Ghost Hunting: Matthew is a Con Artist!

Wednesday, August 17th


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Tracking down that people would go ST do you want. We don't tell. Today we are going ghost hunting for caring and we're tracking down and Matthew that it had a couple of great date. And he just goes fit. Disappeared I think she's three really awesome day and she's just wondering what exactly happens doesn't know. It's just and thirtieth candles off analysis and just want some answers on why he needs to continue you had a great time when Matthews so. Karen thank you all that right or miss any of. No no that's good that you read about cricket. Okay our tricks well. You are going to be on hold and you can listen into all of this as we contacted as. And I'm. Asking you extend from the jet potential hazard and couldn't. How are you got to us and we are intent are dead. No need to be freaked out we're just Colin on behalf of somebody went on a few states that add a couple of months ago you remember going out with Karen. Rules but that's not really. Okay she said you guys met on bumble bee that could jog your memory a little bit she said he had. I'm and three eighths a couple of months ago and she was just curious why. Why ages. I think this discussion did you really bad when you played a do a lot of dating. I you know I'm not really like eating and so romance but it's kind of let. Debt debt do more digging for sports you know. So I got up to date met some people well and that's you know let that not really gonna help me. I'm he had really dating really just say that. Yet at three date Max. Yeah I mean you know anymore that's associated Modesto given the light romance and relationship territories so like. Do you tell the women that you're dating that you have a three day Max. Are you just served. No line so whole. Yes so a couple of buddies of mine. We you we have this with a game. Where we were engaged and we regard to see how much we get Google to pay for. So that definitely had an. Yeah. So so you guys actually competing for this union batteries. Yeah yeah like let's get really get remotely compared with a good notes and little. Decision comes out on top let's tighten week. This is awesome guys you. Fall on those exploded this is awesome okay so it's. Is this scorer he's. Sick and if this score keeping based on dollar amount or number of differing. Participants. Wore white what is. Where's that I was where's that score keeping him in the line. It's totally it's totally dollars and cents you know look like it say so we will get it we we we Rhode everything up. To make it easy but it's it's about it but we didn't do. Just just an overall money watch. Says it's about. Good financial gain so how does that how does that work for example. We are isolate these indication of how I roll with it on the so we'd go. I admit and then we'll agree to meet up for drinks somewhere alms. Well obviously this is the drinks. Plays we're drinking and then suggest that we take you to the restaurant. And that I'll get my phone and like mess around for a little bit and pretend like I can bring that isn't working. So then you know children remember regular stress on that there restaurants. Will get there will get to lead feud. Being in attitude given meal go to the bathroom and a let her know that I got a text alert. Because of excessive overcharges and my credit cards that show off fraud. And then I really will call the bank and element there's like forty minutes maybe maybe longer kind of dependent on the girl had the huge. Time and see if I can't get particular dinner. So this is very plan that says you act like who are jacked up year. Add jacked up and might build you too much and act as the credit card to get Chan so she pays for dinner. It was OK. I tells about date average. So goes a second day led the call up and give blood hey you know I have to really bad today. And I actually got that we've got to pay for everything last time. And assuming the but at that they bargained for Obama during our country started world are we will. Loose somewhere else well all pick up my walnuts and attempted you can catch the last generally shall receive spread generally it'll blow up at an airport but. Most folks I don't know not a big deal because she knows that I patronage they made. Can go at the next destination I will go to get my wallet and realize that I let it'd be uber. I didn't believe it or do you regret that that's attributed this to light up perhaps a walk all. On all the driver right down to the rewrite back and when he does. Oh I'll go outside to get it and a coveted. Act like an all but heard. Because much action cards are totally different so I got no way to pay for better. Social pagan the second to. Guide yeah what he's saying now okay. Make me this is easy and just not a multiple times and multiple. Oh this is the only way that I hate getting more oh man it's. I mean it's been I've been doing it didn't do it for years. Which it is and it's been really nice for me. And frankly I gotta tell you that late. Like after all of the date that I paid for leading up when we started doing it and let it kind of a nice change of pace that not happen. Little girls and people but the difference is the girls not paying for that date. Like your timing hurrying to paying for the day. Well I don't know what sort of a lot of good about the other day it would have come to me it depends or it. I do you have a trick birdie number three. Disease or two days let's hear about it every race. So all resources perpetual always so we're super casual for a number three right conditions this and play exudes back into the world. When nerd bug a cause that would give scored for too lucrative book cover all the expenses that she's she's taken me all right. 5050 on it could go look at the gift card or not someone you. Album roll you know that's that's kind of the gimbal right. If they do they'll always paid a lot. If they don't IE will refuse to pay for lunch. And say that they needed to buyers begin to take to get art and then absolutely they usually do. And and that did read that yet because the grocery store. Gift card that I have bought. And written 250 dollars on. Is not loaded up with any money. You. Can only and this is the most fantastic story I've ever you Rhode. Do grow and I don't know. Have never do it. With the planning and how elaborate that is so I'm the last state your sitting at lunch or dinner wherever it is super Agile joint. And you giver 250 box and a gift card and then she goes almighty had so much and and you. And it doesn't accept the gift card then you hold it ransom. And go. Negative paper dinner. Until you buy this because then you'll have to take it. But the gift card you just took from the grocery store there's no money. Nobody. I seek in mind and I can not believe you pulled this off on this week. At. I'm not I'm not saying it's good it's awful it's fantastic. View that human beings. I. This is Minnie and deceitful. And he's treating them like they're nine and human being organized so I have zero respect for women right. No credibility respect women. Like food. Not the way I mean you're taking. Well no doubt that it is women in general. All right a home line. I forgot this ghost. I though I've forgotten that so I'd like not to care and find out you do this car. C three it's there's a fantastic occupy anything. I. Matthew thank you for thank you for that information. I am shocked. Take care rat here. If they don't do it the very least it did very pleased. Waiting now have been wars so run out and date number one yes. At least you've got to have other guys playbook now now you now I'll work you've got the red flag see there's a good thing in mind I cannot believe how flipped and voted Turkey we will come right back and we will talk to caring. Find out if this is how he would be dating scenario would match wherever. She I'll still are.