Ghost Hunting Melanie and Anthony Part 3

Tuesday, December 13th


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Star in 941 that's. Goes chatting I know that Jackie Chan shelved quick recap Melanie called us wanted us to call her. High school sweethearts. And six months his name's Anthony. I broke out his parents made a move to Arizona weighed down when he is just sixteen. Noticed for the rest of their lives together. So we tracked him down to. Column. We just talked to Anthony and he was like now and eat like that name and even ring a now. We confirmed he had the right I. A Melanie. Yeah. I'd. It was really odd. Yeah. Some pictures of any pictures of mystic and how they just not have a memory at all. Turnout it it really annoying because I met a lot leave and I got that they can go the other way around that. I'm kind of wondering if maybe he's making. But he doesn't remember me like pretending not turn underneath. Wiley wiley wiley retains not remember you. I am now in me maybe because his best friend at the time and also like you need that made it kind of weird. Hey I was fifteen years ago late. You know what 32. Now. Yeah. Playskool at a high school drama does not last that line. Network zero no way. And now it might indicate. Thank you are. Alan I'm not at all at all and prayer at cracking down. Sorry it didn't go the way I was hoping we television I don't know that. Honorary. It's only or. I feel lots of three connecting your eyes I feel I ate. We should at least. Send him a picture of a if you have any pictures. Of you guys together and high school and send it to just. Our pain and point out that being gone. Well I would think that the radio I had nine thank you are. Thank you glad you just Russell Erika. Don't appeal rejected like that it yeah. OK. I. Ain't. My feels so bad. I did. A. You burn he's in who knows he can America. Big goals donor and ice on the is that when our turn now has no memory let's have. Or possible or generally followed this by you is it possible. That. A woman and not much more of the relationship. And it died away if high school. Ike in in your twenty's or even in college mean by. First patient ships impression on forever. Or get some media for six. I'm just saying it's not. Jog your memory bad. Yeah remember. Take phone calls from line. All 404741. And 9400 if you wanna talk to I've and the jet engines now.