Ghost Hunting Melanie and Anthony Part 2

Tuesday, December 13th


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Tracking down that people who have Goss did you want. Don't tell. This week we heard this hunting or Melanie. She is honest that she is trying to track down her versatile. Melanie. Sick and handed Cherie got this thing is Anthony they dated about six months. Fifteen years ago. And they were each other's personal of when they were kids he moved to Arizona. And because of that you know. Distance they would have for whatever reason just decided that we're too young can't keep it up and now she hasn't been able track embarrassed FaceBook pages come on lockdown has responded to any messages. Says she wanted to see if we can goto sending for her and find out what he's up to Steve we tracked him. I'm Melanie we have found him what we've gotten a hold of him. And it and it. Eisner. Has. Yeah. Hi how we're gonna put you on hold and you get to listening to this whole conversation right. I think Ed Murray. It. Yeah. Hello. Anthony please. Them. Anthony and from the jet engines satellites aren't in power you. And they are going to come on that's we have a segment on our show. Called ghost hunting where we tracked down people who have disappeared out of other people's thoughts. Okay public service that we also have. And you are somebody that we've been trying to attract and so we're glad that number and that you agreed to moment that everything. And an idea who might be looking for you. I hope nobody at the time I I honestly have no idea. We are not line force and we are trying to track you down for Melanie. Brown well okay. And so Melanie has like fond memories of your relationship. And talked about how you her first love. But if I slept when you move to Arizona. And she just wanted to say tracking down and find out what you're life is like now. Obviously eight. I don't remember Melanie. I am sure it was the right person. If you live. In Atlanta when you're sixteen. Yeah a tank. And in and you know Lawrenceville area. Yeah hey I don't remember knowing you don't. Did you have a girlfriend and your sixty years ago. Probably another long time ago I tried at. Replace all my awkward younger years with a bitter new remember each. She's an executive for six months for. Means it's sixteen is an eternity next month and for club and first lot of. I wouldn't I don't think you might hurt some lows. I mean I would I honestly don't. Know you're talking about. I hit high school also you know do Dayton her old enough and serious then announce. And you remember the name of it maybe is it possible. Acumen of the name of anyone the U dated in and the high school. I mean there is helping whoever that you and that there's Allan. But not not Melanie. And Ichiro made it certain change in her something. BBC and different nickname or something. I don't know with the so bizarre. I've written this person said they knew we dated me. Yeah. Hang on 12 thank sir. Hey I'm Melanie. Is there anything that you can give us that might jog his memory. My eight. I'm. And narrow your apple are. Or are they say did you go to prom together are or where did you use to get a mere sixteen yards couldn't seem exactly dispute dates. Yet there is no to leave the heart. By the cold maybe theater I take it down and their apartment or leave it out there and play that shocked a lot. Okay and did you driver did he drive. Yeah and do you remember what kind of carry had. All guys. That was at is that a pickup truck was that car was in but. It was a car what I really wanted to enter it like Canada on a hotbed. Accord maybe I'm and one of cholera. You're gonna like that based Keller. I can I hope that. He dated Helen and Janet. And I use of these records so you seventy when it. You need to. And a hey Anthony. Did you drive a Bayesian Honda Accord when you're sixteen. In dead. Okay how the person responsible way it was weird. Do you remember spending time. Near some movie theater there closed. It had a part Arab parking lot next to it. Does that ring a bell you would go in your car. It sounds familiar you are out. She was lined with you in the car as well as she can hang. Yeah sure I can sort of somebody else. But kind of thing yeah I can't remember who is in that car. Did you I'm. How many years you go to college for her. An Olympic eligible for years lot of parties and yeah there are a lot of parity ink. I and I expect him he's seriously have zero recollection of the we ask you to describe this person. Yes and yes I aim Allen. Yeah I can't remember the name let alone what's keeping looks like. I assume I am I at this point I'm assuming it that she only milk quickly Earl. I have no idea. I. The way it lets you go OK Anthony. Yeah well it's totally fine thank you have created thank you for your time tank and yeah their troubles and I. And I will come back in three minutes or pick up on memorable Melanie and on and cells. Welcome back into it until they got Melanie wealth. Negative about this go setting and the Japanese interest aren't any four month. Where he doesn't feel like work when you have a great. Turn his son when you get to work and get ten songs in a row every hour on starting now before blind.