Ghost Hunting: Is Mark Avoiding Charlie?

Tuesday, June 14th


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Are making this lynch and adjust we'll show shall certainly me or him. Ghost hunting is where we tracked down people who have vanished out of your life you've done neighbors who moved away co workers who have gotten fired. Even if people from your past like your childhood past. We found every one. Sometimes they don't end well but we do find everybody we've tracked down and see if we can get to the answers that you look at for this is a guaranteed one Jensen how to Charlie. Pitcher. Are we ghost hunting for for you to. Fell on and I should keep its Engler. And it's really cute and not count think he's four he often and excellent here outline. So this is there really goes times you just why this is a wise as you blow me off hunt. Today we we got to find him that you have all the info you know areas. Yeah. Like he. Like I I doubt that he wants to go out again he just as quickly you know like tell ya that seek anything else he it's just. I think really don't understand I want you know that you're really going deep so it's a monopoly except saying we're. Connecting to anything. From its health. Okay say Charlie tell us about the pursuit dates. Well you know like we have been the end of it well then if you like one tweak its chili cheese Jack you know. So it just seemed really into. So serves simple dates like nothing too wild and crazy happen tomorrow. And you wanna just remind me yeah. Is it. I mean is it possible that he's just not the easiest that India like maybe you didn't do anything wrong maybe he's just not. That Indio. You know be surprised actually because they're. I mean like intensity and then I. I obviously don't let me say it differently. He's just not that India late you guys went out and sometimes that happens three go out and have a couple dates and things are all but then it. For one person or the other or sometimes both. Work and it's unsigned yet she is now working and I don't think after Q dates he he'd like needs to Rachel latter making a mixed day for anything. You fairy get but I don't know why it happened yet he may now be added to their military. And I think. Innate talent find out why because united are allowed on to London now. I ask him all those questions just a rate we've answered I think he's the pressure off. And sometimes you don't want to know why brush it just the better ago. On Sunday that Russia cannot lie in now. EC you'd rather know a lot. I do you get the brush off a lot like is this maybe an opportunity treated like do you think. They do you do a lot of 123 dates and and they never called back is that what we're looking at here. Well I mean I'm thinking for like two years now. And like boyfriend and anxious. I you know I'm cool. Growled and I you know I usually don't I go called me back at this time that it is that doesn't make any sense if you had a great time. Says it ago sending more performance review. If we're basically repeated. I said the way alerts is and we'll call him at this time tomorrow you get to listening to that phone call. And then welcome back to you afterwards and gave thoughts that's where works of and well I thank you what I want to do it this time tomorrow as we go. Ghost hunting for Charlie. With a guy ages. Are making this glitch and it just shows a certain age girl and.