Ghost Hunting Melanie and Anthony Part 4

Tuesday, December 13th


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The jet engines shells. Tons dollar and ninety. Katie welcome to Jeff's engine and shall. Hey you know hey give comments about this Melanie and Anthony who we just. Talk to is part of ghost Manning Anthony. And Melanie where a couple of back when they're sixteen and then he moved to Arizona with his family. Fast forward eighteen years she tracked him down he has zero recollection of her existence. Okay are all that guy is not a lie here. Yeah all halls and as you know we have quite here. That they either eight hi all I know Melanie and Akron there on the Internet I'm on the girl. Go to girl right. So you think you all believe remembered who she was there for some reason why acknowledge it. All in the late. Yours is so weird. I think that it Italian origin and a pregnant on her without government that there are. Erin welcomed the ship thank you for I'll thank you encampments that. Eight. But that doesn't mean he wouldn't remember. That does not view it as it. Laugh he doesn't wanna go to air at that point I. It's an interesting theory but why wouldn't he just say that. Ain't that comfortable anyway saying. On the radio anyway. Settings is denied her existence. I still the ninth and it. I have it I have a theory that I did that just popped in my head and I'll wrap my after an attack Stephanie indicator it's. Yes maybe he Mary maybe even Parker Selena wanna be on the radio at that. He doesn't want to connect what her. Now wanting to reconnect with their big did you say that's really sweet I'm married. Yet again. Is that what will always get jealous that something that happened when you're a sophomore. This. Mean you never know maybe he never heard. And it'll be weird that the white find out to have that ready. RA. Stephanie that's Stephanie that he has a beautiful accents or what ever she says is the truth so that's. Ed thank you send me thank you and I've got a I've got a theory. OK. I would like to run this period by you immigrant amber amber. RE PO there Revis and my theory and Tommy if it's even within the realm of possibility. Around my morale by you again eureka I think it's possible that sixteen years ago. That Melanie. Wise Anthony's light side. He was dating somebody als may be that different school of some Belichick he's now saying you can make a anxieties that way. Melanie is number two. Even though it's fifteen years later he doesn't want to admit he was messing around and somebody. Others around the holidays and happy we need east room. What is he's now married to who ever his bicycles we are all. But beyond all of that and that suggestion to give it to her yeah it. She can't incompetent and sell it she got it she gets hot I really wish he would greet him that are so it will. That picture. At an update that outlook like K. The electorate in weather in her memory or not you will now. But I also amber hurt her comment on. All on that thing at high school they edit it down their guy Eddie in that I didn't let each well here about. I'm so I think she should reconsider sending that picture it should be an epic that would not want our back end. You have you know I era and out at at at at Oregon. Thank you hammered army ambulance now. I hit it possible day he told another girl maybe in the values where there that he would. This course load. Again. It's fine I OK it's not the first love theory that seems a reasonable. I newspaper in that manner let them you know I don't know that you're you're my first love is in your life. You know this that isn't alarmingly get asked how. Yeah if you're warming them at their lives. Have. Jeremy really and doing a lot of good Forman race. So I hope. Secret and thanks to look at. And Jimmy once sentenced to Manny. That is surely guys well Larry he's committed to a story you he met this woman that he's at now at age 182 years after move rather. He only remembers Melanie. Atlas them. Really Smart about my own accord in the park my thank you for the blueprint close movement. It will take one last comment here I honestly thought about this soak dry and I am of the theories that. Loan. They can episode in the first 48 everybody's. All right Tracy you're the last investigator on the case which in theory. Well I think that the that maybe day you may not be interested in women anymore. But if he is that wouldn't you just say oh yeah I remember her you ain't gonna you know will reconnect her RE yeah like. Yeah those kinds of difference there I'm in a committed relationship. So I'll let you just be vague about it. This really scared he'd get to litigate a claim any bad. It yet man or law manner and me and I met Melanie o'clock. I didn't even up. I was critically listening. Well thank you very strange that I think he's Tracy. There's any any theories that we did not talk about you can share them with us and our basement aides are always keep the conversations going on line. Like mine and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook. Search star in 941 Atlanta.