Ghost Hunting Part 2: Chris & Tammy

Tuesday, January 17th


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Tracking down that people who have goes debut on. You don't so. This thing on his absence did this week. Reyes and once tracked down Sammy. Chris was fond of Timmy is regulars at her restaurant he would. Always see her on Saturdays and isn't he doing there and they have quite a friendship over time. And he felt like they had a pretty special relationship but the last couple weekends he's been in there she is and no show. And he skit and not really great answers from the management of the restaurants so. He wants Jeff Snyder called Tammy and find out why she goes sit Richie go what happened is missing him. So. We Christa we get all that right into missed anything. I'll be all right. I we're gonna ask you to hold on we're gonna call Tammy she had we have found and she has agreed to c'mon that's now. Also writes a rescue to hold on in the in this in this conversation call. Okay great thanks as the. Yeah. Jen no were re. Straining order as I can see answered. Yeah. This. I am pleased with me. Yeah in her hey Tammy this is and Jackson from cern and 401 how are you. Her bed and get Larry there are gonna get a hold of me yes we haven't evil to you and and talk you because there's somebody in your life who has been missing you the last couple of weeks. Any idea. That. I mean that can't promise things. And I wasn't. The guessing game that we are getting my hopes that but yeah. He tracking down and find out what happened because. Chris has been missing you every weekend. It. Is that your regulars at your restaurant. As Saddam he came to see you every week and in ritzy address on Saturdays and Sundays he felt like you that's adequate and chip and inaction and he. Went back and has been for you but nobody has been able to tell them where you went so did you leave your job and in a new car. Well I mean between you knew that I did it. Although I mean your agency now we're on that are on radio right now so. Jorge de. A maiden achieved. Here yeah I had I don't know he would eight. You have a customer or command ever me. We cans for like the past year and on his birthday was in November and you Bonham a meal or something and in his name's race. I mean no later regret such. And slow night in remembrance day and get a bit. I don't. In England glittery way and I mean it. Honestly it it's it her dog leak looked evil. Life. They are likely the person. I'm Kerry look. I mean and he's. I mean in the moment I genuinely enjoy people looked at the time. Then I mean she. I think there's so many people on their hard earned her in June. Solutions remain dormant for a spec and the minute I saw him. Is very Ecstasy usually it's bases that are familiar is it safe this ego bad if if he were memorable. Then all you would remember him and that seems like a silly question that made him praising Iran. If you wanted to know him at all if you want to know him better than him just being a regular U wide is that an accurate statement. Yeah yeah advocated. Term. I mean. Keep that he cannot find the entire cold me and who and hang our network and that to become something. Clearly in need intention. Yeah IE eight. I don't think they're gonna happen lesson learned here is what I don't remember. And then it its sweet that he tracking. Yeah did you ever date any of your customers. Now now I am I'm actually that person there me. I asked her mind and burn every weekend. And I had people click on the link we won't ask several people in the integral that's funny today. Yak. And it it really hand. And gotten better at. Should be direct with people saying how could not attend Friday at age you know have been trying to get out my number in and yeah thank you looking really into laying in. And then afterwards they never. Really never killed raped me and that way. Well. New job yeah area are you OK yeah everything good in your where he is concerned to make sure yeah it's pretty good radio. Yeah I had in math and science by now I. I didn't on the April the earth and allow. I'm not good. Then you need to know any thing more than I mean I'm flattered. I really am. A Democrat anyway and kept me in this particular. Fashion. Thank standing flattered and you're doing great. Okay and wish him the best prepare exactly right. All okay about it I think it and it didn't say I I will compact in three minutes of procedures can't use that. All pleasant car where thing will pick up Chris and it is not here enters its second. Three minutes exactly. Now and again contention. You haven't heard it today in the weeks and they'll notice that colonies on your pants and we'll cover youth justice you know just 84 line.