A Ghost Hunting Request from Sophie

Monday, March 20th

Sophie feels like her old friend Mica from high school has been totally blowing her off

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Czar not before one. Tracking down that people Lewis goes debut on. It's so you don't so. Welcome Citgo setting up Jeff's engine jets Sophie how can we via. I was saying that you guys can help me explain to parents and told her that plays his club yeah. And Bernice well I think it's. He asked her name is my character who do you eat fast and earth and we just and I guess. Like lots indoor and because you're dead and eighty. And who went off to college and any later clutch of people that I. I write like springer and there's media and really respond 820 eerie music and Adam and last ball and I didn't care what was the bleeding. So you didn't get a chance to go up turns any. Now they're like a girl that I'm pretty sure it or eight years earlier this trend started and now. I I like the answer and then the predicament like locking away he added I can't wait. The I mean I don't know what that and I'd really like Gary Kubiak. That bless you Jan. Does it she. Not to use social media or have you are you now friends and social meet thirtieth mutual friend he. Let's see how these that I had thought Neitzel and the debated it for you guys and at different last name. And that's photo. Like that at it take a picture of a cat so I learned how. Diet. I've written UA and there's been no response. Have you friend requests they can be right page we GAAP brands within that you never. And sometimes it goes yeah. Basement purgatory of no no man's land. Yeah I mean I sent it over class pet. Eight cents and Mary it's like not yet but still pending. As weird. So was there any falling out between two. And meet their bats friends. You we are aware and be. After graduation we aren't there that the party that played great together and it is. I didn't leave restored chatting or all summer long and then who went out to college and I. Q it trampoline we still kind of popped that it. It blocked shots in most. Make a normal thing that happened you know when you grow rapidly growing. So you want us to track her down and find out notes. If she wants to be back in touch with you one and number two if she was at the reunion. Was that her and was she avoiding you on purpose. And and I'd like Kurt that I would like. Well we can and we as a co signing is all about and that's what we'll do we just need 24 hours. To confer with her that she's willing to come on the radio. And local and then wall have you back on at this time tomorrow and while you listen and we'll have a conversation with her hopefully. Lesser offenders and you'll get to. Hear the answers that questions. Or lose a great unit I perfect so at this time tomorrow we made a phone call ghost hunting. For Mike on behalf of her high school friend Sophie who she hasn't spoken to and when he. Are looking per unit. She I'll still are.