Ghost Hunting Part 3: Chris & Tammy

Tuesday, January 17th


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Because we know driving sixty miles per hour it's nearly impossible on the perimeter. Yeah dollar and sixty with Justin Jan nonstop now on still are not before one. The name of the segment goes patting Chris. And they favorite server at a restaurant demand for a year ago in every weekend here and now she's gone. He calls us up to tell us all about her her name is Tammy. When we just called hammy and unfortunately for us to make the same impression and Tammy. Tami made an. Sorry for us. Or. You name like crazy names. You know all in all Christmas islands and I think. She says she is senate are regulars that she would see all the time and. I was like you're really brought it here actual war. Walpole home. The good news he. Are you crying. Well I. Come. The good news is you beat she is doing well let you live its now and I she's doing in him while she's got a new gig everything seems call. So you heard that right so that's good right. And yes choose the latter but she didn't want last pass along any restaurant name or anything. Yeah it is. Yeah I'm not really surprised that. Content. Darren is a real sign that. And as good as they used to that I bought an arm. It seemed announcer said nothing in so many times like when I'm in the air it's supposedly. It's really weird at home. And so this seemed to be honest I was sure that you know. Me. I guess I just I just I guess I thought something different completely completely different and and yeah is that there. In that transactional. Setting. I'm guessing that. There might be some communication. Is in students and snow. All of us it was just it job and be an alien being at server. I think a lot of room. Yeah I just it's just so we're still that didn't happen. And our system. And also doesn't look at this minute this issue obviously. I. Me I'm sorry Chris I look. A guy by our critical support. All right sorry about actress. While the hated player planning efficiency. And there are no such an open. My question is is that an occupational hazard. For people in the service industry ought without doubt I had a restaurant server or is this has happened to you all the time. I you know of the couple to know a couple people that I wrote called friends who. Made bank on their parents shocking. Right they're both women a kind they're both beautiful. They're both. In shape yes right okay and I know that a work at a bar it's recorded by. Deeds you have cash. And they're make it. They weren't that relationship yes but I it's not they fall. They're doing it they're not in the industry that's part of it hey thing is that occupational hazard where you have guys like Chris who fall in love with you. I think Chris might be extreme. But they stripped of Lexington. I have and a couple of pro for a U 6309. For a while we now on is this an occupational hazard for you. Just love me on Twitter said the skin auditioning for the bachelorette because the heavy sighs pushing them towards creep or Christmas as. A I like the way that Jiang went into. Legal mode. In the middle well trying to do as well and be diplomatic they're trying to figure out of chris' crying and I think. Internet can think he was I asked him and he is a man. Than Jen does like this. Adding that it and I'm guessing that. There might be some communication with it misconstrued in some snow. Making not just a bad and I welcome the dividend champ. Hey. Hey you know that aren't they have they're like how that there Burton had to Wear black that and one of my partners. Told him look like a technique secretary admit it and the over the bar. While I would hate to be his real secretary because that's now part of the job. Our era in which it. Hey I'm. I would Wear an I really dark army. Aren't they. And met me lol I went art then there are eight and I want to all they saying. It was it was uncomfortable. It's not UN. Alleged bias toward. How does. You're the self check out cashier. You have no personal interaction with him in any egos known how does he I think you. Rule. Or. That's really impressive. Checked out cashier's relief. That sounds like when I was I was determined. And I was convinced by people on the team. It's the most important job that he's in jail and. Is it talent. It Allen McDonald the share. Yes OK I'm on trial and it men are only thing that some legal connector and a deep like. Does he get into it but they then went and get a life like there a comeback and each day and you Larry and they let your aunt Marian Indian Lebanon and that usually are actually had a. You people but they strip elected to do people from forgetting Sarah Marshall dynamic now in Judy. I'd do people saying yes you the gentleman's club for the ladies making light. But will women did flowers for example from their customers. It. Sarah and Marianne. It happens all the time guys I call eight. You can't Wear regular breast dot it would ethnic restaurant etched. Are a little bit got my eyes and you know what I get a couple free drink and I made my bank. Let people love with you. I'm not really and love that they weren't content like tree dead and and that Angel. I would link and that it would only a light. So you got it is it safe to say that if you got another jobs there and UN to a different restaurant. Like within a couple of weeks you might not remember the names of all these guys who would command. I completely I can really recognize or they did I really now and it would not just at the men the women here I mean and data I don't think that their slow and you give them that you get combat experience and especially at crafts arts. A lot of that is really do and I'm at the parade. I'm. Com. I'm questioning every relationship I have had. With every every ever. You me everyone. I'm fairly regular at the rodeo spot in seeing these things and I'm worried that. She gives everybody extras ankles for. I'm being the only when it. Mara welcome to the show. I ain't here yet you at one time. Isn't it what song this is important what song it's the. On loan act and he didn't hang that's where went sideways and the way you look at him. I love section. Exactly. Early and it apparently I did okay and he got really answered that and act my friend where he could find me and I told him the restaurant Eric that. You like coming here to return there all week. Creep me I'll ask them and I election in nineteen Embraer. Everything how to get in the manager called the police. On my guy national. Back to back the way you. And bald. And bad he actually never come back by this happens all the time and it kinda eerie at this is your back saying that it. It can be leery. Met Merrill that really should those be your friends when they said how can I find her. Response should have been and while there's a fated signed by the side of the road. Incidents fifteen miles and love shack so he's gonna let him down. The Atlanta. Yeah Atlanta highway with both in and actually they emea. And cars because away now. Leader. I'd thanks for the call Mara. Appreciate it. Odd conversations like this always continue if you relate to report your occupational hazard units so charming and beautiful. People won't leave you alone learn. Part of what you do in the service industry basement dot com slash the definite chance. NGOs solid sixty continues.