoanalysis. As. Hello radio DJ's breaking down. Completely un educated and qualified therapy session. I mean. It all on to each. So that when that I won't. Amount. Could. A little while what you want news and what's important and. To reach out to us. All our world. It's ghost hunting again even when it's not successful for them it's successful for us to answer high five did you in fact the person that thinks now. I think it was a good job this week if you want it goes on for any different seeking email Jeff army. At star 941 Atlanta got let's just. Shall. Or one.