Ghost Hunting: Melanie & Anthony Part 1

Tuesday, December 13th


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Star in 941. That's. Family ripped of their relationship required. If they've removed bears them Lugo goes turning from around here suspect and. And coming up next to bring new phone scam if you have ever seen as signs where owners some of corn and trying to get the attention for small businesses and wondered. Other employee reviews. Well we're gonna solve that mystery for you if the answer is jab when he is fun gaming someone you'll hear about that after we just reject intention. Ghost hunting I'm in the jet engine chip and a public service to track down people who are. Who have disappeared out of your life. And went. Without explanation you need to find out why. You. Say hello to Melanie who would legacy of co signing for her hey Melanie welcome to the champ. Larry we are well. As. OK so who are we ghost hunting for content. I am trying to track down money and I mean can you say it they don't think we're about. And thick and it's if he years ago. Okay okay. How all three guys when you when you and you'd. Aren't we are only sixteen. And actually I have a break out with the daily news out Garrett. Obviously tried to find Anthony on base. I have yet that you patent that could be very very high and that I've been elect and like I have left lit one. I've observed that he had let the them are threats that south. Now when he moved out did you guys try Sam. Sixteen year old long distance relationship type of thing every guy has like no this is down. It it literally no offering anything that this my purse by our. And I know that and let him do it might as saying practically. At that age you that they balloting can alert I didn't really keep and pilots. We that they acknowledged that theory each other now cursory lover or whatever. Got it and so what's going on in your life where you want check and talent wise even on your mind. This many years later. I'm actually going to be an Arizona. In two weeks stroke where. I just biking and I can may be checked out. As to kind of edgy but it behind you that Iranian. It's going on let them. And hit you for I was gonna say you tried his. Old light. Phone number whatever but fifteen years in another state and moving every six needs it's not the same number. All I know you even know that he's still in Arizona. He is I can't tell that they that page that I'd bet that. In fact I think so but no I'm not pressure. And zero interest and reconnect him and him is it romantic or is it just I. Embody what's up. I mean I wouldn't the F. Encouraging them and their romantic at you know everything worked out that Amy Adams wanted to check and end the very end. Any idea about his status are life like as he Geary did anything like that. Now having no idea of Sierra. It's easier crib aren't well this is easy. What we do is that I just asked him to give us 24 hours. The new tracked him down and get him to agree to pick up the phone we call. And and tomorrow morning at this time will call him. You'll be listening in on the phone call and you'll hear us and the conversation we've him hopefully. And reconnect you and and if he's agreeable and able we'd give each other's numbers. He's in half they should be I simpler if we find them doesn't want to talk to their first. I'd Melanie we will talk to you again at this time tomorrow. When we know hey ghost hunting for Anthony. On the Japanese and. In case you haven't heard it today we look down. And no one noticed that colonies on enhancing discovery of the jumping ship shelters Don and 841.