Ghost Hunting: Shannon Bullied Kimberly

Tuesday, June 7th


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Jen shall we go. The name of the segment is ghost tanning it's exactly how it sounds somebody go sit on you. Jen and I will hunt them down weak track down people who disappear in your life and today we are talking wish they Shannon. Whole world. So you have somebody you need to find in your trusting us to do that. Yeah and really look inside. So early on next half. It's totally check where it'll models for a and I just try to need to make amends for. Oh really so. You knew her in middle school and what was your friendship like or lack thereof. Lot of console platforms I made really just kind of chief shouldn't fully how rotten how small and China won't be cool and so it that that appeared as being quote adage out as a world that we eat meat on our sort of what they achieved more action in. Only slightly more days. I don't know how factual ones are solvent. Probably a little always I don't know Trudy optional. Do you Wear a real life mean girls. Yeah honestly ads the banners say happy app. What is it right now that's making you think of her wanna go apologize to sending come up and your life. While I think it's important won't want to do so while all. When things from watching it all my daughter and actually be on the on the spot. It just that normally chatty impossible without a long time coming by at and what you can actually they want to sit and it's all my daughter out Accenture and she's been in general immediately. Thought it even mark or quite yet it's how much I want well. How did you leave it where that the girl that you bullied. Now that's what we won't didn't really leave it warm ER Armitage just never came back. To school should there to save inspections that went and then. Eight age she just didn't come back and you want to do it ourselves. Our little while and she blasts or would actually land in particular but there are such as telling the whole scoring and operational. You want her and I see if I worry that movie now apparently it I don't want me in Detroit Charlie what I should kitchen products like. Then. This is pretty heavy duty because he could've really affected her life. And so many ways. World when you're. So we can try to track her down. Yet the way it works is we'll take 24 hours try to track her down. If we do find her at this time tomorrow wolf call her. And you listening to that conversation that we have out there and and bull basically say. Do you wanna talk day Shannon she's looking for you. If you want we can teller why specifically looking. And should leave either give a thumbs up or thumbs down. Warm it's horrible which she is it typical pol wow you got out on the that's a long are you appoint them any moment. It's not a lot of by trying to get it he says it just trying to apologize and. You want to on the anti war has actually long trend of. All right okay so this time tomorrow we will hopefully have her on the phone and you get to listen and we'll see Erica is okay. Our own. All right thank you for the get nervous for the Shannon ands and got it's no olive view that's a good thing I think so. As long as it's an Kimberly Phil batter and not to make you feel better you know. Yeah and that I'm a lot of poem I can only as Chang may also by artists. We need it is something that Shaq and these are all island ally really here and eat even more than workshops where Brad Arnold. I was talking this time tomorrow and Jen shall we does.