Ghost Hunting Monica searches for Darren.mp3

Monday, July 18th


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Did she doesn't usually show. Ghost running is our weekly segment wary tracked down people who have ghost did and you leave banished out of your life. And Monica has been a problem with a guy named dinner and he Monica. Lol tell us about banishing there. GAAP and actually a coworker of mine we work together a lot of them act here. Actually left for an elaborate equipment that we impacts. Work pretty close at feet. Chat like days look like that chatter it the next year matter. I mean at lunch or bring them whatever weeks. And he went on that occasion and the patent on that one thing but it could be the next call Everett in the back. I don't 98. How long we're at second or why I was just wondering how long ago was it. You said he went on vacation this family came back. And OK says it's not like he has its values and back for three days you may be buried at work. Now it's like a month. And honestly like I want noting that that a big ticket and he's like a professional manager you know so. I really don't add him personally or rational. So have you followed his social media and figured out if he's posting elsewhere like he's alive right. It's like you know it shouldn't kid who took him he's discussing you know not life engine yet. Did you have anything going on that you know of I don't know if you're close enough to him and this announcement was anything going on at work with his job. Where he might not have been able to. Agree might not be able to talk too lazy. I guess you can answer that because of these social media. Posting another I mean you. I think it does. This just a hunch but did he ever say that it's quite a problem with your French. No matter I'm at bat. Her and medical family. And I think he'll kind of weird but reach out but quite tightly she's political she's there and it. Ha. Yes that is released you have reached out to his wife for you're saying you know out of here. It could be like that but it into the feel strange. Are you. Are you single. What can I can. So this track him down and see if you did something. And he hit the front and we worked at a or their shelter. Okay any other questions if we can track him down and get him to come on with us any other questions that you want us to ask. No I don't know if it it. Yeah I love the way it works is tomorrow morning at this time we will call ID Aaron. We'll have a conversation and you'll be able to hear that conversation became an academic all. And and will find out what the story is and welcome back to you feedback will be that it is full time tomorrow morning cool. So.